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Sandwich of the Week: Mel’s Widowmaker Burger

Sandwich of the Week: Mel’s Widowmaker Burger

Their motto: 'We don’t make loans and the bank doesn’t make burgers'

Mel's Burger Bar provides a variety of traditional and creative burgers for any taste.

Having a bad day? Mel’s Burger Bar knows what to do.

This classic burger bar is furnished with a black and white checkered floor, red vinyl booths, and its name in shining lights (not that you’d ever forget it) to make you feel right at home. Located in Morningside Heights in New York City, local residents and nearby Columbia University students know that nothing cures a bad mood like a Widowmaker.

With the personal philosophy of "you can never have too much of a good thing," the magicians at Mel’s take freshly ground 100 percent Black Angus beef, cook it to perfection, and serve it on a potato bun with some of its best friends: gooey macaroni and cheese and crispy bacon.

The patty itself is so juicy and well-seasoned that I’ve often found myself more than satisfied with a plain cheeseburger on a regular day. Fortunately for my taste buds, things like finals and writing deadlines mean I’m bringing out the big guns. (Let’s be honest, I also pull them out for things like, "It’s Tuesday!" or "I passed a Starbucks and didn’t walk in!")

Regardless of the occasion, sandwiching a patty with oozing macaroni and cheese and sizzling bacon guarantees you’ll be flying in a comfort-food high for hours.

Or perhaps a food coma.

Click here for other featured sandwiches or check out the 2012 Year in Sandwiches and the Sandwich of the Week Slideshow. Know a sandwich that should be featured? Email The Daily Meal or comment below. Better yet, become a contributor and write up your favorite today!

Easy Ground Turkey Meal Prep Bowls: 4 Ways

These Easy Ground Turkey Meal Prep Bowls are the perfect healthy recipes to save time and stay on track during the week!

It is time for the next installment of healthy meal prep bowls and I’m so excited for this one!

When it comes to lean proteins, I’d say that healthy ground turkey recipes are some of my favorite. They’re budget-friendly, super easy to make, and remind me of a lighter version of childhood favorites.

Ground turkey meal prep bowls are some of the best I’ve made so far, and they’re budget-friendly.

I was so excited when I saw that Jewel-Osco had a great deal on ground turkey this week. If you find a deal at your grocery store STOCK UP.

All four of these healthy ground turkey recipes are super quick and easy to make, and can be customized to fit your taste.

You can easily swap out the vegetables for ones you have on hand or ones you prefer over the veggies I made.

I just love all the different flavors of these ground turkey meal prep bowls. Here’s the rundown:

Chinese Ground Turkey Lettuce Wraps – if you’ve ever been to PF Chang’s, you probably have a similar love for lettuce wraps. These are so great to take for a work lunch with a green salad or carrots on the side.

Healthy Sloppy Joes Ground Turkey Meal Prep Bowls – I think this one wins for my favorite creation yet. The sloppy joe recipe is inspired by Ambitious Kitchen, one of my favorite Chicago blogs!

I eat this one with the sweet potatoes as “buns” and add some green beans for nostalgic value (am I the only one who actually likes canned green beans?)

Korean Ground Turkey and Quinoa – inspired by my ever popular 15-Minute Korean Beef and Quinoa Bowls, this one is packed with flavor!

Ground Turkey Taco Meal Prep Bowls – You can’t go wrong with ground turkey taco meat. I added red pepper for an added veggie boost.

Ingredient list:

Ground Beef &ndash We usually cook with lean beef, but use whatever you have on hand.

Hamburger Buns &ndash these are also good on Hawaiian rolls!

Worcestershire Sauce &ndash Adds tons of savory flavor to the beef.

Onion Powder

Garlic Powder

Toppings &ndash We usually stick with dill pickles and mustard, but any burger toppings would work here. You do you!

80 Easy 30-Minute Meals That Everyone in Your Family Will Enjoy

Who else is at the point where coming up with creative new family meals sounds like a Herculean task? Let alone one that won't take ages to make and mess up the kitchen. Well, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief, because we've rounded up tons of easy 30-minute meals to keep your crew full with minimal cooking and minimal fuss (which means easy cleanup too!).

Whether you're looking for scrumptious Sunday dinner ideas or cooking for one, these recipes won't disappoint. Just check out the gorgeous seafood pasta that looks like it's right out of a restaurant. The dish is overflowing with shrimp, mussels, and clams, and you'll be blown away that it only takes half an hour to create. One of Ree Drummond's favorite quick comfort food recipes to make for her family is a toasty, cheesy quesadilla&mdashand there are a few variations here to choose from!

Naturally, there are so many pasta recipes to enjoy (you should definitely check out the Caprese chicken pasta), but you can also find a wide array of other options. For instance, try your hand at the homemade cashew chicken dinner that will satisfy any takeout cravings. Because these quick 30-minute dinners are so simple to put together, you'll have all the joys of a stress-free meal at just a fraction of the price of getting something to-go.

Make a Weekly Routine with Meal Plan Theme Nights

We can all benefit from this classic way of planning meals. Each day of the week gets its own assigned type of meal. Back in Gramma’s days, it might have been pot roast or meatloaf instead of today’s pho or shredded beef enchiladas.

