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Sausage octopus

Sausage octopus

I wouldn't give sausages to pigs either! does any of you know what I'm made of? of a little meat, actually leftover meat from the bones (which is 'extracted' from the animal's bones by passing them through a fine sieve, it is called 'mechanically extracted meat') + other ingredients and preservatives that are supposed to be carcinogenic . My advice, don't feed your children sausages and especially sausages just because they are easy to chew. Sausages do not make your children smarter and do not help them develop but gain weight. I hope my advice is helpful

Sausage hearts

Breakfast, Valentine's Day, the next morning :), Sunday, papacy with great appetite :)). A very simple but interesting recipe. I think Happy posted it on the culinary forum.

Ingredients (recipe for a heart):

Cut 1 sausage lengthwise, not to the end as seen in the picture.

We bend it and form a heart. Be careful not to break (work carefully and gently). We catch it with a toothpick and fry it in oil. We turn it on the other side and break an egg inside. Be careful not to use large eggs, no matter how hungry you are. Let it fry, putting a little hot oil on the egg with a spoon (fry it on top). It may flow a little on the edges, no problem, cut so that it is not visible in the decor :).

Season with salt and pepper, possibly you can grate a little cheese on top.

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"The backstage of the parallel state" The giant octopus from Health, the MAFIA of medicines and how the patients remain without treatment

"The backstage of the parallel state" Revelations about the giant octopus in Health, the MAFIA of medicines and how the patients remain without treatment

What is the huge octopus from Health, the recipe for smart boys from Health, the drug crisis in Romania and how the patients remain without treatment due to the mafia in the medical sector, exclusively, on Friday night's show "Backstage of the parallel state" from Realitatea PLUS.



Being a patient in Romania means, in some cases, signing your death sentence. It sounds extremely harsh, but it is the cruel reality in Romanian hospitals. In addition to the lack of medical staff, adequate facilities, decent conditions in the wards, patients are forced to wait, sometimes in vain, for treatment that could save their lives.

In addition, the health system has fallen victim to smart boys who have been able to take advantage of patients' suffering. Some doctors also acted hand in hand with them. A case that revolted public opinion, which appeared a few years ago, brought to light how doctors and pharmacists, well organized in a group, set up a lucrative business made even with rare drugs. The white robe mafia issued false prescriptions, even using the names of deceased people. Then the drugs were sold in various chains in European Union member countries. The drug scandal went on. This time, a parliamentarian accused that Romanians are sentenced to death even by those who have to save them, because, he says, only 10% of drugs for cancer patients are real, the rest being counterfeit.

Another survey showed hundreds of doctors receiving money from a pharmaceutical company. The amounts were directly proportional to the number of boxes prescribed to patients in the company's products.

"In order for them to prescribe as much as possible and for us to give them the money, the doctors used all sorts of tricks. The law has changed, but there are always loopholes. The doctors wrote cps, respectively capsules, and only one company had capsules, while the competition had tablets of that active substance ", said an employee from the Pharma for Freedom field. The sponsorship contracts masked the bribe and this can be seen from the fact that the money received was calculated in Excel on each box sold by written prescriptions by the doctors who undertook to do so. The agreement was made behind the sponsorship contract. It was not sponsorship, but related to the number of boxes, prescriptions and the amounts of money collected by doctors, sometimes in advance for a year, for patients. These people had not even come to the office, some may not even have gotten sick, but they were to be treated with the medicines promised by the company doctor.

Another huge corruption case has cast dozens of doctors in an unfavorable light who have vowed to do everything in their power to help the sick. It happened in 2015. According to prosecutors, several oncologists collaborated with drug distributors, who sent them on expensive holidays around the world. Instead, doctors had to prescribe the most expensive drugs to cancer patients. Thus, the state woke up in a stalemate: it could no longer bear the expenses, and the patients no longer received their treatments. Basically, a huge octopus spread its tentacles, the victims being the patients this time as well. Dozens of oncologists across the country have benefited from trips to Paris or Las Vegas paid for by drug companies, these "sponsorships" being in fact a disguised bribe, in exchange for prescribing certain drugs to cancer patients, judicial sources said.

Another investigation, other equally serious revelations. The journalists from Inclusiv showed how patients with cancer or other autoimmune diseases sell their treatment to traffickers at no cost, and the medicine boxes end up on the shelves in Romania or even in Europe, where they are settled for the second time. Journalists also wrote about the methods used by traffickers. The classic deception is that in the boxes of expensive drugs, for the treatment of cancer, the one who buys the product finds trivial ibuprofen pills. In other cases, drug dealers sell expensive expired or heat-held products instead of the refrigerator.

