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Zucchini recipes

Zucchini recipes

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Quick and easy recipes with ZUCCHINI

Quick and easy recipes with ZUCCHINI

Here is a collection of quick and easy recipes where you can find ideas, combinations, tips and directions for preparing healthy and tasty dishes with zucchini.

Because courgettes are a versatile ingredient with which to prepare both simple and elaborate dishes, they can really be consumed in many ways and go very well with the main ingredients of our Mediterranean diet.

In this section you will find many recipes with zucchini to create appetizers, first courses, main courses and savory pies to create excellent and very successful dishes.

With zucchini you can prepare quick and easy dishes in a few minutes without giving up interesting and appetizing flavors and combinations such as pasta with zucchini, shrimp and curry, or zucchini carbonara but also zucchini and ricotta meatballs or the classic zucchini side dish.

The stuffed ones are a classic preparation both in the version with only vegetables and in the one with meat and vegetables, to be enjoyed hot or lukewarm for an appetizing and complete second course.

And then omelettes, and many savory pies: an ideal solution for a complete, healthy and appetizing meal to take even to the office.

The recipes with zucchini are so many and all very tasty and there are really something for all tastes.

Depending on what you decide to combine with zucchini, you can get simple but also original and refined dishes.

So what are you waiting for? Take a look at this collection of quick and easy zucchini recipes to enjoy this fantastic vegetable to its full potential!

Quick and easy recipes with ZUCCHINI

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Crispy and delicious baked zucchini. Here I am again today to give you a simple and special recipe starring my beloved zucchini. Small crunchy and tasty sticks that conquer everyone at the table, even those who do not love this delicious vegetable too much. They are prepared in just a few minutes, and then immediately in the oven to bring [...]

1. Timbale of rice and baked zucchini

The first recipe that we want to offer you in this roundup of green delights is the timbale of rice and zucchini. Among the recipes with zucchini it is certainly one of the simplest and tastiest: rice, zucchini and stringy cheese inside and a crispy crust au gratin on the surface. A light dish but really rich in flavor.

Quick and easy recipes with zucchini

Recipes with zucchini are among the most popular in the summer: in fact, courgettes are simple vegetables to cook, which are good for you and which can only be found for a limited period of time, which makes them as palatable as aubergines.

Zucchini are low in fat, rich in water, minerals and vitamins. Consume zucchini for good in case of kidney problems, dysentery, heart problems and even diabetes. They are also ideal for those who want to get a tan because they contain a lot of vitamin A and protect the skin from aging.

The courgettes most used in cooking are the elongated ones but there are also round courgettes that are divided into courgettes from Nice, Piacenza, Florence as well as the elongated ones, they can be found throughout the summer but can also arrive in October. The best way to prepare them is stuffed because of their shape.

The fundamental thing to know when working with zucchini in the kitchen and preparing recipes with zucchini is to be kept in the refrigerator, for a maximum of one week, after having been washed and dried very well remember to choose those with golden green skin, without scratches. or aesthetic problems and to wash them before cutting them otherwise since the pulp of the courgette is spongy the courgettes will become full of water.

Below is a collection of recipes with zucchini to prepare at home this summer: simple, quick and delicious recipes to prepare with zucchini to bring summer to the table in all its fullness. At the end of the harvest, a link to many other zucchini-based recipes to prepare at home to find out how versatile and excellent this ingredient is.

10 recipes with zucchini

The zucchini they are vegetables of the warm season but also a vegetable appreciated and consumed in the winter months & hellip known to all as a healthy food, and loved in the kitchen for their delicate flavor, easy to combine with different foods, spices and preparations. Often for & ograve they are cooked without imagination, always in the same way as handed down by our grandmothers.

Here is 10 recipes with zucchini where to find ideas, combinations, advice and indications to prepare, without hesitation, healthy and genuine dishes that whet the appetite with easy-to-find ingredients.

Because courgettes are a versatile ingredient with which you can have fun preparing both simple and elaborate dishes, from the more traditional ones such as zucchini parmigiane or the savory pie with ricotta and courgettes, to the original ones and of & ldquomoda & rdquo like the salty zucchini cheesecake to bring to the table as a fresh appetizer to amaze your guests. With zucchini you can prepare quick and easy dishes in a few minutes without giving up interesting and appetizing flavors and combinations such as zucchini pasta with fennel wild, le aromatic rolls with courgettes or the classic outline of sautéed zucchini served as a dessert with apples, almonds and orange juice.

