Traditional recipes

Coffee liqueur

Coffee liqueur

Prepare a bottle and add the coffee together with the alcohol and mint. Close the bottle lid tightly and leave it aside for about 1 week. For another week, mix the coffee with the alcohol from time to time.

After at least a week, put the milk to boil together with the sugar and stir from time to time to melt the sugar. Let it cool well. Strain the coffee and pour over the milk. Mix the whole composition well. Then strain it well. a few times milk mixed with coffee.

At the end, we turn it nicely in a bottle and give it a cold, after which it can be served

Cointreau liqueur is the creation of Adolphe Cointreau, a confectioner inspired by the era of the French Industrial Revolution, who decided to expand the family business with a range of liqueurs. This is how the destiny of the Cointreau company began to take shape.

After many years of research, in 1885, Eacutedouard Cointreau managed to create a perfectly balanced liqueur, three times more concentrated and less sweet than those existing at the time. With this product, the Cointreau company stood out during the Belle & Eacutepoque period. Beginning in the 1920s, the company reached a period of maturity through the popularization and export of products worldwide.

For decades, Cointreau distillers have been using the same production techniques, passed down from generation to generation. For each Cointreau expression, oranges with intense aromas are selected, from different varieties and mixtures of ingredients are made that give the final product a perfectly balanced taste. For fine alcohol, distillers use 19 copper stills, similar to those used by & Eacutedouard Cointreau more than a century ago.

APPEARANCE: A perfectly clear liqueur. When added to cocktails it becomes opalescent thanks to the high concentration of orange essence.

SMELL: Cointreau offers an amazing aromatic experience, inspired by the essences extracted from orange peel. Enjoyed dry, & icircmbie with the fresh scent of flowers and the spectrum composed of over 40 olfactory notes, arranged & icircn in an ode dedicated to orange.

TASTE: To taste, Cointreau is a symphony of different flavors, captured & icircn in an unexpected order: it has an instant freshness, yes and a persistence on the palatal vault, has a diverse range of notes, & icircnsă the general impression is marked by orange. Cointreau is a drink suitable for cocktails, where it brings intensity, amplifies the flavors of the ingredients, offers balance, depth and freshness.

Lichior Amaretto Di Venezia 17% alc., 0.7L, Italy

Amaretto Di Venezia is a liqueur originating in Italy, with a delicate vanilla aroma with subtle almond notes. It is a special drink obtained by cold processing and refining in steel barrels. Amaretto is a famous sweet and sour Italian liqueur with almond flavor. The sweet-bitter aroma of almond liqueur is well known due to it.

Stroh 80 is a rum with a very strong concentration of 80%, which falls into the spiced category and comes from Austria. It is also a rum with an almost unique taste worldwide, the recipe not being copied exactly by anyone. The serving method can be a classic one, through a shot, in a cocktail recipe or even in the kitchen. The smell and.

Coffee-Kavelikor liqueur

If I still started the series Beverage, let me present today this delicious Coffee Liqueur-Kavelikor, easy to prepare at home. It fits very well served in combination with Lemon liqueur, but it is very good and served alone for those who like sweet drinks. We recommend that you try to prepare others Liqueur from our recipes with Beverage.

Coffee-Kavelikor Liqueur Ingredient:

600 ml Megle whipped cream (or Hulala)
200 gr powdered sugar
2 vials of vanilla essence
200 gr classic cappuccino coffee
250 ml Rom

Preparation of Coffee Liqueur-Kavelikor:
We put the 200 gr powdered sugar, 200 gr classic cappuccino coffee together with the 2 ampoules of vanilla essence in a pan and gradually add the whipped cream, stirring until it is homogenous. We put the pot on the fire where we will keep it until the composition is slightly heated and the sugar is melted (attention! We do not boil it). Take the bowl off the heat and gradually add the 250 ml of rum, continuing to mix until everything is homogenous. We pour into bottles and let them cool. After two days it can be consumed. From this amount we get about 1.5 l of liqueur.