The method still works — no matter your food preferences, dietary restrictions, or budget.

The idea behind a meal plan theme night helps the cook and meal planner avoid decision fatigue, but it has an added benefit for your children: They know what to expect.

Maybe Wally and the Beaver didn’t love meatloaf, but they were prepared to deal with it when dinnertime rolled around. If you’ve got picky eaters at your house, you know that surprises aren’t always well-received. However, if they know what’s coming and they know it won’t be something crazy different and exotic every single night of the week, you may find that you have fewer fusses.

And no, YOU won’t get bored because you’ll be able to make little tweaks to side dishes, proteins, and condiments to keep things fresh.

Consider this weekly routine of meal plan theme nights:

Sundays – Grilled or Roasted Meats
Mondays – Pasta
Tuesdays – Tacos
Wednesdays – Sandwich Night
Thursdays – Stir-fry
Fridays – Pizza
Saturdays – Slow Cooker

At the face of it, you may think, Can I really have tacos every week?

Yes, yes, you can! There is so much variation in each of those categories! Think about all the different kinds of taco shells, fillings, toppings, and sauces. You could make a different kind of taco every week for months without getting bored.

There are loads of themes to choose from. Check these out:

Styles of preparation:

  • grilling
  • roasting/baked
  • skillet
  • slow cooker
  • pressure cooker

Types of foods:

  • sandwiches
  • burgers
  • salads
  • stews
  • soups
  • casseroles
  • quesadillas
  • tacos
  • burritos
  • wraps
  • sautés
  • stir-fries
  • rice bowls
  • pizza
  • pasta
  • breakfast-for-dinner

Cultural cuisines:

  • Mexican
  • Italian
  • Asian
  • French
  • African
  • Indian
  • Mediterranean

There are so many meal plan theme nights to choose from, you could easily rotate them in and out every month and always have fresh inspiration and easier meal planning.

Sandwich of the Week: Mel’s Widowmaker Burger - Recipes

A sandwich a day, every day

Back to school? Back to making lunches!

To make heading back to school easier on the whole family, we've created seven simple sandwich recipes with lots of healthy ingredients. Now, you can spend your extra time on the truly important prep, like making sure to get 22 Duo-Tangs in 22 assorted colours, even though we all know your kids will only use five of them. Happy back-to-school season!

Monday - Charcuterie Special

Monday - Charcuterie Special

Tuesday - Ginger Turkey Wrap

Wednesday - Thousand Island Turkey Sub

Thursday - Broccoli Surprise Stuffed Pitas

Friday - Ham and Brie Baguettine

Saturday - Turkey Mango Avocado Sandwich

Sunday - Ham, Turkey and Creamy Horseradish Sandwich

Even though sandwiches most often end up in lunchboxes, you could also put them in your breadbox or even your glove box, but never in your gearbox. You could pair yours with a juice box, eat it in a sandbox or give it in a gift box.

Tuesday - Salami Cream Cheese Sandwich

Wednesday - Mango Ham Wrap

Thursday - Turkey Caesar Sandwich

Friday - Pressed Ham Tomato and Mozzarella

Saturday - Bologna Pickle Sandwich

Sunday - Quick Breakfast Ham Sandwich

This week, it's all about bacon: 7 delicious sandwiches cranked up to the next level thanks to bacon's great taste. No need to save your bacon for this one! Just follow the recipe, that's all.

Tuesday - Chipotle Turkey BLT

Wednesday - Florentine Club

Thursday - Salami-Cheddar-Bacon Panini

Saturday - Saturday Sandwich

Sunday - Salami-Bacon Bagel

Whether you're on the job or on the trail, in company or in the wind, here are seven Western-style sandwiches to help you tame your wildest cravings!

Tuesday - Ranch-Style Bologna Pita

Wednesday - Tex-Mex Style Burrito

Thursday - Rancheros Breakfast

Saturday - Buffalo Bill Smoked Meat Wrap

Making a sandwich? That's child's play. Making a sandwich children love? That's serious business!

Wednesday - Mini Turkey Burger

Friday - Tutti-quanti Stuffed Pita

Saturday - Sombrero sandwich

Sunday - Pineapple Ham Grilled Cheese

Time to put the fest(ive) in Oktoberfest thanks to seven new sandwich ideas!

Monday - Black Forest Grilled Cheese

Monday - Black Forest Grilled Cheese

Tuesday - Hot Ham & Sauerkraut Sandwich

Wednesday - Deli Slaw sandwich

Thursday - Bologna Pretzel Sandwich

Friday - Smoked Meat, Braised Cabbage & Bacon Sandwich

Sunday - Sausage Potato Pancakes with Apple Sauce

The harvest moon won't be as full as your plate this week!

Monday - Pressed Ham and Grilled Vegetables

Monday - Pressed Ham and Grilled Vegetables

Tuesday - Mock Chicken and Vegetable Quesadillas

Wednesday - Bologna and Zucchini Baguette with Thyme au Gratin

Thursday - Turkey Lettuce Wrap

Friday - Smoked Meat and Ratatouille Sandwich

Sunday - Ham Remoulade Toast

Thanksgiving is more than just another day off, it's a chance to give thanks… for more great sandwich ideas!

