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Chickpeas with mushrooms, broccoli and multicooker chicken

Chickpeas with mushrooms, broccoli and multicooker chicken

Finely chop the onion, cut the carrot into rounds, put the diced chicken breast and season with paprika and pepper (I boiled the chicken breast for the soup), put them in the multicooker bowl, put the olive oil, mix a little , set to Menu Fry and leave for 3 minutes.

Add the washed and cut broccoli bouquets in smaller pieces, add a little water, set to the Boil Menu and leave for 5 minutes.

Add the mushrooms and chickpeas drained of juice. Put the spices, mix well and set again on the Boil Menu, leave for about 10 minutes.

Sprinkle with finely chopped fresh parsley.

How to prepare chickpea salad with mushrooms and valerian

Wash, dry the salad and put it in a bowl. Add the drained chickpeas, the drained mushrooms and the olives.

From the salt, lemon juice and olive oil make a vinaigrette, mixing them and seasoning the salad. Mix gently and eat the salad immediately. Enjoy!

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  • 700 g chicken or turkey (leg or breast)
  • 1 kg broccoli with sticks (2 bunches)
  • 250 ml cooking cream
  • optional, 150 g bacon
  • optional, 150 g cheeses: cubes of mozzarella, grated parmesan or other matured cheeses, according to taste and what we have in the fridge
  • 1 tablespoon butter, possibly clarified butter
  • 3-4 cloves of garlic
  • salt, white pepper, a nutmeg powder

Pour 3-4 tablespoons of oil or 1-2 tablespoons of butter into the cooking pot. Put the crushed garlic to flavor the fat. You can remove the garlic afterwards or leave it in the pan, just be careful not to burn it along the way.

When the oil has heated up, we put the pieces of meat, cut according to preference, I prefer them cut relatively small, the thickness of about 2 & # 8211 3 cm. We keep them on the fire until they turn brown, stirring occasionally. If you think it is necessary, you can put 1/2 cup of white wine, water or vegetable / meat juice, to help the cooking process and not to burn the meat.

Mushrooms and broccoli in soy sauce

If you like broccoli, this dish is great for a fasting day!

For starters, we prepare all the ingredients to have them at hand, because they work very quickly, over high heat and in a short time.
Broccoli is broken into small bunches and washed well. Peel a squash, grate it and slice it. Peel an onion and cut it into quarters, then slice it.
In a bowl, mix flour, soy sauce, honey, olive oil, ginger powder and water with a whisk. It is set aside.
Take a non-stick pan, put the olive oil and place on high heat. When the oil has heated up, add the vegetables: broccoli, mushrooms and onions. Stir continuously to harden for 4-5 minutes. Mix again in the bowl with soy sauce then pour over the vegetables, stirring constantly for 2 minutes. A sauce will form. Cover the pan for another 2-3 minutes, then remove from the heat.
Remove the food in a bowl, sprinkle sesame seeds on top and serve.

10 Broccoli recipes that will appeal even to children

Yes, I know, broccoli doesn't seem like the most delicious food. Many people don't like it, especially children. They do not want to eat it and you have certainly never heard a child say that he has a craving for broccoli. However, we can all agree that he is extremely healthy and that we should find a place for him in our diet. So how can we do this without giving up delicious food? Is it actually possible to eat something delicious that contains broccoli? The answer is yes!

Broccoli can be extremely delicious if you cook it properly. I selected 10 broccoli recipes for capricious people when it comes to food (including children, of course!). Because, let's be serious: if you manage to make a child love a broccoli-based dish, you will probably succeed with any other whimsical!

Click on the titles to see these broccoli recipes. From this list, six are personal recipes that I prepare every time with great pleasure, and the rest are made by other wonderful bloggers that I wholeheartedly recommend.

Recipe Low Carb

That is, we eliminate flour from the whole normal recipe. Mushrooms are another delicious low-carb diet food. They are raw, if they could be eaten, they would have only 2 small carbohydrates and lost there among a hundred grams. But they can't be eaten raw. In fact, you may not like that. Even cooked ones do not disappoint us too much. I get to about 5.3 & # 8211 so I'm getting ready to find a really good recipe to cook on a Friday night, a prelude to the weekend. And as I usually get confused in my cans, you decided to lighten the shelf with jars a little more and you stuck me in it with mushrooms.

Therefore, use the following:

& # 8211 a can of mushrooms weighing about 200 grams. I would have preferred fresh mushrooms, but by the time I went shopping, the fresh mushrooms had evaporated either in other people's shopping or already on other people's tables.

& # 8211 3-4-5 sprigs of green onions left in the fridge

& # 8211 3-4-5 cloves of garlic, left over from the refrigerator

& # 8211 3 tablespoons healthy cream (4-5 is already too much)

& # 8211 a tablespoon of olive oil

& # 8211 salt and pepper to the chef's heart

And because the mushrooms were canned, so already cooked, there is not much to do. Than hardened green onions that were chopped a little. So is garlic. The whole process takes 10-15 minutes. When the onions and garlic were boiled, I added the mushrooms cut only in half and a little water, that is more, enough to cover the mushrooms in half. I let it boil until all the water has evaporated and I just put the tablespoons of sour cream.

I tasted, I added the spices, I finely chopped the dill and I added it too, I tasted a little more and because it was excellent, I turned off the stove and that's it.