For years, several indispensable treatments for Romanians were missing from pharmacies. Whether it was cytostatics for adults or children, immunoglobulin or medicines needed by patients with neurological conditions for which there is no substitute. And the crisis is far from over. This year, one of the drugs not found in pharmacies was euthyrox, intended for patients with certain thyroid disorders, but also syphilis, for diabetes or beta-blocker, for hypertension. The president of the College of Pharmacists from Cluj, Elena Dinte, claims that many types of medicines do not reach the pharmacies, because the warehouses do not want to deliver them, although the producers respect their contracts with the Romanian state.

In 2009, Ion Bazac, the head of Health at the time, established the method of calculating the price of prescription drugs. The normative act provided that the Romanian state would give to the pharmaceutical companies the lowest or maximum price equal to the lowest price of the same medicine from 12 countries: Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Lithuania, Spain, Greece and Germany. In 2015, Minister Nicolae Bănicioiu established that the order applies exactly. This is how the state theoretically settled the lowest price. Until March 10, 2015, all pharmaceutical companies were required to update their price list, so that, from July of the same year, the drugs would already be cheaper.

Measures to reduce prices soon led to the disappearance of medicines for heart patients, diabetes, Parkinson's and cancer from pharmacies. It was the end of October 2015. Patients had begun to find the medication they needed. The same thing happened in the years that followed. Worse, there are no substitutes for some medicines. So many patients were forced to buy their treatments abroad. The state has condemned those without money to a long wait, which for many has proved fatal.

Another cause is the parallel export, created by a real mafia in the field. Distributors bring to Romania drugs with the low price imposed by the state and resell them to European Union countries at a higher price, but at the same time lower than the one with which the manufacturer sells in that country. But according to the law, parallel exports cannot be definitively banned on the Romanian territory. This is how, in another crisis that our country faced, that of vaccines, in the midst of the measles epidemic, 3,900 Priorix vaccines against measles returned to the West, although doctors in Romania no longer had the serum in stock . While the authorities are looking for solutions, patients struggle with the disease, which is ruthless for many, if the treatment is not taken in time.

In recent years, hundreds of drugs have been discontinued on the Romanian market. Commercial reasons are most often invoked. Another cause claimed by drug manufacturers is related to the very large number of taxes paid to the state, as a percentage of turnover. But that's not the only reason. Others were withdrawn from sale because of their quality, their labeling, for manufacturing reasons, but also because the manufacturer gave up selling them in Romania.

Ingredients for the sausage recipe in the dough:

  • 500g flour
  • 14-15 pieces of sausages (you can also use sausages)
  • 25g fresh yeast
  • 250ml milk
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 teaspoon sugar
  • 2 tablespoons oil
  • 1 egg + 1 egg yolk to grease on top

How do we prepare the sausage recipe in the dough?

1. Rub the yeast with the sugar and add 1 teaspoon of flour, 3 tablespoons of warm water. Let it grow warm.

2. In a larger bowl sift the flour and add the yeast, egg, oil, salt, warm milk. Quickly knead a dough and leave it to rise for 40 minutes.

3. On the table lined with flour we spread a sheet of about 1/2 centimeter with a length of 30 centimeters. We cut it into 2 cm strips.

We take a piece of sausage and wrap the dough around it (see photos).

Put the dressed sausages :) in the tray in which I put a baking sheet, grease them with the yolk mixed with 2 tablespoons of milk and bake in the preheated oven at 200 degrees Celsius for 15-20 minutes.

Remove the sausages on a plate and cover them with a napkin.

Serve hot with mustard and ketchup.

And the version in which I put a slice of mozzarella

And the story during the filming, that I can't help but write it: I place the napkin on the table and then I can photograph the sausage plate, I put the empty beer glass to find a place in the picture.

I take some photos, I ask my husband where the beer is, then what didn't you tell me that he was left a little alone, well, it works like that. Adrian comes: "Mommy, can I take this big one?". I answer, "Of course I do." (That being the most beautiful). He goes to the room, comes back: "Mommy, can I take Dad 2 too?" Sure, just for who I made them for. I broke one to see in the picture how the dough grew nice and not too thick, and Adrian: "Mommy, give it to me" & # 8230

Yes, that's how I make photos for the blog and if I don't bore you, I'll tell you more. :)

PS. The recipe is taken from

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An octopus appeared in the waters of Venice

The waters of the canals of Venice have not been so clean for at least 20 years. And the merit is not directly of the man but of the cessation of his activities. And in these conditions the canals of Venice are enriched with marine life.

