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Watermelon jam (watermelon)

Watermelon jam (watermelon)

I told you I took a big watermelon, didn't I?

From it is used only the white part with a thin portion of red core, which will give it a special look. The green peel, the one on the outside, is removed and discarded. The white part is cut as thin as possible.

Put 3 l of boiling water together with the vinegar. When it boils, put the shaped shells. to boil them with vinegar because I read that they will soften too much if they were boiled directly in syrup (certainly the production process was much shorter, but I declare myself super satisfied with the result). After boiling there are about 5 kg and some coji.

Put them in strainers and rinse under running cold water, which I did several times out of the desire to remove the taste of vinegar and let it drain. Press them by hand to squeeze very well. .

Water put 1.5 l of water with the sugar to boil and when it boiled I put squeezed peels. In other recipes I saw that the sugar is put in an amount equal to the amount of peels but I thought it would be much too sweet. the syrup received the consistency of a jam (for me in about an hour or so) that is thickened enough, I added the lemon juice along with the grated peel, ground cinnamon and vanilla essence. Turn off the heat and put in jars. sterilized. They are closed and put in a bain marie and then in the oven for 1-2 days until the jars and jam are cold.

It is stored in the pantry and is served with pleasure.

I got 10 jars of 370 ml.

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Lubeniţa de Dăbuleni differs in some characteristics from the imported one, but the taste is what really makes the difference, says Livia Ilie, melon producer from Dăbuleni.

"It simply came to our notice then. Dăbuleni watermelon has a yellow spot on the ground, and the Greeks do not grow black watermelons, you will never find black in the Greeks, they have a thicker skin and are not as tasty, ours are better. Like the tomatoes, our tomatoes when they appear, the garden ones, not the solarium ones, are tastier than the others that come from the import ”, the woman explains.

Marshmallow jam (melon) - Recipes

"Watermelon, watermelon, my girls are dear to me" (a.n.) -)
That's what I learned from my husband -)))
I love watermelons! That's how I've known them since I was born. Only when I was on a summer vacation in Bucharest, I think I was about 6-7 years old, I first heard about watermelon and I still didn't understand what it is, that only watermelon is red.
Come on, I got caught with the melon quickly, but not with the watermelon, not peace! In the end, I only accepted the name halfway, so I called it watermelon, as if I said watermelon, they asked me where I was from.
And yes, the people of Bucharest were still making fun of us, the people of Timisoara, the people of Banat with the "swing". When I say swing, I think of Creanga's cave, transformed by his mother into a swing for his brothers and sisters. And when I said "hutzulush", they died laughing, they didn't break. But when they told me it was "caterinca", I laughed. I imagined the opines and the catrenta of Creanga's mother, of course.

But. let's not digress too much and go back to the watermelon.
I made a sweetie out of it. mother Mother.

Ingredient for 2 jars of 0.5l:

1.5 kg watermelon peel,
500g old,
1 envelope Gelfix Dr.Oetker 2: 1,
a teaspoon of lemon salt,
a sachet of vanilla sugar.

1. First cut / slice the watermelon, to make it easier for us, and remove the core.
Then clean the slices on the green side and leave a little on the red side of the core. Cut into small pieces the size of a fingernail. I left them half a finger: P

2.Put the pieces of watermelon in a pot, mix with Gelfix,

and let it boil for 3 minutes, then add the lemon salt, sugar and vanilla sugar and boil again for 3-5 minutes.

Foam, put in clean and dry jars, screw and return for 5 minutes.

It left me with a lot of juice, although it gelled.


Dear Liana, you have wonderful blogs. Congratulations!! And the one for children is so bad! You were so inspired by the picture with ratatouille !! You are in my blogroll!)

I haven't eaten yet. maybe it comes to me. a diligence. I do !

I think it's super good. I've heard of melon jam but I haven't eaten it yet.

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What a beautiful color. I think it's very good. Kisses!

Hmmm, this Liana is sweet, even though I didn't eat it! You made me very curious about the taste! Kisses!

It's good. I ate it and I recommend it, bravo liana!

looks very good, I have never eaten something like that, I'm curious what the area tastes like :)

Your jam looks great!
Of taste. I'm not even saying: I'm sure it's delicious.
Do you give me a taste too?
Te tzuc!

I've never eaten watermelon before, and I'm glad it's not watermelon anymore, as I certainly did from that! =))
It looks fantastic!
Pup si we misto!

I didn't eat the jam from this either! I'm curious what it tastes like.

And I still know the watermelon! And I'm not from Timis at all xD And the green one, I imagined that because of the thick green shell. When I was little there were no these striped melons but only the dark green, sweet and fragrant ones! Much better! I wanted to ask you, but then I saw that you commented: leave a lot of juice, isn't it)

I've never eaten in my life, but it looks insane.
Superb presentation. I kiss you dearly and I wish you a good week.

pfuuuu, how good and fragrant it must be! I've never eaten, but there's nothing wrong with this wonderful ruby!

Very interesting recipe. Now the season is over, but next year we will definitely try it! Thank you!

:))))) this is how we Bucharestians are. I have many colleagues from all over the country and I really like the way I talk. Sometimes I smile, but always with friendship.
Can't it be done without gelfix? That tempts me.

Liana, what a good look, I did without gelfix. I will do it like that, I really like gelfix, they are more fragrant and they are made very fast.

Let me understand that you only boiled it 3 + 6 + 5, that is 14 minutes in total ?! Isn't that a little bit?

Marshmallow jam (melon) - Recipes

The Dacians had knowledge of astronomy, medicine and botany, and their priests knew how to use healing plants, but also poisons. Some historians claimed that the healers who lived on the territory of Romania in Antiquity were able to perform difficult surgeries, some even on the skull.

Medicine. Most of the information on the medical knowledge of the Dacians comes to us from Greek authors. Plato (Charmide, 156a. Complete Works I, p. 71, Humanitas 2001), attributes to Socrates some statements about the Thracian doctors of Zamolxis, who believed that just as it is not appropriate to try to heal the eyes without being healed the head, just as we must not heal the head without regard to the body, moreover we must not try to heal the body without trying to heal the soul ”.