In total carbohydrates were 10-11 from mushrooms. But because it steals about 2 servings, here's an excellent low carb dinner of about 5 grams per plate. In the recipe, don't care about carbs version, add flour to the cream to thicken the sauce a bit. It didn't hurt anyone that the sauce came out a little thinner. Until another is sour cream and the delight was the same. And so good that I even took the spoon to pop everything from the plate.

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Naut boabe

Peeled sesame seeds

Cold pressed sesame oil

Preparation Classic hummus recipe

  • The chickpeas are kept soaked overnight in cold water before cooking (at least 3 times the water compared to the amount of chickpeas) until hydrated and swollen. When you start cooking the hummus recipe, rinse them with cold water and then boil them in the same amount of water as when soaking.
  • The chickpeas are left to boil for an hour & # 8211 for an hour and a half, until the berries become soft and fluffy.
  • Meanwhile, prepare the sesame paste: heat the sesame seeds a little in a pan, over low heat, stirring constantly, until they become slightly shiny. Be careful and keep an eye on them, because they are ready very quickly. It must remain golden, not brown.
  • Grind the sesame seeds as finely as possible and then mix them well with a tablespoon of oil.
  • Crush the garlic and squeeze the lemon.
  • After the chickpeas are boiled, drain the beans and keep some of the juice to add if the hummus turns out too hard.
  • Pass the chickpeas in a blender, along with the sesame paste, lemon, garlic, olive oil and salt added to taste. If you find it too hard, add a little more juice so that your hummus gets a creamier consistency.

Remarks Classic hummus recipe

  • Keeping the chickpeas in water for at least 8 hours before cooking will activate its nutritional properties and shorten its cooking time. Many people buy boxes of ready-cooked chickpeas, but, unfortunately, salt or preservatives can be added to them, to increase the shelf life of the product. If you want to know exactly what you put on your loved ones' plate, we warmly recommend you to boil the chickpeas yourself for the healthiest classic hummus recipe.
  • Are you interested in hummus calories? Find out that a cup of boiled chickpeas has about 100 calories. From here, depending on the ingredients and the amount prepared, you can calculate how high the nutritional value of your preparation is.
  • And tahini, the famous sesame paste can be bought ready-made, but, on the same principle as above, I think you will prefer to make it at home. In addition, the price will be much lower. Sesame paste (tahini) & # 8211 is generally made from 4-5 tablespoons of raw or baked sesame seeds (or half raw and half baked), as preferred, ground and mixed with 1 tablespoon water or 1 tablespoon sesame oil / olive oil / lemon juice. Another possible option is to put whole sesame seeds in chickpea paste and give up grinding.
  • The great gastronomy specialists advise the housewives that, when they make for the first time the hummus recipe, especially the classic hummus recipe, without innovations, not to add from the beginning all the other ingredients over the boiled chickpeas, but little by little, always tasting, and to stop when it seems to them that they have put enough, even if they have not finished the whole prepared lemon juice or sesame paste. Some prefer humus with a stronger sesame taste, for example, others prefer very little lemon juice.

Did you know that?

  • Originally, is hummus eaten at room temperature or hot, not from the fridge? Many people say that it would be tastier this way, so all you have to do is try it in several temperature variations and compare.
  • You have doubts about how to write the name of this preparation (humus or hummus)? It seems like the option humus it penetrated very well into the Romanian language and imposed itself over time, eliminating the double consonant, for the sake of simplification. You can find scientific explanations on the subject in question This article of the renowned linguist Rodica Zafiu.

We soak the chickpeas in cold water the night before. Drain it from the water in which it stood, put another water and boil it until it softens. Add a little salt during cooking. When it is ready, put it in a strainer and leave it to cool.

  • If you are patient, remove the skin from each chickpea. I gave up after the first 20 grains :))))

In a bowl put the chickpeas and the rest of the ingredients, salad and valerian, broccoli cut into small bunches, diced tomatoes, julienned onions. Salt and pepper to taste, mix and match the taste with lemon juice.

Method of preparation

How to make broccoli and potato cream soup. We set the Crock-Pot Express Multicooker with pressure cooking on Brown / Sote mode. HEAT appears on the display, and when the device is heated, an audible signal will be heard. Put the butter, press Start, add the onion and garlic, mix and let them simmer for 2 minutes (so as not to exceed the time, it can be set). Add the potatoes, the bouquets of broccoli, season with ground pepper and salt, pour the hot soup and mix. We put the device cover, rotating from the open position to the closed position, we close the pressure valve and we choose the Manual program. Set the High pressure and cooking time to 7 minutes and press Start. As long as the Crock-Pot Express Multicooker heats up and accumulates pressure on the screen, HEAT appears, and then, after the sound signal, the set cooking time appears. After the cooking time is over, an audible signal sounds and then the appliance automatically enters the Keep Warm mode. When the 7 minutes have passed and the appliance signals that the soup is ready, let it sit for 10 minutes, move the valve indicator on the steam release with a tongs or a kitchen glove, press the STOP button, and when the steam has been released open the lid . Pour the sour cream for cooking, put half of the grated cheddar cheese and pass the soup directly into the pot with a vertical blender. Taste and season, if necessary.

How to serve vegetable cream soup. We serve cream broccoli soup, potatoes and hot cream, on top with cheddar and crispy bacon, browned with the Brown / Saute function of the Crock-Pot Express Multicooker, and croutons.

The complete video recipe can be found here -

Cauliflower soup

We unwrap the cauliflower in small bunches, wash it with more water and leave it in a strainer,

Vegetable cream soup

All the vegetables are boiled in water to cover them. When they have boiled, remove them from the water with the help