The appearance of crabs and jellyfish is no longer something out of the ordinary. But the appearance of an octopus last week, in a canal near Piazzale Roma, astonished locals and experts alike. Her presence was immediately reported to experts at the Institute of Marine Sciences. They said they were confused by how the creature got there. They suggest that three options are possible: to have arrived from the Adriatic Sea, to have escaped from a fish market or simply to have been released into the canals to make a prank. The octopus was possible to be observed because the prohibition of the movement of motor boats, vaporettas and gondolas allowed the sediments to settle on the bottom of the water and it became clear. "It is really strange that an octopus can get there, in that environment so far from the sea. In the videos in which she was caught, it was clear that life is healthy and that she is not afraid of people ', said Luca Mizzan, director of the city's Natural History Museum. On the other hand, the zoologist Andrea Mangoni supports the theory according to which the flora and fauna of the Venetian canals did not change during the quarantine state of the city. "What has changed is our chance to see them now," said the expert. For Mangoni this is an opportunity to rediscover the very diverse ecosystem that populates the Venetian lagoon.

Marco Sigovini, one of the researchers at the Institute of Marine Sciences in Venice, believes that "what has fallen in the city is not only boat traffic and pollution, but also noise, which is another type of pollution and bothers many friendly organism. ' He is not surprised by the presence of jellyfish, claiming that in the last 20 years they reach the lagoon more and more often, carried by currents, especially at certain times of the year. "Normally there is a lot of traffic on the canals, so probably many of them are often killed," says the researcher.

Homemade sausages: the recipe that rekindles the love for sausages

The recipe of German origin for homemade sausages is not at all as complicated as it seems. Being just a mix of meat and spices, it won't take more than an hour to prepare. Yes, we know: we needed the same interval to run to the supermarket and buy a portion of sausages, so we can't be happier!

What you need to know, before you start making homemade sausages, is that you need to pay a visit to the butchery. It's the place where we advise you to usually buy meat, but now it's even more important, because you'll need mutton for our recipe. I said that we recommend a natural preparation and that's exactly what we will do!

Here are the ingredients you need for the homemade sausage recipe!

  • about 1 meter of sheep's feet
  • 450 grams of diced lean pork
  • 350 grams of diced lean beef
  • 100 grams of diced pork bacon
  • a quarter cup of finely chopped onion
  • a clove of finely chopped garlic
  • a teaspoon of coriander
  • a quarter teaspoon of marjoram
  • a quarter teaspoon of nutmeg
  • half a teaspoon of ground mustard
  • a teaspoon of paprika
  • a teaspoon of freshly ground white pepper
  • an egg white
  • a tablespoon and a half of sugar
  • a teaspoon of salt (or to taste)
  • a quarter cup of milk

Method of preparation:

  1. & Start by preparing the mats for the homemade sausages. Rinse them under a stream of cold water and then soak them for 30 minutes in a bowl of cold water.
  2. Let the water run over the mat again. Pass one end of the mat over the faucet and release the water, so make sure you get rid of any traces of salt. This step will also help you find out if there are any holes & icircn mat.
  3. Put the mat back in the water to cover it, and add a tablespoon of vinegar to each cup of water. This way, the mat will become softer and more transparent, and your homemade sausages will look exactly like in the store. & Icircbefore using it, rinse the mat again and dry it.
  4. Meanwhile, mix the onion, garlic, coriander, marjoram, nutmeg, mustard seeds and paprika in a food processor, then add the pepper, egg white, salt, sugar and milk. Make sure the mix is ​​perfectly blended.
  5. Use a small sieve to grind the three types of meat: beef, pork and bacon, each separately. Combine them and then finely chop them again, together. If you do not have a fine sieve, use the medium sieve twice.
  6. Mix all the ingredients for the homemade sausages together, with the wet ingredients, to avoid sticking the mixture to your fingers.
  7. Put it in the fridge for 30 minutes and then put it back in the mincer (yes, you need an ultra-fine dish). Insert this paste into the mats, forming sausages about 15-20 centimeters long. Do not cut the icing and boil them on low heat, in a pot, for 20 minutes. Then transfer your homemade sausages to cold water with ice and leave them for another 35-40 minutes, until they have completely cooled down. Drain the water, dry them and put them in the fridge, where they will be waiting for you for a week. Don't be shy about freezing, if necessary.