The ailments were treated according to their specificity and location, in this sense the Dacian doctors using a whole series of medicines and medicinal plants. The Greek physician Discoride (De materia medica, II-IV) reproduces 35 names of medicinal plants in the language to which Pseudo-Apuleius (in the work Herbarius) adds another 14. We mention, of these, some, together with the current names in the language Roman: ionitis and sopitis (aconite, rainbow, omag, omag-venomous, wolf-apple), anoupsi (bucatel), anuspe (field-grass), atilia (arierel), azila (aratel), udacila (boroanta), bles ( stir), blis / blita (goose foot), kerkeraphron (crow onion), boudalla / boudathla (ox tongue), dacina (deditel), polpoloum / polpoum / polpum (dill), periborasta (burdock), kourionnekoum (earth-fruit) ), absentium / apsenthion / bitumen / bricumum / nitumen / titumen / zired / zonusta / zouoste / zuste (various species of wormwood), fithofdedela (fereguta), croustane (cross of the mighty), dzena / zena (hemlock), tutastra (lubenita / watermelon), kotiata (meisor-rosu), skiara / skiare / skithe (scai / scaiete / scaius), amalusta (milostiva), dieleia / dieleian (masalar / maselarita), sal ia (anise), lacquer (grass-fat), cardamom (broscarita), kallipetalon (five-toed), dracor (rosemary), mantia (blackberry), mizela (thyme). It should be mentioned that some of the plants with a curative role used by the Dacians still have the same uses in modern pharmacy, writes Valentin Roman in an article published on adevaruldespredaci.

Based on the information that has reached us from the two ancient authors mentioned above, a series of diseases can be established for which the plants mentioned above were used and not only. Thus, they, specifically, in their pure state or prepared in more complex recipes, had the role of hemostatic, diuretic, antiasthmatic, purgative (eg Cinuboila), antihemorrhagic, healing (eg Chodela), calming (eg Dilein) or astringent ( eg Coadama). Also with the help of plants were treated ulcers, diseases of the upper respiratory tract, but also of the kidneys or bladder. Skiara, for example, was used for dog or snake bites, and Caropithla had, among other things, an aphrodisiac role.

Also, an extremely important role in the treatment of diseases of any kind had enchantments and spells, elements that contribute to the removal of evil influences. These were known and performed especially by women, as reported by Arian, in "Fragments", III. Also, the thermal springs were known and used by the Dacians in the treatment of certain diseases of the skeletal and circulatory system. Among them, we can mention the spring from Geoagiu, known in antiquity as Germisara.

At the same time, as revealed by literary sources, but also more recent discoveries of archaeologists such as Ion Horațiu Crișan, Constantin Daicoviciu or Radu Vulpe, our ancestors knew and used advanced surgical techniques, as evidenced by a series of specific objects discovered on the territory inhabited by the Dacians, used, among others, to perform cranial trepanations. The skull discovered at Poiana, for example, demonstrates the practice of such surgeries.

Likewise, the medical kit discovered at Sarmizegetusa, which contained, among other things, a medicinal tablet of ash from the Mediterranean volcanoes, ash used as an absorbent for wounds, shows an advanced degree of medical practice in these lands. Performing elaborate surgeries could be demonstrated by the discovery of specific tools, such as scalpel, lungs, probe (with a role in extracting foreign bodies from the body), tweezers, hooks (for lifting the wounds of wounds) and spatula (Poaina, Brad, Sarmizegetusa Regia). Containers made of ceramic, bone, stone or glass were used to store or transport curative liquids.

Astronomy. The Geto-Dacians also excelled in their knowledge of astronomy. The calendar used by them totals 365.242197 days, while the year astronomers set in the modern period was calculated at 365.242198 days, so that the error, relative to the times we are talking about, is almost insignificant. In fact, the Dacian calendar was much more precise than the Julian one, used by the Romans. The error of the Dacian calendar was 1.78 days at 34 years, ie 1h15’3 ″ per year, while the Roman calendar had an error of 6h 48 ′ and 46 ″ per year.

From Strabo we have the first accounts of the astrological and astronomical practices of the Geto-Dacians. He recounts how: “Thus it is said that a certain get, named Zamolxe, was the slave of Pythagoras. From the philosopher he obtained some information about celestial phenomena during his pilgrimage to Egypt. Returning to his homeland, Zamolxe gained the respect of the rulers and the people, as an interpreter of celestial phenomena. Eventually he succeeded in persuading the king to make him his associate, as a man who had the property of revealing the will of the gods. " (Strabo, Geography, VII, 3, 5). Another Greek author, Herodotus, claims, long before Strabo, that Zamolxis was not Pythagoras' slave, but that he lived before him for a long time (Herodotus, Histories, IV, 96).
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A number of contemporary researchers, including St. Bobancu, E. Poenaru and C. Samoila, are of the opinion that some constructions from Sarmizegetusa, for example, would have had the role of calendars, which would have helped the Dacians in determining exactly certain moments and phases of the Earth in relation to the Moon or the Sun. Hadrian Daicoviciu also agrees with the opinion, concluding that the large circular sanctuary in the sacred precinct of Sarmizegetusa, which includes three concentric circles, was used for scientific purposes.

Verdissima salad with raw lentils & # 8211 salad with rejuvenating powers VIDEO

Hey, hello! I couldn't help but do a show in the special context in which Dalar and I were put in the Sexy & ampChic project in the Kitchen. I present to you the Verdissima salad with raw lentils. It is a special salad with a rejuvenating effect considering how many foods with the power of cell regeneration we have added to the recipe.

Enjoy it and especially the calming effects of green valerian. She is extremely good! I would eat every day. Continue reading & rarr

Pickled watermelon (watermelon)

Preparation: Wash the 20 watermelons (as small as an apple) and peel the green peel.

Preparation: Place in a large jar with thin horseradish threads between them. The contents of the sachet of fixed sweet and sour Pikant are mixed with water, vinegar and sugar. The composition thus obtained is left to boil for 3-5 minutes, stirring continuously. Pour the cold liquid over the watermelons and tie the jar. Keep cool.

Use only whole, undamaged jars, as the chipped or cracked edges of the jars or lids cannot guarantee a tight seal.

