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Ajo blanco

Ajo blanco

L'ajo blanco is an exquisite summer soup typical of Malaga and Granada. It is a dish based on stale bread, almonds, garlic, olive oil, salt and vinegar which is usually decorated with grapes and is strictly served cold. On the hottest days, the ajo blanco can be the best solution to avoid cooking, bringing something to the table that is prepared quickly and easily. At the first taste it won me over and if you are a lover of the genre, I invite you to try this one ajo blanco recipe perhaps accompanying it with other Spanish recipes. One dock and see you later: *


How to make ajo blanco

Chop the almonds with the garlic in a blender.
Then add salt and pepper.

Put the bread crumbs to soak in the water.
Squeeze it and transfer it to the mixer.
Also pour in vinegar, oil and water.

Then get a cream and pour it into a bowl with salt and pepper.
Stir and transfer to the refrigerator for about 20 minutes.

Serve the ajo blanco with croutons.

Of very ancient origin, it is said that the white variant of gazpacho was already known in Roman times.

For 4 people

  • 100 g of peeled and chopped almonds
  • 1/2 l of very cold water
  • 250 gr of stale bread crumbs soaked in water for half an hour
  • 2 garlic cloves, peeled
  • 200 ml of extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons of white wine vinegar
  • grains of white grapes

Blend the bread, which you will have squeezed well, with the almonds, the garlic, the oil, the vinegar and the salt.

Add a little cold water until you get a cream with a not so thick consistency that you will pass through a colander pouring it into a tureen.

Let it cool in the refrigerator for at least an hour and, when serving, decorate with the grapes.

Cooking Remarks

In the Caribbean, this rice would be cooked in the water released by cracking open a fresh coconut. We fabricated a concoction of unsweetened coconut flakes and hot water steeped and blended into a frothy liquid. It is a reliable alternative to the many different commercial products bearing the names coconut water or coconut milk, some of which have no flavor and others whose processing has robbed them of any sort of freshness.

Coconut oil, which resembles butter more than oil, of course, makes a welcome appearance in this dish, too. If you buy coconut oil, be sure to seek out a jar labeled virgin or unrefined. And to build even greater the coconut complexity, we also suggest adding a couple teaspoons of coconut butter. By far the most exceptional product of this description is sold by CAP Beauty in NYC. Their stone-ground butter made from the whole coconut is nothing short of ethereal. We used it to make the rice on one occasion and were blown away by its contribution.

If the vanilla bean strikes you as a misplaced ingredient, it is not! These barely-there little specks add enticing aroma and sultry flavor notes like no other spice, savory or sweet. The vanilla calls no attention to itself. Rather, it harmonizes beautifully with the coconut and the cilantro, especially, and makes the rice hauntingly good.

It’s important to measure the coconut milk for cooking the rice by weight rather than volume. Anson Mills Carolina Gold Rice has a small window for hydration — too much or too little liquid may leave the grains less than perfectly cooked.

Lava bien los tomates, el pepino, el pimiento y la cebolla. Deja escurrir

Corta las verduras a cuadrados

Coloca los tomates cortados in the vase de la batidora (yes no tienes puedes echar todo en una olla y usar una batidora de mano automática)

Quítale al pimiento el rabillo y las semillas, córtalo a trozos y ponlo with los tomates.

Pela el diente de ajo y place it with the rest of the vegetables.

Cuando todas las verduras del gazpacho están in el vase de la batidora pon ésta en funcionamiento (bien tapada) y la deja funcionando hasta que no quede ningún trozo de vegetable (el tiempo dependerá de la potencia de la batidora)

Añade la sal, el aceite y el vinagre. Y rectifies the taste. Si el gazpacho holds the consistencia adecuada pasa al siguiente paso yes no es así puedes añadir agua fría hasta que esté a tu gusto. También must hold en cuenta que si aguas demasiado el gazpacho el sabor se rebajará y quizás tengas que rectificar de sal y vinagre.