Those stuffed are a classic preparation of Italian cuisine, with cured meats and vegetables, to be enjoyed hot or lukewarm they are an appetizer, a side dish or an appetizing and complete second course. For a second dish of meat with vegetables choose the escalopes with zucchini and mint, a light dish, easy and quick to prepare for a family dinner, suitable for everyone, even the little ones! Fritatte, baked zucchini, and tasty meatballs they are the ideal solution for a complete, healthy and appetizing meal to take to the office or to be enjoyed in company, outdoors to enjoy a sunny day.

Based on what you decide to combine with zucchini, refined and original results can be obtained. It doesn't take much! If you don't believe it, take a look at this collection of recipes by Sale & ampPepe to enjoy them to their full potential!

Light zucchini: our best recipes!

The zucchini they are among the fastest and easiest vegetables to cook and among the lightest vegetables, if cooked in the right way!
Grilled, boiled, but also sautéed or baked, there are many light recipes and healthy to try with zucchini and they will always be delicious!

Light zucchini: the recipes tested by our editorial staff

Eggs all & # 8217 with ox eye and zucchini, with the addition of artichokes, wholemeal pasta with zucchini and salmon, spaghetti with zucchini and lots of marjoram, zucchini and ricotta flans, zucchini and pea boats, side dishes of zucchini and other vegetables, such as peppers, aubergines and mushrooms, salads of young courgettes & # 8211 delicate and delicious -, salad of courgettes and buckwheat, courgettes with sesame & # 8230 and why not the combination with fish? A plate of mussels and zucchini will be light but tasty, or a fillet of snapper on a bed of braised zucchini up to a salmon stuffed with zucchini and Greek yogurt. Try these and many other recipes that & # 8230 will not weigh you on the scales!

Recipes with zucchini & # 8211 main courses

Light, tasty and digestible, courgettes are also perfect for giving life to many main courses and side dishes. With a pinch of imagination you can create really tasty dishes in a short time and give an extra touch to an important dinner or lunch.

Vegetarian burgers with zucchini

Even those who have married a vegan or vegetarian diet can delight the palate by preparing, for example, excellent ones vegetarian burgers of zucchini, feta and walnuts.

Zucchini flower pancakes

The zucchini flower pancakes they are delicious courgette or pumpkin flower fritters, really easy to prepare. You will find them only in Spring, some stuff the flower with mozzarella and anchovies, others with ricotta.

Stuffed zucchini in the oven

For children, instead, take a look at our recipe of baked stuffed zucchini, perfect for making vegetables more inviting even in the eyes of the little ones .. Zucchini au gratin with cherry tomatoes and cheese

Zucchini meatballs without eggs

If you want a second tasty and easy to prepare, what is right for you could be this delicious recipe of meatballs without eggs which are prepared in a few minutes with breadcrumbs and breadcrumbs.

  • 200 gr of zucchini
  • 4 slices of White bread
  • bread crumbs
  • 2 tufts of parsley

Preparation of zucchini meatballs without eggs:
After washing the courgettes, grate them coarsely and place them in a bowl where you will add the salt, the crumbled bread without side dish, 1 tablespoon of Parmesan cheese and a sprinkling of parsley.

Work each meatball by hand by taking a small amount of dough from the bowl and place a piece of smoked scamorza cheese in the center. Roll each ball in the breadcrumbs and fry over a high flame until golden brown. Excellent as an aperitif, or as a second course finger food to be inserted in a buffet.

Savory strudel with zucchini

A second dish suitable for vegetarians but to which you can also add ham. there here the recipe explained in detail.

Grilled courgettes

Grilled courgettes they are perfect for a salad recipe with tomatoes, spinach and artichokes in oil.

Zucchini and lupine meatballs

The zucchini and lupine meatballs are a tasty and healthy idea to easily prepare del finger food to be used during an aperitif or as an appetizer.