Monday - Provençal Submarine

Monday - Provençal Submarine

Tuesday - Chicken and Marinated Zucchini Sandwich

Wednesday - Deli Panini with Melted Eggplant

Thursday - Grilled Sausage Sandwich for Six

Friday - Ham and marinated tomato baguette

Saturday - Mock chicken and roasted onion sandwich

It's apple harvest season! So, this week, how do you like them apples in your sandwich?

Monday - Turkey, Apple and Gouda Sandwich

Monday - Turkey, Apple and Gouda Sandwich

Tuesday - Mock Chicken, Apple and Sharp Cheddar Sandwich

Wednesday - Turkey salad spread with apple and grapes

Thursday - Smoked-meat with caramelized apples on toast

Friday - Apple Curry Chicken Wrap

Saturday - Ham, Apple, Raclette Melt

Sunday - Mock Chicken Apple Sandwich

This week, we're rolling out the red carpet for rolls! And also wraps! And we've just realized they're the same thing!

Tuesday - Bologna and Havarti wrap

Wednesday - Curried Turkey Salad Wrap

Thursday - Ham, Goat Cheese and Asparagus Mini-Rolls

Friday - Bologna, Rice and Cheese Burrito

Saturday - Greek Mock Chicken Wrap

Sunday - Turkey Cranberry Roll-ups

Folks say we are what we eat. That's a scary thought this week!

Monday - Ham & Cheese Monsters

Monday - Ham & Cheese Monsters

Friday - Spider Tortilla Pizza

Saturday - Ham & Cheese Caterpillars

Sunday - Mini Witch's Cauldrons

An open-faced sandwich is a lot like an open book, except with bread instead of covers, and toppings instead of pages (unless you like to add toppings to your books. We won't judge…too much).

Tuesday - Smoked Turkey and White Bean Dip with Lemon on Toast

Wednesday - Bologna Primavera Melt

Friday - Artichoke olive crisps

Saturday - Mango tango toast

No need for a passport to discover these sandwiches.

Wednesday - Polish Sandwich

Thursday - Big Ben Sandwich

Friday - Greek Turkey Pita

Sunday - Baguette parmigiana

We called Alda Leftovas, our Czek/Slovak/Lithuanian/Hungarian distant cousin, to create some recipes for sandwiches that won't stay in your fridge as long as your leftovers.

Monday - Fridge-Emptier Sub

Monday - Fridge-Emptier Sub

Tuesday - Macaroni Sausage Panini

Wednesday - Michigan Style Bologna

Thursday - Chicago Style Ham Burger

Friday - Ham Frittata Strata

Saturday - Fridge Emptier Toast

Sunday - Fridge Emptier Wrap

A croissant is a lot like a crescent moon, except you can't take a bite out of the Moon.

Monday - Classic Ham and Cheese Croissant

Monday - Classic Ham and Cheese Croissant

Wednesday - Ham and Egg Croissants

Thursday - Italian Croissants

Friday - Chicken Bacon Croissants

Saturday - Pork Smoked Meat and Avocado on Croissant

Sunday - Turkey Cranberry Stuffed Mini Croissants

Rumour says the government is thinking of establishing the Official Croque-Famille Week, to spread awareness of the joy of eating sandwiches whose name begin with 𠇌roque”.

Wednesday - Chicken Mushroom Melt

Thursday - Croque Florentine

Friday - Mexican Turkey Avocado Melt

Saturday - Mini croque monsieur

Sunday - Italian Panini Melt

It's mighty comforting to comfort your hunger by comfortably making this comfort sandwich.

Tuesday - Ultimate Smoked Turkey Sandwich

Wednesday - Hot Turkey with Mushrooms

Thursday - Mozza-Ham Grilled Cheese

Friday - Chicken Parmesan Focaccia Melt

Saturday - Panini Raclette

It's mighty comforting to comfort your hunger by comfortably making this comfort sandwich.

Monday - Ham & Egg Salad with Crispy Bacon on English Muffins

Monday - Ham & Egg Salad with Crispy Bacon on English Muffins

Tuesday - Ham & Cream Cheese Wrap

Wednesday - Egg & Sausage Toast

Thursday - Monte-Cristo Sandwich

Friday - Sausage & Spinach Breakfast Sandwich

Saturday - Ham Frittata Sandwich

The holiday season: the one time of the year where the crust goes bust.

Monday - Russian Chicken Blinis

Monday - Russian Chicken Blinis

Tuesday - Mock Chicken Spirals with Cream Cheese

Wednesday - Turkey Mango Shells

Thursday - Surprise Bacon Canapes

Saturday - Cold Cut Bread Sticks

A sandwich a day keeps the doctor away. Since we care about your health, here are seven balanced sandwich recipes for the week.