Alexander cocktail recipes

According to one version, this drink received its name in honor of the Russian Tsar Alexander II. In another, the name comes from the main component that is used to make cocktails - gin "Alexander".


Cocktail & bdquoAlexander & rdquo based on brandy and cream

Cocktail recipe & bdquoAlexander & rdquo is an original drink based on brandy and cream. It is prepared from simple ingredients:

  • Cognac - 45 ml
  • Cream - 30 ml
  • Coffee or chocolate liqueur - 30 ml
  • Ice - a few dice
  • Nutmeg - to taste

Pour the brandy, brown liqueur and cream into a shaker, add ice and beat well.

You can add a little nutmeg - it gives the drink a special flavor. Pour the Alexander cocktail into a refrigerated glass and garnish with grated chocolate.

The recipe for the Alexander brandy cocktail

The cocktail with brandy & bdquoAlexander & rdquo was very popular in the first half of the last century. Despite its age, this drink is still a huge success.

Liqueur Baileys The Original Irish Cream 17% alc., 0.7L.

Baileys Irish Cream is a whiskey liqueur produced by the British alcoholic beverage company - Diageo, in Ireland. This Irish whiskey cream is made from different distilleries by forming an emulsion with the help of refined vegetable oil. The process prevents the separation of alcohol and cream during storage. Baileys is based on a.

Coffee liqueur - Recipes

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Mercury Retrograd test: How will this period affect you?

The Vertex Point or Gate of Destiny in astrology: the meaning for each sign

Retrograde Mercury in Gemini May 29-June 22: Astro-guide to "how to still be lucky" and finish it elegantly in the next period

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Retrograde Mercury in Gemini May 29-June 22: Astro-guide to "how to still be lucky" and finish it elegantly in the next period

Martini (all types) is one of the most stylish drinks, thanks to the cup in which it is usually served, its decor and ingredients, on the one hand, but also the image that built the coolest celebrities in movies .

Absolutely all the performers of the famous James Bond, fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker and her friends in Sex and the City, Blake Lively in A Simple Favor, everyone loves Martini, in different forms.

Because Martini is one of the most complex cocktails, available in a multitude of variants and versions: from the simple ones, based on gin and vermouth to complicated mixes, with whiskey, vodka, different syrups, fruits, spices & # 8230

The most important detail to keep in mind regardless of the chosen Martini recipe is the glass. It must be as cold as possible to enhance the flavor of the drink. Before you start preparing the cocktail, put ice cubes in a few cups or put them directly in the freezer.

Dirty Martini

70ml vodka or gin
1 tablespoon dry vermouth (Martini exta dry is an option)
2 tablespoons olive juice (water in which the olives were)
green olives

Mix in the shaker vodka / gin with vermouth, olive juice and ice cubes. With a slice of lemon, rub the edge of the cup around it. Strain the mixture from the shaker into an ice-cold cup, and at the end add a toothpick with 1 or 2 olives.

Porn Star Martini

1 the fruit of passion
60ml volka infused with vanilla (there is already Absolut Vodka Vanilla or you can add to the vodka bottle a vanilla pod notched in the middle leaving it to infuse for a few days)
15ml Passoa liqueur (passion fruit liqueur)
15ml sugar syrup
15ml freshly squeezed lemon juice
60ml champagne or Prosecco

Mix in the shaker the pulp of half the passion fruit, vodka, Passoa, sugar syrup and lemon juice together with ice. Strain the mixture from the shaker into an ice-cold cup, and at the end add half of the passion fruit left in the glass (let it float). Champagne or Prosecco is put in shot glasses. Drink alternately from the 2 glasses!

Vesper Dry Martini

60ml Dry Gin
20ml Vodka
10ml Lillet Blanc

Mix in the shaker all the ingredients and ice cubes. Strain the mixture from the shaker into an ice-cold cup, and finally decorate with lemon peel.

Espresso Martini

30ml vodka
30ml coffee liqueur
30ml freshly prepared espresso
coffee beans

Mix in the shaker all the ingredients and ice cubes. Strain the mixture from the shaker into an ice-cold cup, and finally decorate with 3 coffee beans.