Zucchini recipes

Zucchini are the vegetables of the sun and bring the warm season to our table. Cheerful, colorful and fun vegetables (even to cook), cannot be missing on the plate, especially in summer. These vegetables are declined in many recipes that allow us to bring to the table first dishes, seconds, Side Dishes And tasty and light appetizers.

Courgettes are not lacking in character and, in cooking, they can have a life of their own, though they are best appreciated if they are cooked together with other ingredients, thanks to which to compose iconic recipes based on pasta, rice, meat and vegetables.

Some examples? Compose salads with courgettes cut into match sticks, made crunchy with pine nuts and flavored with pesto, the Genoese sauce that tastes of sea and sun. Use them fresh for an aperitif or cold buffet, cut them into rounds and stick them into skewers or process them into single portions of tuna or meat tartare or season them with exotic sauces.

They do not exist quiche, pies and savory pies that can do without, or almost, courgettes as main ingredients. They are the ideal condiment of risotto and dry or fresh pasta, alone or in combination with shrimps. They can be stuffed with meat or cooked au gratin, baked in the oven and, perhaps, let cool to be tasted later. Like most vegetables, zucchini can be stuffed with meat but also with a simpler filling, such as breadcrumbs and cheese to be left to melt in the heat of the oven.

When it's a bit colder, some boiled or steamed zucchini, mashed with a fork and softened with creamy cheese, they form puree or creams to be served even to children, especially the more difficult ones who do not like to eat vegetables.

Zucchini are a must as a filling for vegetarian pizza, together with aubergines, onions, tomatoes and with the addition of everything your imagination can suggest. They are the ideal side dish for white meats, to be sautéed or steamed with potatoes and onions. Not to be forgotten then the courgette flowers, with which to prepare original flans to combine with a fresh salad or to be fried breaded.

Cooked in rolls, in pancakes, by way of crudité, zucchini can be the ace in the hole to amaze your diners at the table, thanks to our recipes or to the many variations that you will be able to invent inspired by them!


Here is a collection of summer recipes with zucchini , one better than the other, all to try:


Simple and quick to prepare, the zucchini rolls stuffed with tuna, capers, olives and fresh cheese are a delicious appetizer, ideal if you have decided to organize an aperitif at home with friends.


A really simple dish to prepare, perfect during the days when the high summer temperatures prevent us from getting close to the stove.


A delicious dish, to prepare together with the children, and a great way to persuade them to eat vegetables.


An equally tasty variant of basil pesto to be savored with pasta or bruschetta.


A truly original and tasty dessert, raw food, prepared with a truly unusual ingredient: zucchini.


It is prepared in just 20 minutes and is a fresh, genuine and nutritious side dish.


Enriched with saffron and curry, pasta with courgettes is a first course rich in beneficial properties for our health.


A perfect recipe to convince the little ones to eat vegetables, a food so important for their growth but which, at times, they just don't want to hear about.


A recipe that combines two basic foods for our health: asparagus and zucchini. And a touch of mustard to give the dish even more flavor.


A perfect dish for those who follow a vegetarian and vegan diet.


A delicious and tasty variant and in a savory version of the classic pancakes, with pumpkin and courgettes.


A dish in perfect "do not waste" style that allows you to recycle many of the leftover foods in the refrigerator, such as vegetables and cheeses.


A beautiful dish to look at and very tasty, also excellent cold, and a great way to recycle any leftover foods.


An unusual and delicious recipe that will amaze you with its lightness and softness.


A perfect summer dish if you plan to invite friends over for dinner and have little time to devote to preparing the menu.


Raw spaghetti are made with vegetables cut in the style julienne, seasoned, served and enjoyed as if they were spaghetti. Very spectacular, raw spaghetti are also perfect for lunch on the beach.


Imagination in the kitchen is one of the main ingredients that should never be underestimated. This is the case with the muffins with vegetables that even children will love.


A healthy but tasty aperitif and an excellent trick to convince the little ones to eat vegetables: take the opportunity to prepare sauces at home.


A nutritious and healthy dish, simple and quick to prepare, also perfect for lunch at the office and on the beach during the summer.


Chickpeas are rich in properties that are important for health: enjoy them as a filling for zucchini, a really tasty, nutritious and healthy second course.