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Breadcrumbs appetizer

Breadcrumbs appetizer

Mix the milk with 2 eggs and a pinch of salt and mix well.

Grate the cheese or crush it with a fork. You can also use a mixture of cheeses.

Franzela cuts 1 centimeter thick slices.

Grease a tall saucepan with plenty of butter.

Soak the slices of bread in milk and place on the bottom of the pan.

Put a layer of cheese and a few cubes of butter. Put another layer of soaked bread, a layer of cheese with cubes of butter.

The last layer is slices of bread and over them a few cubes of butter.

Optionally, slices of bacon and ham can be placed on the cheese layers.

Mix the sour cream with two eggs and pour over the slices of bread and grate the cheese over the sour cream. I used smoked cheese.

Put in the oven over high heat until golden brown. Careful!!! grow in the oven quite a lot.

There is also the sweet version, with sweet cheese and plum magic.

Good appetite!

Try the new papara recipe! Here's how to prepare it

If you like papara you should try this special recipe!


2 slices of toast for serving

Method of preparation

In a bowl, break the eggs and beat them with the 2 tablespoons of milk, salt and pepper.

Grease a saucepan with half the amount of butter and add beaten eggs.

Using a spatula over low heat or even better, in a bain-marie, carefully mix the eggs in the whole pan, without stopping. Small lumps of egg will form, but do not let them accumulate, stir continuously.

Eggs are made when they look like a half-cured cream, with small egg particles in it, very creamy, but never solid.

To stop the preparation and keep the creamy texture of the eggs made in papara, take the bowl off the heat and incorporate the rest of the butter cream, mixing well with the spatula.

Apart from stopping the eggs from cooking, the butter will make them more creamy.

Topchit after such good eggs

Do you know who Smărăndița popii Ioan was from under the hill, from Humulești? Come on, you read "Childhood Memories." Do you know of the agile mistress who, like Nica, did not know how to read and ate on horseback on the Bălan Horse with the whip baptized Saint Nicholas? You're laughing, aren't you? You remembered! Well, maybe that's why scallop eggs aren't called all over the country. Not! Moldovans like to call them topchit and they have why! Now, we don't know if it's the phonetic transcription of what should have been melted down, or so it has been told since the late 19th century. But it doesn't matter anymore,

Let me tell you from the beginning. If the papara borrowed from the Bulgarian neighbors can be made from a single egg, the topchit does not even conceive of starting the count from two, because we are more from the city and we stick to the diet. Topchit is serious food! And he demands that the starting point be at least four, if not five or even six. And not that it should be given to others. Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either. Wait a minute, folks, that the marathon should be a workout, how many goodies and calories (top) has the topchit. What are you in such a hurry?

First things first. Throw in a pan, in which you melted some butter, the green leaves from about five or six onions, taken out of the ground and washed. Of those that bite of tenderness and salt water when we cut them into pieces of one or two centimeters. But don't let them harden! No, just soften it, change its color slightly and smell the whole house of onions. It's not good, but it's terribly good. And pour the beaten eggs with salt. And when they start to coagulate, to make, more simply, under the hot whip of hot butter, throw two or three fistfuls of chopped urda and curd. And mix with a spoon, until the papara, sorry, the topchite becomes like a glue from so many different cheeses.

Let me tell you, you can inting with bread or that instead of a fork you can take your piece with a slice of bell pepper? Does it make sense to tell you that a sliced ​​tomato does not accompany the food, but completes it? Or that, if you want, there are some slices of sausage well browned in the mixture? Excuse me, but the words are useless. I'm not hungry, but I'm already craving a topchit too much and I can't write anymore. Did anyone say that there is poverty in Moldova?

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Paul Dan

Why are we looking for something delicious when it comes to food? It's not fair to answer a question, but why should we eat? We are in 2019 and for hundreds of years we have not eaten just to live. We eat to please our senses - the eye to admire what is on the plate, the nose to smell the smell, the taste buds to be ecstatic with the taste, and, as a summum, the brain to bring us that full satisfaction of the meal.

I found in Pipera's corporate canteens, and not only, that many, accustomed to matches and cheefs and many French fries, do not know (or know, but do not care) that a roasted chicken in a cauldron of roses and bone, well bathed in mujdei, it is much tastier and healthier than an industrially prepared one. What's better than a grilled carp compared to some fishfingers or squid rounds?

For all those who either do not know the true taste of Romanian products, or want to diversify and, why not, try new ideas, I will present here the secrets of Romanian cuisine.

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