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    Watermelon pictures varieties

    Pictures melon varieties Melon varieties 887 articles about melon varieties. How to grow the most beautiful roses. 5 secrets from experts! watermelon varieties A garden without roses is like a sky always cloudy. These wonderful flowers delight the senses in shape, color, fragrance. And in order to have a perfect garden, you have to prepare from. Melon varieties: Charentais Ananas .. Crimson Sweet watermelon. Round variety, with green bark with dark green streaks. The fruit can reach a weight between 9-12 kg. The flesh has a bright red color. Variety resistant to Fusarium and Anthracnose Watermelon, Lubenita, Harbuz (Citrullus lanatus): Description, Where to grow it, Growing conditions, Diseases & Pests, Varieties-Varieties, PICTURES Here you can find royal blue corn, less spicy basil with Italian scent exotic, watermelon out of season, but very sweet and more. The garden cultivated by the two, mother and son, has 35 rare and exotic varieties of organic vegetables and fruits, being a celebration for the senses offers you the opportunity to publish free ads for your city and its surroundings. You will easily find on interesting free ads from Bucharest, Ilfov and other cities in the country and you will be able to easily get in touch with those who published them. On you will find jobs, apartments and rooms for rent, used cars and mobile phones at low prices

    Watermelon is an annual plant with a vegetation period of 90-130 days, which is part of the Cucurbitaceae family and has very high demands for heat and light. Specialists recommend early varieties to maximize profit. Watermelon has a system strong root that penetrates into the soil at 1-1, 5 m, and horizontally grows up to 4-5m 1. The hybrid of melon green Sorento - the best known. Nationally, Sorento is the best-selling hybrid in Syngenta's portfolio. This hybrid ripens in 60-62 days after planting. The average weight of a melon Sorento is 8-10 kilograms. The flesh is red, slightly crunchy and very sweet

    These are seeds of carrots, radishes, melons, dill, peppers, zucchini, tomatoes. We also offer beans, parsley, onion, spinach peas, parsnips, pumpkin, etc. Find the best option from our wide range of professional vegetable seeds. Peppers. 247 Products. Broccoli. 20 Products In our product portfolio we include professional seeds of flowers and vegetables of the best quality, as well as other things useful for growing these plants: garden tools, fertilizers, pesticides, etc. We also offer advice to all farmers on how to plant and care for each variety of seeds, to obtain competitive results.

    Melon varieties

    • # watermelon # watermelon # fruit. Watermelon Watermelon Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus), belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family. The plant is native to South Africa and is one of the most popular species of melons. Watermelon has a smooth green skin
    • melon BULGARIA, New hybrid, Cream-green pulp with a slight yellow tinge, Aromatic, light, juicy. Average fruit weight between 2.5 - 3 kg, good resistance to cracking and suitable for trade
    • Pictures and images on 220 melons. go upstairs. & gt Watermelon movies. Movies, Videos. watermelon sculpted by TIRON GABI-romania. 1889 views imag melon sculpted by TIRON GABI-romania. watermelon scratching by TIRON GABI-romania. 1568 views imag lubenita melon dear my girls. chest to solar
    • Watermelon varieties exploited in Romania Watermelon, better known as watermelon, watermelon and cucumber, is without a doubt the most consumed food in the summer season. The huge fruits, with a crunchy and very sweet pulp, are appreciated by children, grandparents and rascals alike.

    Watermelon - Citrullus lanatus Horticulturist

    • it closes in the afternoon. The flowers need more visits from the bees for the pollination to be done completely. Pollination is usually done, di
    • Cucumber (Cucumis sativus) is a vegetable plant in the Cucurbitaceae family that includes zucchini, squash, melon and watermelon, etc., and is widely grown. It comes from India and is grown in tropical and temperate regions. It is cultivated in many varieties, due to the diversity of fruits. The cucumber plant is a creeping vine of 1.5.
    • Shiraz (Syrah) is one of the red wines with the richest bouquets of flavors and antioxidants, but also with one of the largest in the country, 15%. It has delicate aromas of blackberries, mint, vanilla and spices, a velvety texture and can be associated with beef, duck, game or lamb
    • melon Lux Diamond F1 (1 gr), Bulgarian extra-early hybrid, Opal. A new hybrid of Bulgarian watermelon Diamond Lux ​​F1, extra-early, suitable for cultivation in greenhouses and fields. The fruit has an elongated-round shape
    • Melon Hybrid 1 F1 BULGARIA, Pulp - bright yellow-orange, slightly floury texture, Strong aroma with a pleasant taste, Vegetation period - about 75-80 days, Fruits are relatively large between 2 - 3 kg, Very good for marketing or own consumption
    • melon early ripening, 8-11 kg, striped unverde-dark bark, round or slightly elongated fruit, very good quality Dumara F1 is
    • Pepeni By clicking on the Register button, I accept the Terms of Use. I understand that S.C. OLX Online Services S.R.L. uses my personal data in accordance with the Privacy Statement and Cookies Policy and other similar technologies.S.C. OLX Online Services S.R.L. uses automated systems and partners that analyze how.

    Melon Cultivation - Varieties, Technologies and Advice

    It sounds exotic that in the homeland of watermelon you can find kiwis, and the press says that we will soon taste Oltenian kiwis. But, until then, it is possible that we ate without knowing sweet potatoes or Oltenian peanuts. For 61 years, researchers here have been fighting to transform one of the driest regions in Romania into an agricultural paradise, and this fight also involves varieties that do not. How to make jam, jam, marmalade, jam, without preservatives? Here are some old secrets, gathered from mothers and grandparents. Fruits have begun to appear in the markets and there is a great competition between housewives, who prepare the most and most fragrant preserves for the winter. There are two types of Pitaya, sour, usually eaten in America and sweet found in Asia. The fruit is of three varieties each of a different color, red, yellow and pitaya Costa Rica. The red fruits are generally bright magenta on the outside, with yellow pulp Pictures tagged pears by members of the Family Photo Album community. View images with pears and other labels associated with them At my home they are also called pickled harbuji, they are the most delicious pickles and everyone's favorite. I tried to make pickles in various conditions and methods, both on the balcony and in the cellar, and with honey and without - the conclusion is not to complicate things and to follow some simple but important steps. This year I had my own fruit in the garden, very good and I managed in August to.

    Cognac-flavored watermelon, cucumber for diabetes or hot peppers used only for tear spray are grown by researchers at the Buzău Vegetable Research Station, who complain that they do not have money to approve the products, which would allow their sale, and the varieties are lose cultivation (varieties and hybrids) used Currently the offer of varieties and hybrids of melons that growers have at their disposal is particularly rich. However, choosing the appropriate variety (hybrid) is a more difficult issue, given that not all hybrids and varieties introduced in Romania are adapted to the conditions of.