Monday - Italian Ham Toast

Monday - Italian Ham Toast

Tuesday - California-Style Ham on Naan

Wednesday - Smoked Chicken Greek Salad Stuffed Pita

Thursday - Chicken, grape and nut baguette

Friday - Bologna Herb Sandwich

Saturday - Grilled Turkey Calabrese

Sunday - Kale Salad with Ham

Pack them a good sandwich, and your kids will be happy to bread back to school.

Tuesday - Mini Grilled Ham, Mint & Mango

Wednesday - Chicken Salad, Kale and Grape Stuffed Pita

Thursday - Mock Chicken and Crunchy Veg Sandwich

Friday - Pork Smoked Meat & Cheddar Wrap

Saturday - Olé! Bologna Sandwich

Sunday - Chipotle Turkey Salad on Bagel

You don't have to shape your sandwich into a cube to match your cubicle. Any round, square or cylindrical sandwich will do.

Wednesday - Bridesmaid's Sandwich

Thursday - Chicken Spring Rolls

Friday - Spicy Bacon & Egg Sandwich

Saturday - Salami and Dried Tomato Sandwich

Sunday - Turkey Sweat Pea Croissant

Time for some happy sandwiches for gourmet happy hours.

Monday - Smoked Meat and Bacon Nachos

Monday - Smoked Meat and Bacon Nachos

Tuesday - Ham and Apricot Baguette Slices

Thursday - Pepperoni-Cheddar Wedges

Friday - Mediterranean Mini-Toasts

Sunday - Turkey Peach Roll with Ginger Peanut Sauce

Defense! I'm blocking you from eating my sandwich.

Monday - Smoked Meat Mini Burgers

Monday - Smoked Meat Mini Burgers

Tuesday - Quarter Back Submarine

Thursday - Bulldog Bologna Toast

Saturday - Crispy Salami Sandwich

Sunday - Seasoned Chicken Wrap

Which came first: the soup or the sandwich? It's a mystery! But one thing's for sure: they make a great team!

Monday - Chicken Winter Rolls (Miso soup)

Monday - Chicken Winter Rolls (Miso soup)

Tuesday - Bacon-Cheddar Toasts (Onion soup)

Wednesday - Ham & Gouda Crackers (Clam chowder)

Thursday - Chicken Lime Banh-mi (Cream of carrot)

Friday - Panini Florentine with Ham (Stracciatella)

Saturday - Turkey Wrap with Coco-Peanut Sauce (Dalh)

Sunday - Grilled Cheese, Salami and Onion Confit (Vegetable soup)

When Oly & Mel meet their little cousin Flamingo, there's no fowl play… only chicken sandwiches.

Monday - Chicken Fillet and Tarator Sauce Stuffed Pitas

Monday - Chicken Fillet and Tarator Sauce Stuffed Pitas

Tuesday - Crispy Chicken Burger with Spicy Coleslaw

Wednesday - Breaded Chicken Wrap Your Way

Friday - Fried Chicken Tacos

Saturday - Greek Submarine

Careful! These sandwiches are so hot they could melt your appetite before you know it. Ay ay ay!

Monday - Asian Fried Bologna Burger

Monday - Asian Fried Bologna Burger

Tuesday - Super Spicy Sausage Wrap

Wednesday - Ham, Eggplant and Harissa Sandwich

Thursday - Philly Mexican Turkey Sub

Friday - Indian Mock Chicken and Mango on Naan

Saturday - Spicy Salami Rolls

Sunday - Zaatar Chicken on Pita

If we could, we'd scoop that sandwich right off the snow with a little stick while dancing a traditional jig.

Monday - Maple Glazed Bacon Toast

Monday - Maple Glazed Bacon Toast

Tuesday - Sugar Shack Strata

Wednesday - Salami Grilled Cheese with Maple Onion Jam

Thursday - Turkey Croutons with Maple Roasted Vegetables

Saturday - Maple Glazed Bacon Toast

Sunday - Sugaring Off Ham Hamburger

Time for a good après-ski sandwich. It's all uphill from here.

Monday - De La Station Ham Toast

Monday - De La Station Ham Toast

Tuesday - La Réserve Pork Smoked Meat Grilled Cheese

Thursday - Charlevoix Bacon Tartiflette

Friday - Ermite des Cantons and Turkey Puffs

Saturday - P'tit train du Nord Bologna Wrap

Sunday - French Onion Soup with Ham

No need to get salty about how sweet these sandwiches are!

Monday - Mock Chicken, Peach and Lemon Cottage Cheese on Croissant

Monday - Mock Chicken, Peach and Lemon Cottage Cheese on Croissant

Wednesday - Sweet & Sour Ham Sub

Thursday - Chicken, Apple and Smoked Gouda Panini

Friday - Ham and Maple Pears on Brioche

Saturday - Rolled Crepes with Bologna and Apricot Mint Cream

Sunday - French Toast, Turkey Bacon and Cranberry Sandwich

Time to raid your cupboards for some spring sandwiching.

Monday - Turkey Bagel with Radish, Lemon and Chive Salad

Monday - Turkey Bagel with Radish, Lemon and Chive Salad

Wednesday - Ham, Goat Cheese and Roasted Asparagus Baguette

Thursday - Mango Merguez & Mint Roll up

Friday - Mock chicken spring naan

Saturday - Chicken Sprout Sandwich

Sunday - Pork Smoked Meat Spring Rolls

What do you call a great big ham? No idea, but when it gets here, you best get out of its way.