Limoncello Martini

30ml vodka with lemon
30ml Limoncello
10ml freshly squeezed lemon juice
20ml sugar syrup

Mix in the shaker vodka, Limoncello, lemon juice, sugar syrup and lots of ice. Rub the edge of the cup around it with a slice of lemon and then pass it through the sugar. Strain the mixture from the shaker into the cup and decorate with a slice of lemon.

Coffee liqueur ness

Coffee liqueur ness recipes: how to cook coffee liqueur ness and the tastiest recipes for ness liqueur, pear liqueur, cake with egg liqueur, opera cake almonds cioco coffee, cake with coffee and mascarpone, victory cake with coffee and nuts, cake with caramel leaves and ness cream, cake with ness and biscuits, meringue cake with ness cream, fasting cakes with ness cream.


* 1 bag of biscuits so 400 500 grams, * 500 g mascarpone cheese, * 4 5 eggs, * 150 g sugar, * 400,500 ml espresso / ness / hard coffee, * a few tablespoons of brandy / liqueur / rum, * a box of 250 g whipped cream.

Hearts, fragrant cookies

Sweets, Biscuits, Biscuit dough: 2 sachets of vanilla sugar 250 gr. flour 100 gr. sugar 30g. grated bitter chocolate 1 sachet instant coffee / ness 2 teaspoons cocoa 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1 egg 125 gr. oil 2 teaspoons strawberry liqueur meringue: 1 egg white 60 gr. apricot sugar.

Coffee muffins

Sweets, Cakes 300g flour 4 eggs 200g butter 200g sugar 1 sachet vanilla sugar 1 teaspoon ground coffee 2 sachets baking powder 3 tablespoons hard coffee 2 tablespoons coffee liqueur or cream coffee liqueur chocolate and coffee candies (optional).

Reverie mocca - Coffee cake with meringue

Sweets, Cakes 1. chocolate top: 100 gr. dark chocolate (or with milk if you want the top to turn out sweeter), 60 gr cornflakes (I put nestle cini minies), 20 gr. chopped coffee beans. 2. pandispanul: 100. gr marzipan, 6 eggs, 175 gr. sugar, 40.

Cream cake and ness

Vanilla, Coffee 1 kg champagne biscuits 1 kg vegetable cream 6 teaspoons ness 150 ml white vermouth 300 gr coffee 100 gr vanilla sugar.

Brussels Sprouts (blegiana cake)

Sweets, Cakes 1 packet of "petit beurre" biscuits (there are about 20 biscuits in the pack), 250g of unsalted butter, 2 cups of hard coffee or amaretto liqueur (or both combined), 1 cup of powdered sugar for cream (put more more or less to taste), 2 teaspoons.

Mousse With Chocolate Liqueur And Strawberries

Sweets 200g dark chocolate, chopped 300ml sour cream 1/2 teaspoon instant coffee 50ml coffee liqueur 1 egg - egg white 2 teaspoons sugar powder strawberries

Ness fault

Sweets, Cake top: 6 eggs 250 g sugar 1 baking powder 10 tablespoons water 300 g flour coffee cream: 10 yolks 500 g butter 200 g powdered sugar 3 packets of ness (80 g one) 2 tablespoons grated coffee 1 essence rum a little grated chocolate for ornament

Coffee liqueur

200g ground coffee 400ml refined alcohol or vodka 1l milk 500g sugar 1 vanilla stick coffee essence

Castagnole With Coffee Liqueur

Sweets 500g flour 150g sugar 75g peanut butter 2 eggs 75g walnut kernel 50ml milk 50ml coffee liqueur 7g dry yeast 1 lemon 1 salt powder 500ml oil 100g powdered sugar

Tiramisu with martini

Sweets, Tiramisu 4 eggs, separated 4 tablespoons sugar 500g mascarpone 200ml hard coffee, cooled 6 tablespoons vodka 6 tablespoons coffee liqueur 200g biscuits 11/2 tablespoons cocoa 2 tablespoons ground coffee 3-4 coffee beans (optional)

Chocolate foam with coffee

Sweets, Creams 200 g dark chocolate, 2 tablespoons coffee liqueur, 3 very fresh eggs, 3 tablespoons brewed coffee, 3 tablespoons powdered sugar, 1 tablespoon butter.

