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Homemade pork tenderloin

Homemade pork tenderloin

I cleaned the muscle, washed it and wiped it with paper towels. I crushed the garlic, and together with the other spices I rubbed the muscle on all sides, then I put it in a bowl in which I added the wine and water and put it in the fridge for 48 hours. After this period, I took out the piece of muscle, which I put in a tray lined with paper. I added about a cup of the juice he was in, and put it in the oven at 1600C for about 2 hours. During this period I filled it with warm water several times.

When the meat was nicely cooked, I let it cool and served it with appetite for breakfast.

The meat thus prepared can be served for dinner or lunch, with a side dish and a salad.

Good appetite!

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Ingredients for sheep and pork sausages:

  • 4 kg minced mutton
  • 1, 5 kg minced pork
  • 200 gr garlic (or more to taste)
  • 100 gr large salt, 30 gr paprika, 30 gr ground pepper, 1 tablespoon thyme (optional), 3 tablespoons hot pepper flakes
  • pork or sheep mate

Caltabos from home

The spices will be finely ground, combined to taste. All the material is passed through a mincer, with a sieve with small holes, together with about 300 g of finely chopped onion and hardened beforehand with a tablespoon of lard or 2 tablespoons of oil (until the water that leaves it decreases and becomes shiny, without to brown). To the mince, add a teaspoon of grated pepper, 1/2 teaspoon of allspice, a teaspoon of sugar (optional), 2-3 cloves well ground in a nut or a teaspoon of grated nutmeg through the grater with small holes, coriander or ground juniper berries, seeds and thyme leaves, as desired, to taste.

If you want to multiply the composition, you can add about 100 g of boiled rice with 1/2 1 boiling water over low heat (the grain will absorb the water completely, when it is well boiled and will remain whole). To the mince, add 100-200 ml of high-fat soup, from the pot in which the pork head was boiled, mixing everything well, so that it has the consistency of a pasta and matching the taste with fine salt.

With the author of the spray or through the mincer, to which the sausage tube was mounted, the intestines are filled with caltabosi, tying both ends with thin string. When all the caltabos are ready, put them in hot water or soup (which has boiled) and, without boiling them, keep them like this for 50-60 minutes, then remove them with the macaroni strainer, pricking them in place. place the intestine with a thick needle, let the air out so that it does not crack and let them go for a few minutes in cold water, then sit on the plate.

It is consumed hot or cold.

If desired, fry a little on both sides before eating hot with polenta or mashed potatoes.

How to prepare homemade ham? A perfect recipe for Christmas

How to prepare homemade bacon, salted, smoked and / or spiced? Depending on the area, it is called bacon, bacon, ham and it is rare for Romanians to refuse a slice of bacon smoked with onions and homemade bread.



Even though pork bacon is a full-fat product, consumed in small quantities, it is very beneficial for the body. Bacon has healing properties, strengthens the immune system and promotes lower cholesterol. We present you the top 5 best and simplest recipes, with the help of which you will get the most delicious bacon of all.

Homemade pork tenderloin pastrami

Prepare the brine by dissolving the salt, sweetener and ground pepper in water. Put the meat in brine and leave it to cool for 24 hours. The next day, remove, rinse and allow to drain.
The pork tenderloin is tamponed with paper towels, then tied with cotton string, giving it a shape. If you know how, make more professional connections, like sausage companies. I tied as I knew how

Place the tied pieces of meat in a tray on baking paper and grease with the mixture of oil, soy sauce and spices. Put the tray in the preheated oven at 200 degrees C for 50-60 minutes, until the pastrami starts to brown. From time to time the surface can be greased with the liquid left by the meat.

When the pastrami is ready, take it out of the oven, cool it, then remove the threads. It is best sliced ​​after refrigerating for a while. Keep cold for 4-5 days. It also withstands the freezer, wrapping each piece in baking paper or a plastic bag.

Homemade pastrami can be served both on low-carb bread and with a vegetable garnish or a salad, along with mustard or mayonnaise.

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Finely chop them. Melt the butter hazelnut in a saucepan and sauté the chopped shallots. Add the cute pork tenderloin, salt and pepper. Brown the meat on all sides for 5 min.

Then deglaze with dry white wine and continue cooking the cute pork tenderloin for 20 min on low heat. Meanwhile, peel the Paris mushrooms, removing the earthy part of the foot and cut them in half. Add the Paris mushrooms in pieces to the casserole.

Technical gestures

Stir in the liquid cream and mustard and cook for an additional 10 minutes. Serve the cute pork tenderloin with mushrooms topped with its hot sauce.

Technical gestures


You can accompany this cute pork tenderloin with basmati rice mushrooms or a nice pan of crispy little vegetables. Didn’t find some nice fresh Paris mushrooms at your regular market gardener’s to make your cute pork tenderloin with mushrooms? Don't panic, you can replace them with the same amount of whole canned Paris mushrooms. All you have to do then is drain them and cut them in half before cooking.

Pork tenderloin and white beans in tomato sauce

Cute pork with balsamic vinegar, caramelized apples and grits

Cute fillet, roasted vegetables and truffle mayonnaise

Cute puff pastry fillet

Cute yogurt fillet and warm potato salad

Potatoes and cute red wine fillet

Vegetable casserole and braised cute fillet

Video: Simple Homemade Chinese BBQ Pork Char Siu (December 2021).