Monday - Ham on French Toast Gratiné

Monday - Ham on French Toast Gratiné

Tuesday - Ham and Cheese Florentine Cup

Wednesday - Ham, Goat Cheese and Cranberry Baguette

Thursday - Rolls Stuffed with Ham Salad

Friday - The Perfect Ham Sandwich

Saturday - Ham and Balsamic Caramelized Vegetables

Sunday - Croque Witloof with Ham (or Belgian Croque)

A deconstructed sandwich is like a regular sandwich that was really good at geometry in a past life and came back as its components.

Monday - Deconstructed Grilled cheese

Monday - Deconstructed Grilled cheese

Tuesday - Totally Grape Salad

Wednesday - Dame Charcute Plate

Friday - Tutti-Frutti Breakfast

Sunday - Mock Chicken Cheese Squares

Québec and Asian history come together in an explosion of East-meets-West flavours.

Monday - Smoked ham Banh Mi

Monday - Smoked ham Banh Mi

Tuesday - Turkey Spring Rolls

Thursday - Teriyaki Ham Burger

Friday - Chicken Onigirazu

Saturday - Bacon Spring Rolls

Sunday - Bologna Satay in a Panko Crust

We could make a joke about how making a sandwich is mere child's play, but we won't pick that low-hanging fruit.

Tuesday - Corn Dog Dumbbells

Wednesday - Pepperoni Pizza Pops

Saturday - Ham & Cheese Balls

Sunday - Sausage & Veggie Nachos

Nothing beats a good sandwich… except a great one with Boursin cheese! This week, we're taking seven super delicious sandwiches to the next level.

Monday - Spicy Boursin and Turkey Salsa Bites

Monday - Spicy Boursin and Turkey Salsa Bites

Tuesday - Chicken and Basil Boursin Sandwich

Wednesday - Turkey Bagel with Cranberry Pepper Boursin

Thursday - Ham, Pepper Boursin and Tomato Confit on Baguette

Friday - Ham, Asparagus and Shallot & Chive Boursin on Tramezzini

Saturday - Italian Mini Toasts

Sunday - Ham and Bouquet of Basil Boursin Feuilleté

This week features Mexican-style sandwiches, just in time for Cinco de Mayo(nnaise).

Monday - Mexican Philly Sandwich

Monday - Mexican Philly Sandwich

Tuesday - Turkey, Avocado and Chipotle Club

Wednesday - Pork Smoked Meat and Bean Salad Tacos

Thursday - Bull Dog Bologna

Saturday - Ham Tinga Quesadillas

Sunday - Sausage Chimichangas

Score against your hunger thanks to these sandwich recipes created for hockey player Marie-Philip Poulin.

Monday - Tomato, Bologna and Ricotta Cold Pizza

Monday - Tomato, Bologna and Ricotta Cold Pizza

Tuesday - Energy Boost Lunch

Wednesday - Italian Sausage Baguette

Saturday - Long Distance Submarine

Here are some sandwich ideas that prove “gluten free” doesn't mean 𠇏un free”.

Monday - Turkey Orange Onigirazu

Monday - Turkey Orange Onigirazu

Tuesday - Gourmet Morning Toast

Thursday - Bacon-Cheese Dogs

Saturday - Chicken, Brie and Apple Grilled Cheese

Sunday - Black Forest Ham Stuffed Buckwheat Crêpes

You don't need to learn the rules of etiquette down to a T to know that good tea is best served with good sandwiches.

Monday - Turkey Radish Rectangles

Monday - Turkey Radish Rectangles

Tuesday - Classic Ham and Cucumber

Wednesday - Apple Sausage Canapés

Thursday - Ham and Goat Cheese Roll-ups

Sunday - Mock Chicken Pesto Feuilletées

Olive sandwiches by Olive & Mel.

Monday - Olives and Artichoke Toast

Monday - Olives and Artichoke Toast

Tuesday - Olive Chicken Bruschetta Rolls

Wednesday - Mediterranean Panini

Friday - Frittata Turkey Olive Wrap

Saturday - Mock Chicken Ricotta and Green Olive Toast

Sunday - Olive and Salami Flaky Pastries

Good sandwiches make good neighbours!

Tuesday - Pepperoni Pizza Balls

Wednesday - Chicken & Ham Stuffed Turnovers

Thursday - Melty Bacon & Cheese Miche

Friday - Cuban-Style Mini Sandwiches

Saturday - Turkey Tortilla Sushi

Sunday - Ham & Cocktail Tomato Sandwiches

No need to stand in line with tipsy strangers to enjoy these sandwiches.

Tuesday - Home Made Pizza Pockets

Wednesday - Philly Style Bologna

Thursday - Ham, Egg & Pickle Guédilles

Friday - Mock Chicken Tzatziki

Saturday - Smoked Meat Sub with Lemony Quick Pickles

Sunday - Korean-Style Ham-burger

Since you're already neck-deep in moving boxes, here are a few sandwiches in lieu of pizza.