    Watermelons are a group of plants with large berries. Currently, a large number of varieties are grown. One of them is the coolness with watermelon. Description of the variety, photos are presented in this article The most popular varieties of melon are Cantaloupe, Honey Dew, Casaba and Persian Watermelon. Watermelons are divided into two sub-groups: melons with smooth skin and melons with rough skin. Their colors vary both inside and out. The skin can range from gray-white to dark green and the core can be pale yellow.

    Pepeni - OLX.r

    watermelon dessert - posted in Recipes for Beginners: Honestly, I don't know what I might call this dessert craze. So good, so fresh, invigorating and, above all, so simple that I have no words! I ate this dessert in Brasov, at a super bistro, which I wanted to tell you about and I couldn't. You will need watermelon and melon, I had two varieties, honey and. If in summer, watermelons are usually a dessert, then in winter this fruit can easily turn into an unusual snack. It gets different taste qualities and can become sour, spicy, salty and even spicy. It all depends on personal preferences. Watermelon contains many medicinal substances and trace elements, which have a beneficial effect [

    Purple potato is, at this moment, the most profitable agricultural crop on small areas and not only. A farmer who cultivates a single hectare can earn over 200,000 euros! The first and only farmer who managed to acclimatize this plant in Romania says that exotic vegetables can bring record gains to farmers, at least ten times [. Consume daily three liters of herbal teas and fruit juices without sugar or sweetened with saccharin

    Melons, melons! - rosix, on, said: That's what it says on the label, but I doubt that the Romanians have already started to appear, we are still in. Tarragon (Artemisia dracunculus), is a perennial, semi-woody plant, 50-100 cm high, bushy, strongly aromatic, native to the far north of Asia. The root is poorly developed in depth, but is very branched, from it starting numerous stolons and a few aerial stems. The stems are ascending, richly branched and foliate with linear-lanceolate leaves, 2-10 cm long. Not missing from the tasty dishes, the tomato broth adds flavor to any dish. If a healthy portion of tomato juice can always be added to delicious soups or broths, here's how to make the best canned tomato broth for the winter. Recipes for tomato broth

    Site title of is Melon Seeds from the only certified producer in Bulgaria - Agrotop !. IP is on LiteSpeed ​​works with 1062 ms speed. The charset for this site is utf-8 .. Web site description for is Seeds of melon bulgaresti, seeds melon, Hybrid melon, watermelon early. Pepper diseases, pepper disease treatments and prevention measures. Bacterial staining of peppers. This disease is caused by the bacterium Xanthomonas campestris pv. Bladder, which often attacks tomato crops.

    Photos tagged grapes by members of the Family Photo Album community. View images of grapes and other associated labels - watermelon. What are sugar-rich fruits? Fresh fruits with a relatively high sugar content are grapes, kiwis, oranges and mandarins. Fresh fruits very rich in sugar are bananas and mangoes. All dried fruits have a high level of sugar because they are concentrated. I do not think that clover can freeze and do not germinate when sown in the cold months because the seeds of tomatoes, peppers, melons, accidentally left in my garden emerged the following year. It is true that the clover seeds are small BUT the clover is self-seeding. Two years ago I only had a pear in the garden where (the wind) can, it brought me something. Onion Seeds, offers and promotions at Seeds1, quality guaranteed at affordable prices. VARIETIES REGISTERED IN 2019 - Varieties registered in 2019. Documents for the implementation of schemes and support measures for farmers in order to access European funds - 2018. A. PLATFORM. The documents necessary for the implementation of the schemes for accessing European funds

    Watermelon cultivation: early varieties are rounded

    Vegetables at home! Now create your own vegetable garden with hobby vegetable seeds, a multitude of varieties at the lowest prices, from 1.50 lei. Juicy watermelon is the symbolic fruit of summer. It has vitamins, fiber, minerals. It's about hunger and thirst. In addition, it has a beautiful color, as only nature knows how to match. There are over 1200 types of melons in the world and how good it would be if we could taste other varieties that do not grow in our country.

    The newest melon hybrids from Syngenta

    • The flesh is green to white and yellow-orange. The best quality fruit is moderately sweet, invigorating and juicy with a taste and aroma similar to a combination of melon and Honeydew melon. In poor varieties can not be an unpleasant soap taste. Fruits reach maturity 30 to 80 days after pollination
    • What poisonous mushrooms look like. List of inedible mushrooms, with pictures. Poisonous mushrooms can be found everywhere, and because they are very similar to those we can eat, people often end up confusing.
    • Health & Fitness Freedom & gt Lifestyle & gt Health & Fitness Eat a lot of watermelon. It helps! Watermelon protects the heart, the melon protects the skin against ultraviolet rays. By Gabriela Boceanu, Saturday, July 27, 2013, 3:00 p.m.
    • Historic. Onions come from the steppe regions of Central and Western Asia, probably the territory of today's Afghanistan. It is one of the oldest cultivated plants, being appreciated at ca. 5,000 years ago, cultivated as a medicinal plant, spice and as a vegetable. In ancient Egypt the onion was considered a symbol of eternal life, due to its round shape and rings.
    • breakfast: half a melon, a diet yogurt with 20 g of oatmeal lunch: 150 g of boiled chicken, 200 g of green beans and a slice of melon dinner: omelet from an egg, 30 g of rice with red sauces and a slice of melon The next day breakfast: 20 g of cottage cheese with a slice of toast and half a melon
    • e. Natural sugars are easily absorbed by the body, so its caloric content is low. But here melon is contraindicated for diabetics, its glycemic index is quite high. Exotic baked goods are more often consumed in the state.

    Professional vegetable seeds - Seed Depot

    Assortment of varieties for onion cultivation established by seedling: Fagaras red onion, etc. Good crops preceding the onion are: potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, cucumbers, melons, zucchini, cabbage, cauliflower, peas, beans, etc. It is recommended to rotate the onion crop every 4-5 years. Depending on the size and size, several varieties of dogs can be distinguished. The biggest dogs in our country are shepherds or shepherd dogs. Articole asemanatoare mai noi: 30/10/2016 20:48 - Floarea nazdravana 20/10/2016 00:27 - Cea mai draga lectie de geografie 18/10/2016 21:03 - E o feerie Seminte profesionale de ardei kapia distribuite de oferta se regasesc seminte de la cei mai importanti producatori de seminte de legume. Varietatile cuprinse in catalogul sunt hibrizi ce ofera cultivatorilor productii sigure si ridicate pe tot ciclul de productie Momordica sau castravetele amar este fructul exotic despre care, recent, cercetătorii vorbesc ca de un adevărat panaceu. Rodul plantei de origine asiatică a fost supranumită insulină vegetală, însă are și efecte antitumorale dovedite și susține funcționarea unor organe importante precum ficatul sau fierea.În fața cererii tot mai mari de castravete amar pe piața.