Homemade sausages can then be eaten as a hot dog, and the buns that we suggest you prepare at home, or with fresh vegetables, for a healthier dish. Isn't it easier now than ever to give up sausages full of commercial E's?

Don't cook the octopus too much!

Almost any preparation that includes octopus starts with boiling it. Put the octopus in water, cover the pot and cook until tender. This process usually takes about an hour, but for smaller specimens the time may be shortened, while for larger specimens it may even be doubled. Checking for tenderness is easy: when the thinnest part of the octopus (the "skirt", as it is called - the place where the head joins the legs) no longer offers resistance when cut with a knife, the octopus "is ready" . Basically, it's like a boiled potato.

But the octopus does not necessarily boil in water. One of the secrets of preparing the octopus is to simmer in red wine and vegetables, giving it a deep aroma and a dark reddish color. An even more unusual habit is to boil the octopus in olive oil, resulting in a kind of octopus confit.

Once cooked by boiling, the octopus can be served without further preparation. For example, the jam we talked about above can be seasoned with soy sauce and lime juice, along (or not) with other seafood and vegetables. It can be incorporated into a risotto or a pasta sauce. Or, of course, the octopus can be grilled to become crispy and tender at the same time - an easy combination to get as long as the fire is strong enough to make the outside crispy without drying the inside.

Garlic octopus

If you have returned from Greece and you already miss the food found in restaurants, you can try this octopus dish, it is easy to cook, just like chicken dishes.

What ingredients do you need for the octopus with garlic
500 g frozen octopus
7 ml red wine vinegar
juice from 2 lemons
3 heads of garlic
3 bay leaves
fresh thyme
50 ml oil for frying
600 ml of water

How to prepare octopus with garlic

Wash the octopus well and cut it into pieces. Add chicken, vinegar, lemon peel, thyme and bay leaves. Add the octopus, cover and cook over medium heat for about 10 minutes.

Cover with water, season with salt and pepper to taste. Let it boil for 2 hours, until the octopus turns purple.
Separately, heat the oil, then fry the boiled octopus over medium heat with the cleaned and chopped garlic.
Serve hot with lemon juice.

New authentic recipes: octopus and wrinkled potatoes

If the longing for travel could ostoi oleacă, then we will succeed with the help of the food specific to the place where we were. As for me, it's simple: it's super easy to guess which is the destination I fell in love with, from the articles. And when the subject is food, rest assured: Tenerife has a wealth of material to offer in terms of culinary delights. I mentioned in passing in the articles about the Canary Islands that I ate with great pleasure, from my first visit, & # 8220papas arrugadas & # 8221.

Crumpled potatoes

The potatoes, as they are called, known as & # 8220papas bonitas & # 8221 are small and cute potatoes. You must have noticed, hence their name. They were first imported from Peru about 400 years ago. The inhabitants boil them in their skins, in water so salty that the potatoes get a crust of salt. Prepared in this way, potatoes are eaten with sweet-spicy sauce, along with fish, meat or even plain. Papas arrugadas in free translation means "wrinkled potatoes", which doesn't sound as appealing as "papas bonitas". Papas arrugadas is one of the most consumed and sought after dishes in the islands, and adored by tourists.

The ocean is handy and very generous, and the locals have always handled the food provided by its waters. In fact, nature is, to most of the inhabitants of the archipelago, even more important than their own well-being. Fishing provided them with both daily food and the main occupation from which they earned their living. Thus, fish and seafood are still a common dish on the island of eternal spring. Species of all kinds from the best known to the strangest, perhaps even unheard, unseen are used for dishes that satisfy even the most demanding taste buds.


Whenever we arrive on the island, we choose from the many offers, the healthiest and most sought after dishes. Of course, among these are papas arrugadas that accompany fresh fish and seafood. We don't even get along well because we show up at one of our favorite restaurants, where we order fresh tuna (me), octopus (husband) and wrinkled papas. Of course, along with mojo sauces and tomato and onion salad, sprinkled with Dorada beer or wine from the wine regions of the island.

& # 8220After a hearty dinner we can forgive anyone & # 8221 & # 8211 Oscar Wilde

But, because I mentioned the octopus, which I tell you honestly, is not my favorite, I will tell a little about it. C aracatița is one of the dishes often found in the local gastronomy, it is even considered & # 8220vedeta & # 8221 in some restaurants. It never occurred to me that this cephalopod is rich in nutrients beneficial to our body.