Monday - Ham & Cheese Stuffed Baguette

Monday - Ham & Cheese Stuffed Baguette

Tuesday - Crafty Morning Sandwich

Wednesday - Bacon Avocado Freezer Roll-ups

Thursday - Turkey Brie and Cranberry Snack Sandwich

Saturday - Pepperoni Meal in a Muffin

Sunday - Mock Chicken Mango Summer Rolls

The season's hottest sandwiches! Better put on some sunscreen before taking a bite.

Monday - Sunny Grilled Melon

Monday - Sunny Grilled Melon

Tuesday - Zucchini, Ham and Ricotta Rolls

Wednesday - Mock Chicken Lettuce Wrap

Thursday - Merguez Dog with Two-Lemon Relish

Friday - Ham and Bruschetta Crostini with Black Garlic

Saturday - Spicy Bacon Tomato Pita

Sunday - Horn of Plenty Pizza Fresca

Here are a few sandwiches that fit perfectly under your arm.

Monday - Chicken, grape and nut baguette

Monday - Chicken, grape and nut baguette

Tuesday - Mock Chicken & Brie Club

Wednesday - Turkey Honey Dijon on Toast

Thursday - Authentic Ham & Butter Sandwich

Friday - Tartiflette-Style Potato Pancakes

Sunday - Ham & Leek Croque Croissant

If you're happy and you know it, eat a sandwich.

Monday - Arlequin Potatoes

Monday - Arlequin Potatoes

Wednesday - Ham Salad Mini Pitas

Thursday - Camper Smoked Ham & Cheese Melts

Friday - Bologna Burger with Grilled Pineapple

Saturday - Wood Fire Naan Onion Pizza

Perfect when it's time to go for a rideé

Monday - Tour of Quebec Wrap

Monday - Tour of Quebec Wrap

Wednesday - Monteregian Wrap

Saturday - Trou du Diable's Wrap

Keep your friends close, but your sandwiches closer.

Monday - Florentine Ham Melt

Monday - Florentine Ham Melt

Tuesday - Louisiana Grilled Bologna

Wednesday - Sausage Frittata on Flat Bread

Thursday - Mini-Miche Muffuletta

Saturday - Turkey and Cranberry Onion Confit Sandwich

Sunday - Ham, Goat Cheese and Pickled Peppers

Here are a few sandwiches that'll turn your cheeks tomato red.

Tuesday - Open-face ham and tomato melt

Wednesday - Jumbo hot dog with salsa cruda

Thursday - Pepperoni and tomato pizza

Friday - Triple tomato turkey sandwich

Saturday - Tomato, mock chicken and avocado sandwich

Sunday - Tomato-bologna souvlaki

These sandwiches speak for themselves. Nothing corny about them!

Monday - Turkey and corn salsa tacos

Monday - Turkey and corn salsa tacos

Tuesday - Warm and crispy bacon and corn salad bites

Wednesday - Salami corn cakes

Thursday - Corn bread with sausage

Saturday - Ham, corn, spinach and tortilla quiche

Sunday - Ham and corn tartare

We're capping off this year's sandwich adventure with the best selections from our biggest fans.

Monday - The Big Day Turkey Sandwich from Diane Derosby

Monday - The Big Day Turkey Sandwich from Diane Derosby

Tuesday - Simply Bologna from Nancy Boivin

Wednesday - Shany's Tacos from Shany Vaillancourt

Thursday - Chipotle Avocado BLT from Toby Erin Collins

Friday - Smoked Chicken and Onion Confit Melt on Baguette from Michèle Lagueux

"The Bomber" Sandwich @ Mal's Market | Seaside

Awhile ago a friend had recommended the meatball sandwich at Mal's Market in Seaside on the Monterey Peninsula. We headed over there on Thursday after an appointment. I'm glad that I was pointed here, as I would never have stumbled upon this convenience store tucked into an out of the way residential area on my own.

Meatballs were already sold out at 2pm. Instead I got the signature sandwich here, The Bomber. Priced at $8.99 for whole, it's also available as a half-sandwich. The softish roll, allegedly Dutch Crunch though light on the crunch factor, was packed with turkey, ham, roast beef, crispy bacon and Swiss cheese. Ordered with everything, the garnishes included a leaf of iceberg lettuce, tomato, pickle slices, shaved red onions, mustard, mayo, jalapeño sauce and garlic spread. While these are commodity ingredients, the whole is greater than the sum of parts. The jalapeño and garlic condiments, similar to Little Lucca's in South San Francisco, make this special. Shared with my friend, and we agreed that half of The Bomber was plenty for a meal.

There are a couple small tables inside and more outside in the huge parking lot. It was a pleasant lunch stop for eating al fresco.

Mal's Market
1264 Noche Buena St
Seaside, CA 93955
Phone: (831) 394-1881
Cash only

Nation’s Giant Hamburgers – Best REAL chicken breast sandwich $4.35 &amp under

- Strawberry shakes made with real strawberries
- Wild salmon sandwich
- Veggie burger
- Breakfasts, especially the strawberry pancakes
- Pies (mmm lemon meringue)
- Prices
- well, everything.