    Fotografii profesionişti au sfaturi pentru poze reuşite, iar poziţia pe care o ai este elementul cheie. Cu toţii ne dorim să avem poze reuşite, însă nu de fiecare dată suntem încântaţi de modul în care am ieşit în unele fotografii. De câte ori nu ţi s-a întâmplat să faci o mulţime de poze în vacanţe, iar după ce ai stat. Toate imaginile sunt doar de prezentare a plantelor mature, pe care le veti obtine dupa plantarea lor in gradina. Pentru urgențe sunați la 0756025770 Pepene galben (Cucumis melo): Descriere, Origine, Soiuri si Hibrizi, Boli Daunatori, Recoltarea, POZE. Galia, Charentais, Cantalup (fructe costate de pepene galben), Ha'Ogen, White Honeydew. Pepenele galben 'Galia Fhybrid' (Cucumis melo) este unul dintre soiurile cele Pepene de pepene verdeturi Crimson Sweet soiuri prefera sa creasca la o temperatura de 25-30 0 C. Au nevoie de mai multă lumină pentru a furniza căldură. Lumina din luna mai este, de obicei, suficientă pentru buna dezvoltare a puieților de culturi de origine sudică

    Facebook nu ma mai lasa sa urc poze, sa imi deschid conturi, sa nimic, sa vedem cat mai dureaza pana ii apuca spuma si pe wordpress.Primele trei poze sunt cu chefuri, urmatoarele cu alt gen de chefuri si da, ma pis pe feisbuci de cand a aparut, azi ma re-pis. In ultimele trei poze sunt stropitoare in lucru, una e gata, una mai are. roror Primul pas in dezvoltarea unei culturi porneste de la seminte, astfel noi iti punem la dispozitie o gama foarte larga de seminte legume profesionale.In oferta noastra vei gasi seminte de tomate, ardei, ceapa, castraveti, morcovi, salata, varza, patrunjel, fasole si multe altele Dar pepene verzi se dovedesc excelente, zaharoase. Calitate bună. Semechkin Yermolai, 72, Krasnodar Suntem angajați în cultivarea industrială a pepenilor verzi. Multe soiuri cresc bine în țara noastră, dar producătorul de pepene verde a rupt înregistrările privind maturitatea și randamentul timpuriu - Seminte de legume profesionale ..

    1. Poze cu fructe pe citeste articole si afla tot ce vrei sa stii despre fructele exotice si cum sa faci sculpturi in fructe
    2. Mango este, în general dulce, cu toate că gustul și textura cărnii variază în funcție de soiuri, unele având o textură moale, cărnoase similar cu o prune supramaturați, în timp ce carnea altora este mai ferm, ca un pepene galben sau avocado, sau poate avea o textură fibroasă
    3. te putine, sunt plante cu crestere nedeter
    4. Mana este una dintre cele mai cumplite boli ale tomatelor. Este provocată de o ciupercă microscopică şi, în formele violente, poate distruge complet cultura de tomate, înainte să fi gustat o roşie coaptă
    5. Fasole urcatoare cu pastaie lata galbena Venezia Fasole urcătoare cu păstaie lată, galbenă,cu lungimea de 20-25cm,lat..
    6. . Soi semitarziu (137-142 zile), cu plante de 55-60 cm înaltime, tufa viguroasa cu 3-4 ramificatii. Fructele pendente, tip teaca, cu suprafata voalata, rosu intens la maturitatea fiziologica, cu greutate cuprinsa între 70-110 g, cu 2-3 muchii, cu inaltimea medie a fructului - 14.5 cm si diametrul între 4-7 cm. Grosimea pericarpului este de 4.8-5.8 mm. Potentialul de.
    7. Pepene verde - o boabe? Soiuri de pepene verde sămânță Baiat / fata structură Răspunsuri la întrebări știri Articole Harta site-ului Despre proiect. depozitare Cum sa alegi Cum să tăiem dietă. Poze cu pepene verde Clipuri de pepene verde tapet muzică. Cine mănâncă creator sculptură Pepene verde umor Jocuri pepene verde.

    Unii prefera rosiile de marimea unei monede, intimp ce altii doresc rosii mari cat un pepene. Unii vor rosii mai dulci, altii mai acrisoare. Din fericire exista soiuri de rosii care se potrivesc cu gustul fiecaruia in parte si va asigur ca parcurgand lista cu seminte de rosii, toata lumea va fi multumit Eponge / Brasov - galerie poze - Strada Crisului, nr. 18 - Eponge Fashion Paris este un brand de haine şi accesorii ce se axează pe elementele cheie al Seminte pepene Orangeglo 50buc. Majoritatea lalelelor produc cate o floare pe tija dar exista si cateva soiuri ce produc mai multe flori pe aceeasi tija. Desi bulbii se dezvolta in orice tip de sol, un sol bun va favoriza obtinerea unor flori mai mari, mai bogate si mai sanatoase

    Anul acesta, in gradina mea, am pus mai multe soiuri de tomate, unele au depasit recordul la greutate, altele micute, unele mai moi, altele mai tari, fiecare cu gusturi diferite. Acum am sa fiu foarte atenta la toate caracteristicile lor, am sa le notez si am sa opresc seminte de la cele care mi-au placut Kid's Planet - Alba Iulia / Bucuresti - galerie poze - Alba Iulia nr. 2 - Kids Planet este prima companie care a introdus pe piata din Romania, inca din anul 2003, conceptu . Eu te banuiesc ca ai vrea sa mananci pepene la 15 Mai obtinut din rasad si aproape ecologic. se lungeasca enorm rasadul si va fi foarte firav.Eu voi incepe miine semanatul si atunci cand va rasari voi pune cateva poze ca sa te lamuresti,pe mine nu ma intereseaza ca.