Whenever I see her enthroned on a plateau, I remember the lesson in which I learned that she is a cephalopod vertebrate animal (it has legs on its head). I also know that she has eight tentacles on her body, with hundreds of suction cups that help her propel herself and easily catch prey. The octopus has a very large head & # 8211 is also very intelligent - and the body changes color to help it adapt to the different surfaces on which it moves. I know a lot of other things about the octopus, but I don't want you to believe your biology lesson.

New authentic recipes: octopus and wrinkled potatoes

& # 8220Let the food to you either medicine and food medicine & # 8221 & # 8211 Hippocrates

Of course, after all these things I remember about the octopus, I don't know about others, but my appetite suddenly disappears. But it is interesting what I found out recently, even from those who prepare the octopus, turning it into a delicious dish. The chefs of the Canarian restaurant say that it is a great source of wealth for health, because it contains selenium, iodine, phosphorus, calcium, sodium, zinc and magnesium. These, in addition to vitamins B, A and E, are vital for the proper functioning of our body. Ehh, let's just say I've had a lesson in the octopus now that he's found out how good it would be for me.

In the Canary Islands, octopus is easy to prepare, but the basic ingredients used in Canarian cuisine give it a fantastic aroma and note. For octopus lovers & # 8211 & # 8220pulpo & # 8221 prepared in canary style, I have the old, simple recipe, after which it is prepared. It was used during the period when food was procured mainly from the ocean waters, and the lack of money forced them to use their natural resources at home.

Necessary ingredients:

How is it prepared:

Wash the octopus well, rotating its head and legs, because the suction cups are the ones that hold the most sand. Then we will boil the water in a bowl with a little salt and bay leaf. When the water has boiled we will take the octopus and "scare" it (this way we avoid it being hard). The process consists in immersing and removing the octopus 3 & # 8211 4 times from the water to soften it, then we leave it, depending on the size, between 40 and 60 minutes.

New authentic recipes: octopus and wrinkled potatoes

Once the process is over, take a bowl in which we put olive oil together with a drop of vinegar and mix. Then drain the water from the octopus, place it on a plate, chop it and pour the previously made mixture. The dish is ready and, typically canary, it is accompanied by & # 8220papas arrugadas & # 8221 and tomato and onion salad. And, of course, there are reasons to enjoy a true show of taste.

The restaurant where we used to eat the best dishes of this kind, however, usually offers its customers fried octopus. Unfortunately, I don't own this recipe either. But I promise to tell you after I find out. And I hope with all my heart that this will happen as soon as possible. But until then, I'm seriously thinking of starting to eat octopus.

I would very much like to know your opinion about this dish and if you are a consumer of these delicacies. I am waiting for advice, tips, anything else you could tell me about this topic, in your comments.

See you next time! The wonderful places of the world are waiting for us!

Thank you for visiting! If you liked the story, welcome!

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Octopus in vinaigrette

Tasty octopus salad with vinegar and vegetables. Nutritious and healthy is a perfect appetizer or dinner.

  • Irene Arcas
  • Recipe type: fish
  • Calories: 150
  • Gates: 4
  • Cooking time: 35M
  • Total time: 35M


  • 2 boiled octopus legs
  • 1/2 green bell pepper
  • 1/2 red pepper
  • 1/2 sweet red chives (you can put French chives or white chives)
  • 2 tablespoons sweet and sour grated carrot (sold in glass salad jars)
  • 50 g of extra virgin olive oil
  • 15 g apple cider vinegar (or vinegar that is not too strong)
  • salt to taste


Put 700 g of water with a pinch of salt in the glass, place the basket inside the octopus' legs. programmer 25 minutes, varom temperature, speed 1. We check if the hardness is to our liking. Drain and allow to cool.

Rinse the glass and dry it well. Add the peppers and chives and mix 6 seconds, speed 5. Remove and set aside in a salad.

Without washing the glass, add the oil, vinegar and salt to taste and emulsify 15 seconds, speed 4.

We cut the octopus into thin slices, we added it to the salad where we had the vegetables. Add the grated carrot and the dressing we prepared. Mix well.


Although we can take it at this time, it is richer if we let it rest for at least 2 hours, so that the octopus gets more flavor.

Video: Chobotnice La Piovra 4x06 Episode 6 (December 2021).