The recipe of & # 8217Ajo blanco from Seville it is a fresh and velvety soup that conquers with every spoon. Similar to the procedure of the most famous Gazpacho already tested and present in my blog in the version Gazpacho by Raffa and Manu.

You can serve it at the opening of dinner and it will be immediately an original party, sophisticated and very tasty. It is always engaging to allow each guest to customize a dish according to your tastes a & # 8217 is created immediatelyrelaxed and fun atmosphere. No obligation but the full freedom to taste and decide whether to add the grapes and the small pieces of cucumber & # 8230 and eventually do an encore.

Also this year August gave me the company of Manuela, one of my two classmates from high school and therefore every time, in addition to the re-enactment of the good and bad moments passed in that period, we confront ourselves, always with enthusiasm, in the kitchen. She lives in Seville and we also share the passion for the blog, go and browse her you will find her way of life between stoves and music: the cocina follows VolliniRecetas and gastronomic curiosities between Italy and the world.

L & # 8217Ajo blanco from Seville is the first recipe that I propose together with a video made with Manu, having a lot of fun, in the afternoon dedicated to cooking & # 8230 others will follow that I am perfecting. Do you want an anticipation? Yes, in the meantime I tell you that it is the recipe Pescado en adobo (fish marinated a day before with pimenton or paprika, cumin & # 8230 and then fried) and some Patatas bravas: crispy potatoes outside seasoned in various ways to use as a snack or side dish: typical tapas served with toothpicks & # 8230 a wonderful world.

Ajo blanco - Recipes


Hola amig @ s
El calor aprieta y las sopas frías I am an excelente elección en éste tiempo. It is the next time that I watched my blog and aún me quedan muchas recetas clásicas que presentar. It seems to me opportune to first present the classic versión de una receta para, a posteriori, to give it a vuelta al plato, versionándolo y ofreciendo nuevas posibilidades. Ya habrá tiempo.
Hablar de ajoblanco es hablar de Andalucía pues es ahí en donde nace ésta sopa fría y está muy present en la mitad oriental de ella siendo Rum raisin el lugar en dónde al parecer, nace el plato. Extremadura también keeps in mind éste plato entre sus platos típicos.
If trata de una variedad de gazpacho, por decirlo de algún modo.Aunque, dado que el tomate (main ingredient of gazpacho) vino de América y el ajoblanco es muy anterior habría que decir mejor que el gazpacho is an evolution of éste type of sopas frías que, as el ajoblanco nos acompaña al parecer desde la época de los romanos.
Básicamente es una emulsión fría de almendras crudas, pan, vinagre y aceite. The puristas will say that only el that if they hace en mortero based on the "hacer músculo" giving them to the mortero during mucho tiempo es el auténtico. Nosotros nos vamos a jump esa norm y lo haremos en pocos minutos ayudándonos de un robot de cocina or a batidora.
If sirve frío y, normally, acompañado de uvas or melón. En Granada suele ser el acompañamiento de una papa asada.
Por último, deciros que aunque sea un plato refrescante y de fácil digestión, las almendras y el pan hacen que no sea, ni mucho menos, a plato with pocas calorías.

Ingredientes (4 personas)

- 200 gr of almendras crudas
- 200 gr of miga de pan
- 1 diente de ajo
- Aceite de oliva (2 cucharadas)
- Vinagre (1 cucharada)
- Sal


Escaldamos las almendras metiéndolas quince segundos en agua harviendo.Las sacamos a un colador y dejamos que enfríen un par de minutos antes de pelarlas. Si las encontramos sin piel, mejor, nos ahorramos éste paso. In my case no fue así y tuve que pelarlas.

Mojamos la miga de pan with agua muy fría hasta que empape bien.