    Pepene verde - gradina

    • te de legume, plante aromate, flori , se
    • unatii mai bune ca aici. foto by florinbad [înc. în 15.03.11
    • Puțini grădinari ruși cresc pepeni în casele lor de vară. Această cultură este cultivată în mod tradițional în mai multe regiuni din sud. Cu toate acestea, există o excepție de la orice regulă. O astfel de excepție este pepene galben. Acesta este singurul tip de pepene galben care poate fi cultivat cu succes în Rusia. Descrierea Ca
    • Istoria lalelei este plina de intriga, hotie, averi facute peste noapte si inimi frante. Desi aceste flori sunt sinonime cu Olanda, lalelele nu sunt originare din Olanda si nici olandezii nu sunt primii care au cultivat aceste frumuseti ale naturii. Obsesia olandeza pentru aceste flori face parte
    • Am gasit aceasta reteta de rosii intregi la borcan - rosii pentru ciorba sau mancare pe blogul Codrutei Popa ( ea a preluat-o de la americani (canned tomatoes). Mi-a placut mult ideea rosiilor natur conservate in apa cu putina zeama de lamaie si atat, fara sare sau alte adaosuri
    • Asa ca printre noutatile din gradina mea se numara un pepene galben, Snow Leopard. Cica este o varietate rara, care creste in greutate in jurul a 1kg si sunt foarte dulci. Promisesem niste poze cu castraveti. Partea asta din gradina merge cel mai bine. in sensul ca am foarte multe soiuri de rosii, dar nu mai mult de 2-3 fire din fiecare.

    Perla F1 Seminte de Pepeni galbeni bulgaresti - Bulgari

    1. Toţi sunt doar pentru soiuri speciale, cu fructificare continuă, rezistenţi la boli, frig şi secetă, declară arădeanul. Deşi vorbim de foarte mulţi pomi şi plante, cei care le îngrijesc sunt doar cei doi soţi. Fac totul cu multă pasiune. Nu îmi dau seama cât e de greu deoarece sunt multe satisfacţii
    2. Castravetele cu gust de pepene galben creşte deocamdată doar în serele Staţiunii de Cercetare Legumicolă din Buzău, însă ar putea ajunge în curând pe piaţă. Aceiaşi cercetători au mai inventat soiuri precum pepenele cu gust de coniac şi roşiile în formă de ardei gras sau în două culori
    3. Pe vremuri fierbeam porumb obișnuit, nu cunoșteam atâtea soiuri. Apoi, după revoluție, ne aduceam porumb dulce din Ungaria (la noi încă nu era pe piață). Acesta fierbea spectaculos de repede, era dulceag iar boabele nu aveau coajă groasă care să-ți rămână între dinți
    4. Bananele sunt într-o mare varietate de soiuri. Pe piață se comercializează în principal soiul Cavendish. Uneori, însă, vom putea găsi și baby banana, plantain și banane roșii (pe care le veți găsi mereu mici, cam cât un baby banana atât de mari se fac ele, dar nu sunt baby)
    5. Lichide din gama Premium pentru tigari electronice. Comanda de pe Vapers-One lichide cu o varietate excelenta de arome care acopera orice pretentii, tutun, fructe cafea sau prajitur

    Salata cu pepene galben. Leave a Comment Cancel. Adresa ta de email nu va fi publicată. Câmpurile obligatorii sunt marcate cu * Message. Name * Email Address * Website. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Mai multe poze. Comentarii recente Pepene verde sălbatic (harbuz) Acest tablou din secolul 17 de Giovani Stanchi descrie un pepene care arăta izbitor de diferit de pepenii moderni , cum subliniază Vox . O secţiune transversală a unui pepene din pictură, care a fost făcută între anii 1645 şi 1672, pare să aibă forme răsucite încorporate în şase bucăţi de formă.

    Pepeni - Poze

    • Originar din regiunea Bordeaux-Franța, Cabernetul Sauvignon este unul dintre cele mai răspândite soiuri din zona sa. Cultivat și în Romînia de mai bine de 100 de ani, a devenit un vin foarte popular, datorită aromei sale puternice de stafidă neagră și tanin. Se recomandă sevirea alături de preparate puternic condimentate
    • Aleksei Navalnîi, surprins într-o poză în timp ce coboară scările: Cu puțin timp în urmă nu știam de unde se iau cuvintele și cum să le fac să însemne cev
    • te Legume si Pesticide! : Poze Butasi,Trandafiri, Pomi Fructiferi, Plante agatatoare - Se

    Soiuri de pepene verde exploatate in Romania Blog de

    1. Cum recunoști un pepene galben bine copt și cele mai parfumate soiuri . Bluze elegante cu maneci scurte sau trei sferturi! Tu ce alegi? Cauta pe Social Page. Newsletter. prin Newsletter zilnic. vezi toate newsletterele. Mai mult din Sanatate » Aerobic » Afectiun
    2. te tomate soiuri rare organice. vand se
    3. Soprana Angela Gheorghiu implineste 50 de ani peste o luna, insa are o forma de invidiat. Artista este una dintre cele mai sexy prezente si atrage atentia cu fiecare aparitie. Recent, soprana, care isi petrece cea mai mare parte din timp in strainatate, unde canta pe marile scene al
    4. Există sute dacă nu mii de pepeni diferiţi în toată lumea care sunt greu de clasificat şi denumit. Cu toate acestea principala distincţie care se face e între lubeniţă (pepenele verde) şi alte tipuri de pepene. Ceea ce numim noi pepeni galbeni au miez de un verde palid, galben sau portocaliu, dens, dulce şi c
    5. Acest pepene verde japonez ajunge la o greutate de până la 8 kg. Mai mult decât atât, el a devenit membru al licitației în nordul Japoniei și a fost vândut pentru 6.100 de dolari (care, tradus în moneda locală sa ridicat la 650 mii de yeni), dealer fructe de mare pentru a sprijini agricultura
    6. Castraveții sunt legumele tradiționale, tradiționale, care sunt cultivate de fiecare grădinar pe terenul său. Dar datorită oamenilor de știință și crescătorilor în fiecare zi există noi soiuri neobișnuite de castraveți, Ele pot surprinde chiar și gurmanzi sofisticați. Cele mai multe dintre aceste soiuri pot fi cultivate pe cont propriu. În ciuda faptului că acestea provin [