Chocolate coffee pot

Sweets, Cakes for 4 servings: 8 champagne biscuits, 50 ml hard coffee, 1 tablespoon coffee liqueur, 1 tablespoon instant coffee, 1 sachet of chocolate soda from Dr. Oetker, 300 ml cold milk from the refrigerator, 10 beans coffee. we still need: 4 cups.

Tiramisu Cake (with fruit)

Sweets, Cakes 2 boxes of Romanian mascarpone, 2 sachets of caster sugar-approx. 400 gr., Amaretto liqueur or amaretto flavor enhancer - available in trade-4 sachets, rum essence, ness / coffee, vanilla sugar, cocoa, 8 eggs only yolks, cake top. optional.

Ness liqueur

Vanilla, Alcohol, Rum -1l water -1kg sugar -10 teaspoons ness -0.5l alcohol -3 tablespoons rum -1 vanilla

Tiramisu Ank

Ness 5 eggs 1 packet of champagne biscuits 3 tablespoons sugar 3 sachets of vanilla sugar 3 sachets of whipped cream 500 ml sour cream with 20% fat 1 bottle of rum essence 300 ml unsweetened coffee 1 sachet ness.

Cake with ness

Sweets, Cake top: 5 egg yolks 5 egg whites 5 tablespoons sugar 5 tablespoons flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 2 teaspoons ness cream: 200 gr. Oil or margarine 150 gr. powdered sugar 2 teaspoons coffee ness 3 yolks icing: 10 tablespoons powdered sugar 2 tablespoons cocoa.

Chess with ness and cardamom

Sweets, Check, Christmas for the counter: 4 egg whites 8 tablespoons sugar 2 tablespoons cocoa a teaspoon ness 2 tablespoons brewed coffee a knife tip with cardamom powder half a teaspoon baking powder 6 tablespoons flour 2-3 tablespoons hazelnuts, without salt, crushed for icing: 4.

Cappuccino cheesecake

Sweets, Cheesecake 1 cup cookies, crushed 1/4 cup butter 2 tablespoons white sugar 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon 230g cream cheese 1 cup white sugar 3 eggs 230g semi-sweet chocolate 2 tablespoons whipped cream 1 cup sour cream 1/4 teaspoon salt 2 teaspoons of coffee beans.

Coffee liqueur

-100 g ground coffee -200 ml alcohol (you can vote) -1/2 vanilla stick -0,500 ml milk -200-250 g sugar


Sweets, Cake top: 150g butter 200 g sugar 2 tablespoons cocoa 2 tablespoons ground coffee 3 tablespoons brewed coffee 2 teaspoons ness a vanilla essence (or almonds) 3 eggs a teaspoon baking powder 3 tablespoons flour decoration: whipped cream almonds or grated chocolate

No Goodnight Kiss

Cocktail, Drinks 60 ml rye whiskey 30 ml aperol 30 ml bitter liqueur 8 ml green chartreuse liqueur 2 drops of bitter coffee (you can also use rum)

Black woman with coffee in slow cooker Crock Pot

Starch, Salt powder 150 g butter 200 g sugar 4 eggs 30 ml hard coffee (espresso) 1/2 teaspoon coffee essence 150 g flour 30 g starch 30 g black cocoa powder 30 g ground walnut 1 teaspoon ness 1 teaspoon powder baked 1 pinch of salt 2 tablespoons chocolate chips

Brownies with coffee and vanilla sauce

Sweets, Cake top: 150g butter, 200 g sugar, 100 g dark chocolate, 3 tablespoons brewed coffee, 2 teaspoons ness, 3 eggs, 4 tablespoons flour sauce: 2 egg yolks, 300 ml milk, 4 tablespoons sugar, vanilla essence or stick

Cake with ness

Baby food, Pandispan cakes: 5 eggs 5 tablespoons sugar 1 sachet vanilla sugar 1 glass of oil 1 teaspoon baking powder 5 tablespoons flour 1 teaspoon cocoa. for meringue: egg whites from other 3 eggs syrup from 4 tablespoons sugar + 40 ml water. for.