For $3.40 the fresh strawberry pancakes are a major deal. Add a cup of unlimited coffee and for under $5 (no tip, it is fast food), that is good eats.

Two pancakes come with lightly sweetened fresh strawberries and lots of whipped cream. The strawberries and whipped cream don’t run out before the pancakes do.

A few weeks ago, a fresh strawberry tart was the second thing I ever bought at Nations. The first was a burger about fifteen years ago.

There have been some changes since then and now I’m impressed.

I tried most of the menu and my current opinion is that Nation’s is one of the best fast food restaurants in the Bay Area. I like it better than In-N-Out Burger. The Pinole Red Onion is the only competition with a larger selection. I haven’t tried as much on the Red Onion menu though.

Nation’s started in El Cerrito in 1952 as a hot dog stand and now has 24 locations and all within the geography of the SF board. Ok Nations!

Headquarters is still in El Cerrito on San Pablo Avenue.

Perhaps being a local company accounts for some of extra care that goes into the restaurants. The four Nation’s visited all had vases of fresh flowers on the tables which is a nice touch when stopping by for a hunk of pie ($1.90) and unlimited and good coffee ($1.15).

McDonald’s with all its hype should serve coffee this good. Three dollars and a nickel hardly buys a piece of pie anywhere else sometimes it only covers coffee.

As the menu says, all burgers and sandwiches are 3/4 pound with fixings figured into the weight. The salmon is the most expensive sandwich at $4.85. A grilled cheese sandwich is a hefty hunk of eating for $2.70.

The nice thing about Nations is that you can order things as healthy as you would like in any configuration you would like. Except for mayo, all the condiments are added personally.

The grilled cheese (or ham & cheese) and the BLT are the only sandwiches that don’t come on a bun. There is a choice of white, wheat or sourdough bread for these sandwiches. The sourdough is a lot better than the white bread.

Everything else is served on a lightly grilled white or whole wheat sesame bun. The hamburger comes on a white bun and all other sandwiches come on whole wheat as a default. Substitutions can be made.

All sandwiches come with thick slices of tomato and white onion and an impressive piece of crispy fresh iceberg. No shredded lettuce here. On request the onions can be grilled (recommended). Razor-thin slices of pickle, sliced length-wise are available on request. .

After a while I decided to start ordering the sandwiches with a ‘light’ spread of mayo. For my tastes, the standard sandwich has too much mayo.

The sandwiches can be ordered with a lettuce wrap instead of a bun or as a diet plate with the meat and lettuce, tomato and onion on a plate. Diet jelly and syrup is available on request for breakfast. There is even a no sugar added apple pie apples that’s it not weird artificial sweetener.

Here are the sandwiches in the order of preference:

- Chicken breast. Unlike McDonalds and the other fast food joints, this is a REAL chicken breast just grilled chicken, no strange additives or mystery parts. It is a large chicken breast too.

- Wild Salmon burger. So superior to the usual spongy ground-up patty. This has pieces of salmon formed into a patty. The patty is a little peppery. It is nice with BBQ sauce on it.

- Harvester (veggie burger). This is almost like a nice meat loaf that has lots of filler.

- Grilled cheese. I ordered he basic version on two large slices of sourdough bread. The bread is buttered and grilled. Slices of cheese are put on one slice until they melt. Remove from grill. Add mayo lettuce, onion and tomato. An excellent version of this would be cheese, grilled onions and tomato, hold the lettuce and mayo.

- Hot dog – A Miller’s hot dog, split down the middle, grilled and placed on a grilled bun. Condiments added personally. Almost a perfect bun to dog ration, but the bun is just a bit larger than I would like. Don’t forget that tomatoes, grilled onions and pickle can be added on request. There’s a chili dog too.

- Burger. It is ok and larger than most. My favorite configuration would be grilled onions, tomato, pickle, light mayo and skip the lettuce. OK, put it on the side as salad dressed with honey Dijon dressihg.

One of the reasons I didn’t like the Nation’s burger the first time was that I suspected there was too much grease and it gave me heart burn. Turned out it wasn’t that at all. It was the thick fresh onion pieces. Grilled onion solved the problem.

BLT – Large sandwich, good basic version, and is better on sourdough. After years of hobbs bacon on artisan bread, and organic tomatoes, it is hard to go back to the basics.

The fries are thick cut and good. The chili fries come in a large Styrofoam carton topped with two large scoops of chili. Forty cents extra for cheese or peppers. If it is to your taste, I think grilled onions can put on anything except the pie.

If ordering the chili separately, it comes in a 12 oz coffee cup with packets of saltines. It is a saucy chili with a fifty/fifty mix of beans and ground beef. It is a little salty, but for $1.80, it makes a filling lunch.

Different Nations have different condiments on the counter. The University Avenue Nations in Berkeley has the most – mustard, catsup, BBQ sauce, Tabasco, honey Dijon dressing (very good), hot dog relish, chopped onions and chopped tomatoes. If the condiment isn’t on the counter, ask for it.