    Pepeni, cum sa plantezi si sa ingrijesti acest fruct

    1. ă multă, cum sunt roșiile, vinetele, castraveții, ardeii și pepenii. Toate soiurile din grădină sunt cultivate ecologic 100%, se
    2. erale si vita
    3. Mere de diverse soiuri de calitate excelenta Pret kg 1 leu Merele se cumpara de la locatie comuna Cotesti judetul Vrancea Contact ing. Ionel Bratu telefon 0745619115 Cantitate 5000 kg. Agricole / Vanzari. Zdrobitor ( presa) de struguri. Zdrobitorul este nou din mai multe detalii 0729894696. Agricole / Vanzar
    4. te, dar nu prea cred ca are rost sa le irosesc, pentru ca la

    Castravete - Wikipedi

    1. 6 poze Vezi galeria foto » polenizând încrucişat doar acele soiuri ce prezentau în mod natural un nivel scăzut de etilenă. Fără izbucnirea de la finalul procesului de maturizare, pepenii se păstrau tari până în supermarket, însă reacţiile chimice ce stau la baza aromei şi gustului unui pepene nu mai aveau loc.
    2. Asadar am inceput sa caut ceva soiuri vechi, la fel ca la legume, cautand calitatea in detrimentul cantitatii. Dupa indelungi cautari pe net, dupa cateva discutii cu unul si altul care se pricepeau la ei, m-am hotarat la doua soiuri, unul dintre ele fiind Heart of Gold. L-am ales, asa cum am zis mai sus, pentru ca e soi si nu hibrid, ba inca un soi vechi, fructele sunt mici (cei mai mari au.
    3. Download-uri Poze : plantă, fruct, floare, oraș, alimente, legume şi fructe, piaţă, piata de desfacere, ananas, grapefruit, Vietnamul, afişa, comerț, exotic.
    4. te aruncate de Stefan anul trecut..daca nu vedeam samanta in varful frunzei, o smulgeam. acum e maricica. Tantari avem si noi din belsug, iar rosiile sunt portocalii deja. oricum, nu arata ca gradina ta, ti-am zis, tre sa luam lectii. Răspundeți Șterger
    5. Pepene congelate pentru iarnă în zahăr pudră - rețetă Pentru un astfel de caz, cele mai bune soiuri sunt Gulyabi și Kolhoznitsa. Apoi am pus jumătățile în saci de hârtie din polietilenă și le-am curățat imediat în congelator. Semne de succes! Post navigation

    Pepene galben Rucola trimit cantități mici din soiuri vechi, găsite în gospodăriile lor. Dacă aveți astfel de semințe, vă încurajăm să le trimteți la sediul asociației noastre (prin poștă sau personal), împreună cu o descriere a acestora (origine, caracteristici,. Retete culinare rapide cu poze #1 Retete culinare rapide c u poze . Orez cu oua si piept de pui. 24 NOVEMBER 2014. Orez cu oua si piept de pui din: orez, oua, piept de pui, praz, mazare, ceapa verde, ulei, sare, ardei iute. Ingrediente: 200 g orez 2 oua 1/2 piept de pui 2 parti albe de praz 200 g mazare 2 fire ceapa verde 4 linguri ulei sare. Cu o forma ovala sau, la unele soiuri, alungita la un capat ca o para, smochinele sunt. 58 voturi 29 comentarii. Dieta cu pepene galben - cum slabesti 5 kilograme in 5 zile. Pepenele galben este un fruct sarac in calorii (aproximativ 30-40kcal la 100g), 37 voturi 4 comentarii 11:00 până la 17:00 soiuri de gatire rapida, la snack bar 10:00 la 18:00 pm băuturilor răcoritoare și băuturi alcoolice (băuturi de import selectat și băuturi locale) la Aquabar 16:00 la 17:00 Iced castravete, pepene verde sau porumb dulce fiert este servit la puntea din sezon în funcție de disponibilitatea lor Poate ca este prea devreme, nu dau idei, nu recomand, dar nu pot sa nu incerc primele rasaduri de rosii in solar. Au foast repicate, calite, am folosit si resturi de peste , cenusa si coji de ou, mranita veche si macerat de urzica. Primele soiuri puse sunt Pisanello, Buzau 47, Delicious, 2 fire Precos. Este bucurie, relaxare, uitare si fluturi in stomac :)) Gradinariti cu dragoste

    Soiuri de struguri: care sunt cele mai bune vinuri Crama

    Dezvoltat de Hop Breeding Company si lansat in anul 2014, EKUANNOT™ HBC 366 are aroma pronuntata de pepene galben, citrice, lime, papaya, pin si piper proaspat. Recolta 2018. Acizi alpha: 14.1 %. Peletii reprezinta conuri de hamei desfacute si presate in forme mici cilindrice. Se folo. Meloneneis mit Mandelsauce Meloneneis mit Mandelsauce Für das Eis: 1 reife Melone- Honigmelone-etwa 600g je 1/8 l Milch und Sahne, 100g Honig, Saft und abgeriebene Schale von 1/2 ungespritzten Zitrone, 1 Messerspitze gemahlene Vanille Für die Mandelsauce: 50g abgezogene Mandeln, 2 Eßl. Honig, 7 Eßl. Sahne Die Melone längs halbieren, die Kerne entfernen und da Tăierea de fructificare (sau ciupirea) este o lucrare care asigură producţii de castraveţi mai mari şi de calitate. Operaţia poate varia, în funcţie de modul de conducere al plantelor, însă principiile sunt aceleaşi Soiuri de fasole urcatoare. timpurii ( 46 - 53 zile ) - Costela ( p. verde ) semitimpurii ( 54 - 61 zile ) - Clujana ( p. galbena ) tarzii ( 62 - 65 zile ) - Aurie de Bacau ( p. galbena ) Cand si cum se cultiva fasolea in camp si in gradina

    Seminte Opal ZI - Seminte Rosi

    Physalis (se pronunță fisalis) peruviana este denumirea oficială a fructului cu origini în America de Sud, iar la noi mai poartă denumirea de Cătină incașă. Trebuie avut în vedere faptul că există mai multe soiuri, unele care cresc și în România (denumite păpălău) și care sunt toxice, chiar otrăvitoare foto poze weekend. Scurtissime. Vine dusul. 1 comentariu. In secolul internetului, ne pierdem concentrarea. Pepene galben cu șuncă, yeeees! Mai fac treaba asta din când in când: la chinezesc aveam chiar două soiuri de monoglutamat. În occident nu cred că există mâncare chinezească fără așa ceva Sper să funcționeze și cu pepene, la vară! perfect Inregistrat de dani pe 10th Apr 2013 l am primit , mi am facut suc de sfecla si morcov, a mers perfectusor de curatat, eu unul il recomand. este exact ceea ce zice, alternativa mai ieftina a celui electric bot de iepure, soiuri care nu au atat de multa zeama ci au pulpa si soiuri.