Cream of mascarpone with cream and coffee

Creams, Cakes, Cream cakes 500 g mascarpone 300 ml liquid cream 100 g powdered sugar 1.5 tablespoons ness 2 tablespoons espresso or coffee 1 sachet vanilla sugar

Italian cocktail

Drinks, Cocktails 25 ml very cold espresso coffee, grated chocolate, 25 ml coffee liqueur, 25 ml rum, 25 ml sugar syrup, 25 ml liquid cream and 25 ml milk.

Instant coffee

Water 1 sachet 3 in 1 150 ml water 10 g drops of brandy 10 g of ground coffee

Fresh coffee delight

Cocoa, cherries 400 g cherries 3 tablespoons sugar

of Dr. Oetker or 9 sheets of gelain

colorless 400 ml. sm ^ ant ^ an

whole 150 ml condensed milk 50 ml of angelli or cherry liqueur

Cinnamon mocha

Drinks, Coffee 0.5 liter milk 1 cinnamon stick 2 tablespoons cocoa 1 1/2 tablespoons sugar coffee ness to taste

Coffee With Tiramisu Cream And Cream

Cakes, Sweets, Cakes 225g butter 225g powdered sugar 4 eggs 225g flour 3 teaspoons coffee essence 1/2 teaspoon baking powder 75g walnut, finely chopped, plus halves of walnuts, for decoration 1/2 teaspoon cocoa 1/2 teaspoon sugar powder for tiramisu cream: 250g mascarpone.

Cake with burnt sugar sheets and fasting coffee cream

Fasting recipes, Sweets for burnt sugar sheets: 2 cups of caster sugar 1 cup hot water 1 cup oil 2 teaspoons baking soda quenched with lemon juice flour as it contains for caramel cream with.

Dalmatian cake with ness

Sweets, Cake tops 7 eggs 7 tablespoons sugar 6 tablespoons flour 2 tablespoons black cocoa 1 salt powder for cream 250 ml liquid cream 250 ml fatter yogurt 3 sachets gelatin 4 teaspoons ness 4 eggs 300 g sugar for syrup 500 ml coffee 1 ampoule .

Varenne chocolate cake

Sweets, Cakes 1 Mr. hard coffee (2 tablespoons ness and water), 250 g butter, 250 g chocolate (black), 2 Mr. sugar (2 x 85 grams), 4 eggs.

Coffee jelly

Coffee 2 cups coffee 1 tablespoon gelatin 2 tablespoons sugar (or to taste) whipped cream for garnish

Tiramisu Cake With Chocolate

6 eggs, Coffee, Tiramisu for countertop 200 gr butter at room temperature 250 gr sugar 6 separate eggs 210 gr flour 40 gr cappuccino powder 1 1/2 sachets baking powder 50 gr chocolate with melted rum 25 ml coffee for cream 100 ml coffee 50 ml chocolate liqueur 250 gr.


Egg yolks 4 yolks 300 gr whipped cream 30 biscuits 3 cups of coffee 500 gr mascarpone 200 gr sugar 1 sachet of ness for decoration

Ness foam with mineral water

Drinks, Coffee 2 sachets ness 2 teaspoons sugar 150gr mineral water

Cake with ness and biscuits

Sweets, Cakes - picnic biscuits or some fragile and small biscuits around 30 pcs. -I needed it last time. for cream: -milk -a cup -8 tablespoons sugar -8 tablespoons flour 250 g butter -vanilla essence * ness cream: -3 or 4 tablespoons ness -3 or 4 tablespoons sugar


Sweets, Foams 200 g sugar 4 yolks 40 ml amaretto liqueur (I put cognac) 500 g mascarpone 250 g Savoyard biscuits 2 cups espresso or very hard coffee sweetened a little 2 tablespoons cocoa