Breakfast is inexpensive and basic. Flats of real eggs sit on the counter waiting to be scrambled or made into omelets. Instead of hash browns and toast, for no extra charge pancakes or French toast can be substituted.

I enjoyed a ham and cheese omelet with two soft, eggy slices of French toast made with Texas toast. It had a nice note of cinnamon. The three-egg omelet was the thin type and I asked for free grilled onions and tomatoes to be added to the ham and cheese.

A warning that while many Nation’s serve breakfast all day, a few don’t. The 24-hour Nations seem to always serve breakfast.

Another difference in the various Nation’s is that some carry more variety of pies than others. Two sizes of slice are available – small – (1/6 pie) or regular (1/4 pie)

Pies I liked in order of preference

- Lemon meringue – Deeply lemony, tart and tangy with a light, frothy meringue that is nicely browned on top.

- Fresh strawberry – As someone else said, the whole is better than the part. Huge strawberries piled on the tart shell with a not too sweet glop and marshmallow-y whipped cream on request.

- Banana crème – generous pieces of banana in a banana pudding base and lots of whipped cream

- Cream cheese – the type that is similar to those jello cheesecakes. Nice touch of lemon and especially good if it is fresh strawberry time and topped with strawberries. Graham cracker crust.

- Custard - Eggy, basic and, no frills with a light dusting of cinnamon for visual appeal. I don’t like the crust with this pie.

- Sweet potato tart – real sweet potato with little pieces of not totally pureed potato here and there. Sweet but not too sweet with just a suggestion of spice

- Pumpkin – The sweet potato is just so much better. Ok, but not enough pumpkin flavor for me, the texture isn’t dense enough and a little sweet.

- Sugar-free apple – tart apples and not bad. A little too much crust to filling but a nice enough if sugar is to be avoided.

- Peaches and cream – a few canned peaches in a light peach colored whipped cream. Very little peach flavor Blueberries and cream is coming soon.

The strawberry sundae is a deal at $1.10. Twice the size of McDonalds, with better ice cream and tastier strawberries.

A few nits. The cream for the coffee is of the liquid creamer type. One Nations let me have real milk on request, another didn’t. For $1.90 a bowl of fresh strawberries can be ordered. There are twelve of the huge strawberries used in the pies. While generous and healthy, these are the type of strawberries that need some sweetening.

Also, for some odd reason when ordering a diet plate, they chop up the lettuce, tomato and pickle (I passed on the onion). I guess you can request for the veggies not to be chopped. Actually I should have ordered the grilled onions with the salmon patty. A nice feature is that since the diet place comes without the bun, they subtract the price of the bun.

The restaurants all have the same set-up, a mix of orange booths and tables with chairs. Large sunny windows and the tables with fresh flowers make the restaurant a pleasant stop. Place the order at the counter and wait for your number to be called. Eat-in orders are on trays.

There is a wait because everything is made to order. Phone orders are accepted and they do a lot of business with call-in orders.

Don’t get me wrong. It is still fast food, but it is the best of its class.

With Nations, there is evidence of the original ingredients a little piece of unmashed sweet potato, pieces of strawberry in the shake, identifiable salmon, eggs in shell on the counter and an actual chicken breast.

The reason it is called Nation’s is that the founders thought it was the best burger in the nation. In the category of fast food, that could very well be true.

Signature Sandwiches

Served With Mels Coleslaw (excluding Open-faced Sandwiches)

Cadillac Dog

foot long dog with chili, cheddar cheese and onions.

Buffalo Chicken Sandwich

fried boneless chicken tossed in our medium buffalo sauce. served with mels blue cheese on a toasted garlic hoagie

Philly Cheese Steak

onions, green peppers, mushrooms, and provolone on a toasted garlic hoagie.

Mile High Corned Beef

just as the name says, piled high on rye.


corned beef, swiss cheese and sauerkraut with a side of thousand island dressing.

mels classic served on toasted sourdough bread

Turkey Bacon Club

served on toasted white bread.

Tuna Melt

grilled with american cheese on sourdough bread.

Bacon & Swiss Grilled Chicken Sandwich

1/2 lb. boneless chicken breast topped with hot bacon and melted swiss on a toasted sesame seed bun. served with lettuce, tomato, pickle and a side of honey mustard.

Grilled Cheese With Tomato & Bacon

just as it is, with melted american cheese.

Tuna Or Chicken Salad Wrap

made fresh daily, with lettuce and tomato.

Mels Famous Fish Sandwich

lightly breaded and deep fried, served with tartar sauce on a toasted garlic hoagie.

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5 thoughts on &ldquoMcDonald’s Egg McMuffin Breakfast Sandwich&rdquo

I’ve been making McMuffins since i was a wee thing. I always sprayed a round glass measuring cup with some cooking spray, cracked an egg in it, poked the yolk with a knife and gave it about 1-1:30 in the microwave. While doing this toasted an English muffin. Once toasted just tipped the glass measuring cup with the cooked egg onto the muffin, added a slice of cheese and in about 3 mins made a perfect, and quick McMuffin breakfast sandwich.

Shepherd, this is brilliant! And so easy! I’m going to try this with my boys they’d love it.

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