Ponemos in a vase de la batidora las almendras with uno o dos dientes and ajo to the taste y una cucharada de agua fría y batimos bien hasta que estén totally molidas y se forms a uniform mas or menos paste
Añadir la miga de pan remojada en agua. De la cantidad de miga de pan y agua que pongamos dependerá lo espeso que nos quede el ajoblanco. A mi me gusta más bien espeso, but eso va en gustos.

(Hacer click on the photo to enlarge it)

Cuando tengamos a hecha pasta añadimos el aceite, a pellizco de sal y el vinagre y Seguimos batiendo para que nos ligue el conjunto.

(Hacer click on the photo to enlarge it)

Añadimos agua muy fría y Seguimos batiendo.

Cuando esté todo, si lo queremos mas until the podemos colar por un chino y lo servimos. Yes no we vamos to consume it in ese moment, lo metemos en la nevera hasta el moment to serve para que esté frío.
Yo lo acompañé hoy de unas bolitas de melón hechas with a sacabocados. Bon appétit.

Ajo blanco - Recipes

I'd love to try making bagels but your recipe seems a bit cumbersome to me. However, if I try such a recipe I will let you know.

I think it's my explanation to be chaotic, in the book everything fits perfectly, only then I don't know why I don't get the recipe!

Hi Chiarina! bagels were an obsession for me too! I published a recipe taken from & quotthe bread bible & quot which includes brewer's yeast and bicarbonate in the water bath, if you want to check the recipe you can find it here del-bagelburger-bb.html for me the result was satisfactory .. at the second attempt)

Thank you very much, I'll run right away to see!

Come on?! Are bagels that hard? And I thought they were a real simplicity in the kitchen. then I'll take half a day off when I feel like cooking them :-) I can't wait to read you when I come back from Japan, I already know that you will have some mouth-watering news from the Rising Sun in store (sweets, sweets !!) Hugs + kisses

Roby absolutely not, I was stupid! I had also already done them months ago, without any problem. Now the ones taken from my book MUST come out too, otherwise what did I buy it in ago? : P
However there is still a week of messes before leaving so.

Oops, I guess I understand the mistake now. I used manitoba (tons of manitoba) while I should have used type 1 flour (the recipe is in French, we are talking about T65 flours)
Can you be dumber? And persevere in error 6 times? As soon as I buy the flour I try again and see if my bagels are as cool as in the book. However, even if ugly, I guarantee that those posted today are also good :)

So is the manitoba too strong? What protein value does type 1 flour have on the label? (in supermarkets I find only 0 and 00). Thanks

Ajo blanco

50 g of stale bread crumbs
40 g of peeled almonds
2 garlic cloves from Voghiera dop
2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar
3 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
250 ml of cold water
A few white grapes or a green apple
Salt and Pepper To Taste.

Soak the bread in a little water or milk.
Peel and cut the garlic into small pieces.
Squeeze the bread and place it in the glass of the immersion blender. Add the almonds, the chopped garlic and turn on the mixer.
Pour in the extra virgin olive oil.
Add the very cold water, continuing to emulsify with the mixer.
Scented with apple cider vinegar, or in any case with a delicate vinegar, I used a raspberry vinegar, which I love.
Taste and season with salt and pepper.
Pour into individual bowls, garnish with halved white grapes, or with thinly sliced ​​green apple slices. I prefer the flavor of green apple in combination with the spicy of Ajo Blanco.
Finish the dish with a round of extra virgin olive oil and serve.

I want to leave you an idea to make the most of the gentle garlic from Voghiera dop, with the recipe for marinated garlic, which you can find here.

To stay up to date, follow me also on my Facebook page, Michi's recipes.

The nutritional properties

A very simple recipe, which is based on two very important ingredients for your body, garlic and almonds.