Muffins with coffee and peanuts

Sweets, Cakes • 3 eggs • 150 g sugar • 100 g butter • 100 ml sour cream • rum essence • 1 teaspoon ness • 2 tablespoons ground coffee • 3 teaspoons cocoa • 2 tablespoons finely ground hazelnuts • 1 baking powder • 200 g flour for decoration: • 100 g unsalted hazelnuts • 50 g chocolate

Marbled cake

200 ml oil 200 g powdered sugar 100 ml milk 300 g flour 2 tablespoons cocoa 3 eggs 1 teaspoon baking powder a few drops vanilla essence 1 teaspoon coffee ness honey for serving

Sheridan house liqueur

2 teaspoons coffee 2 glasses of vodka or whiskey 4 egg yolks half a glass of sugar 1 packet of vanilla sugar

Taoko cake

Children's food, Cakes 300 g biscuits (or 1 + & frac12 pack) 200 ml prepared coffee (lean) or inka 350 ml liquid cream (150 in cream + the rest garnished) some strawberries for vanilla cream we need: yolks from 2 eggs (egg whites can be used for.

Marbled cake

Sweets, Cakes 200 ml oil 200 g powdered sugar 100 ml milk 300 g flour 2 tablespoons cocoa 3 eggs 1 teaspoon baking powder a few drops vanilla essence 1 teaspoon coffee ness honey for serving

Cake with caramel mousse and ness

Cocoa, Gelatin, Top yolks: 3 eggs 100 g sugar, & nbsp 15 ml water, 15 ml oil 10 g cocoa 4 tablespoons flour mousse: 100 g sugar 2 tablespoons water 500 ml liquid cream 2 g ness 2 yolks 5 g gelatin.

Uncooked milk cake

Ness 5 eggs l milk 26 tablespoons sugar 10 tablespoons flour 300 g biscuits 1 sachet ness 200 g margarine 5 sachets vanilla sugar 1 tablespoon lemon juice

Cake with ness

Baking powder, Vanilla, Counter yolks: 7 eggs 1 cup sugar 1 cup flour 7 tablespoons oil 1 vanilla baking powder for cream: 1 and 1/2 packet butter 2 tablespoons cocoa 1 cup sugar 2 egg yolks 1 cup ground nuts 1 tbsp ness 3 tablespoons apa


800g biscuits 750g mascarpone 500ml liquid cream 5 teaspoons ness 8 eggs 200g + 5 teaspoons powdered sugar 2 rum essences 50ml milk, 1 liter of coffee (I made a liter of water with 2 tablespoons of sugar and a tablespoon of cocoa).

Briose with Finetti and ness

Sweets, Check * 75 g butter * 120 ml milk * 300 g flour * 100 g sugar * 100 g finetti * 1 baking powder * 2 eggs * 1 teaspoon ness * 2 tablespoons coarsely chopped walnuts (optional)

Homemade quince liqueur

Quince liqueur is also called quince and although this term does not sound too elegant, it seems that things go on the cherry - cherry, blueberry - affine system. We are talking about a fine and fragrant creature, which, beautifully packaged in dichitis bottles, was once a very appreciated gift, offered at Christmas.

Quince is very easy to make, all the ingredients you need are: fruit, sugar and alcohol (preferably double refined alcohol or a good vodka). Unlike liqueurs, such as roses, which are made faster, quince liqueur requires more time, so you should prepare it in advance. Being more woody, quinces need at least a month to leave the aroma and fragrance that alcohol can extract from the fruit. So, if you start quarreling now, it will only be good to serve for the holidays.

You will find that in these old recipes everything is raw, without modernist tricks, which makes this disarmingly simple drink really delicious. The only difference from the version two centuries ago is that the honey bent with water, which our ancestors used to sweeten the wonderful liqueur, was replaced with sugar. So let's get started!

Video: Πανεύκολο χειμωνιάτικο λικέρ καφέ Coffee liqueur (January 2022).