  • L & # 8217garlic it is often used to add flavor to dishes, but it also boasts great virtues: in this recipe it is the protagonist. Has an antiplatelet effect and therefore it is perfect for keeping the cardiovascular system healthy. Great for the prevention of flu and colds And disinfectant for the intestine. Thanks to its allicin, sulfur and B vitamins content it has antimucolytic, hypotensive, expectorant, digestive, antiseptic and hypoglycemic properties.
  • Thealmondsthey are a real concentrate of beneficial properties. They are rich in antioxidants, including the Vitamin E, and of Omega 3, which counteract the harmful effects of free radicals. Always thanks to omega 3, almonds keep the heart healthy and reduce cholesterol levels, removing the risk of inflammatory and degenerative diseases.

The recipe also includesextra virgin olive oil, the best fat you can use in cooking. It is rich in polyphenols and vitamin E with an antioxidant effect, substances that fight free radicals e slow down cellular aging. It also brings monounsaturated fatty acids, especially oleic acid, able to do decrease the level of bad cholesterol (LDL) in the blood and to increase the good one (HDL) instead. Of course, it is to be used daily by dosing it correctly on a diet, because it is very caloric.

Ajo blanco - Recipes

White garlic is one of the most popular variations of gazpacho and like its cousin, it is native to Andalusia, mainly Granada and Malaga, although it also prepares in Extremadura and Huelva.
It is one of the main dishes inherited from the Arabs before the unification of the country, because its basic ingredient is almond. However, we know that the Romans ate a similar preparation which consisted of a mixture of one part of water, another of vinegar and bread crumbs, spiced with distinct herbs and spices.
Andalusia was and continues to be primarily an agricultural region, and peasants worked under the Andalusian sun. This is why the culture of cold soups developed in the area, to avoid dehydration in order to be able to endure the long working hours in the field.
White garlic is perhaps the closest variation of how these soups were prepared before tomatoes arrived in Spain following their discovery from America.
In Spain, there are holidays devoted to white garlic. In Malaga the celebration party begins on September 2nd with tastings of white garlic. Likewise, in Herrera del Duca (Badajoz) also Extremadura, is a white garlic contest on the 15th of August. In fact, in the town of Herrera del Duca they also have their own version of the dish with bread crumbs to add more texture to the soup. This dish is normally eaten during the cold months, because it provides a lot of calories that are essential for the winter.
In some rural areas around Granada, white garlic soup is usually served with a good "papa asá", roasted potatoes. Meanwhile, in Malaga it is usually accompanied by a selection of fruit such as muscat grapes and pieces of apple or melon. The fruit and this cold soup combine surprisingly well and are very refreshing. Ideal for those hot days of the Spanish summer. In fact, white garlic is a Spanish soup that combines with almost everything. It is not strange to find it served next to Spanish tortillas, figs, grapes and other ingredients. This means that regardless of the menu you have designed, you can always stick a plate of white garlic.
Nowadays, white garlic is experiencing a revival in Spain's most exclusive restaurants. The distinctive soup is turning into an important piece in some areas of creative cuisine, and is normally used to decorate other dishes as well.
White garlic is mainly consumed in the summer months, because it is served cold and is very refreshing. It has a very smooth creamy texture on the palate, but some people like it more liquid to be able to drink it in a glass. For that reason, when you prepare it, do it to your taste!
White garlic is very simple to prepare and brings inexpensive and very common ingredients. It is also a very healthy option because it retains a high nutritional value from garlic and almonds.

Ingredients for 4 people

200 grams of white almonds
100 grams of bread crumb soaked in water and squeezed
2 peeled garlic cloves
1.5 liters of cold water
200 ml of olive oil
1 spoonful of vinegar

1. Chop the almonds and garlic cloves.
Add the bread with garlic, garlic and almonds until a white paste is obtained.
Add oil gradually as for making mayonnaise, stirring the mixture.

2. Add water until the desired consistency is obtained, it can be a very liquid and thick or thin cream, according to the taste of consumers
Serve cool and cold. It can be served with grapes or melon.

Video: Fatlume Popovci Hekurani ft. Agimi u0026 Fisniket - Ajo me mbyti - Cover (January 2022).