    Hibrid 1 F1 - Bulgaria - Google Site

    Nu uitati ca pe langa toate proprietatile importante au si puterea exceptionala de a curata sangele de metale grele si toxine. Noi ne straduim sa comsumam zilnic germeni si vlastari diversi, cel putin un bol mare de salata simpla formata din cel putin 6-7 soiuri de germeni si vlastari, acompaniata de orice fel de mancare principal Harta rutiera Bulgaria, harti ale statiunilor din Bulgaria, harti rutiere detaliate Bulgaria, harta relief a Bulgariei, harta obiectivelor turistice a Bulgariei, harta obiectivelor cultural-istorice a Bulgariei, harta oraselor si localitatilor din Bulgaria, harta administrativa Bulgaria Retete culinare rapide c u poze . Plăcintă marocană cu feta. 27 NOVEMBER 2014. Plăcintă marocană cu feta: foi de placinta, branza feta, coriandru, scortisoara, ceapa, ulei de masline, stafide, oua, nuci, migdale, cimbru, zahar brun, seminte susan, zahar brun. Ingrediente: 9 foi subţiri de plăcintă 250 g brânză feta de oaie 10 fire. Deschid uşa. N-am să fac poze de atmosferă înăuntru, că mănâncă oamenii şi-i stânjenesc. Dar uite ce uşă de boieri. Crede-mă pe cuvânt sau caută pe gugle: decorul e simplu, curat, modernuţ-Ikea cu doar câteva suveniruri de epocă. Nimic copleşitor pentru ochi. Oh, pentru nas, în schimb. Miroase a familie aşteptând musafiri

    Seminte pepene verde timpurii si extratimpurii - E C O P L

    Cresonul este planta cu cea mai scurta perioada de germinare, semanat pe sol, eventual acoperit cu un strat fin de pamant nisipos si udat bine va germina in 2-3 zile, iar in 10-15 zile se poate recolta, cand are 4-5 cm. Este suficient un strat de 4-5 cm grosime de pamant de calitate buna pentru semanarea cresonului si [oate fi cultivat usor in strat, in casa, in tavite, ghivece etc Colocviu la Atena Feteasca Alba - 0.75L la 49,45 RON. Afla detalii despre Colocviu la Atena Feteasca Alba - 0.75L si vezi parerile celorlalti. Reduceri, promotii, oferte speciale la Vinuri pe ShopMania Eu, de exemplu, am gasit soiuri de rosii italiene sau frantuzesti mult mai gustoase decat cele romanesti. La fel si alte legume. Firesc, nu este o regula, insa o sa vezi sa in cativa ani o sa iti faci o lista de preferinte. Important e sa incerci cat mai multe soiuri, iar cele de care vei fi multumita sa le pastrezi si pentru anii urmatori Vezi galeria5 Poze. Ai de ales între vin de migdale, de smochine, de trandafiri, de afine şi, specialitatea, rachiu de pepene. Cu fiecare sortiment testat îţi va fi mai greu să-ţi alegi preferatul. Anna Koleva este cea care a readus la viaţă Vila Prinţul Nikolai‟ şi a deschis aici o cramă modestă, aşteptându-i pe cei. PEPENE

    i m. 1) (de obicei urmat de determinativul verde) Planta leguminoasa comestibila, cu tulpina taratoare, avand la coacere, fructul mare, sferic, cu coaja verde si cu miez, de obicei, rosu, suculent si dulce.2) Fruct al acestei plante. A-si iesi din

    E bine sa adaugi coaja de pepene verde la salata

    Atunci cand vine vorba de pepenele verde, de obicei ne gandim la acel gust racoritor si plin de savoare. Pepenele este bogat in vitamine si minerale, esentiale pentru mentinerea sanatatii organismului nostru. Nu multi stiu insa, ca in coaja pepenelui se gasesc adevaratele sale proprietati.

    Da, ati auzit bine, coaja este mult mai sanatoasa decat pepenele in sine, iar acest articol iti va dezvalui toate informatiile de care ai nevoie.

    In anumite parti ale lumii, oamenii chiar pun coaja de pepene in mancaruri!

    Pe langa multe alte proprietati, coaja de pepene contine Vitamina A, B6 si C, potasiu, magneziu si zinc. Toate aceste vitamine si minerale vor face ca organismul sa functioneze mult mai bine, oferind mai multa energie. Asta nu este tot, coaja contine licopen, o substanta antioxidanta extrem de puternica, ce va poate proteja de multe boli. Se pare ca 95% din valoarea nutritiva a pepenelui se afla in coaja.

    De ce este bine sa adaugi coaja de pepene verde la salata!
    Razvan Miulescu 31 May 2017

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    de ce e bine sa mananci coaja de la lubenita
    Obisnuiam sa arunc coaja de lubenita (pepene verde), pana cand am aflat despre beneficiile ei uimitoare…

    Atunci cand vine vorba de pepenele verde, de obicei ne gandim la acel gust racoritor si plin de savoare. Pepenele este bogat in vitamine si minerale, esentiale pentru mentinerea sanatatii organismului nostru. Nu multi stiu insa, ca in coaja pepenelui se gasesc adevaratele sale proprietati.

    Da, ati auzit bine, coaja este mult mai sanatoasa decat pepenele in sine, iar acest articol iti va dezvalui toate informatiile de care ai nevoie.

    In anumite parti ale lumii, oamenii chiar pun coaja de pepene in mancaruri!

    Pe langa multe alte proprietati, coaja de pepene contine Vitamina A, B6 si C, potasiu, magneziu si zinc. Toate aceste vitamine si minerale vor face ca organismul sa functioneze mult mai bine, oferind mai multa energie. Asta nu este tot, coaja contine licopen, o substanta antioxidanta extrem de puternica, ce va poate proteja de multe boli. Se pare ca 95% din valoarea nutritiva a pepenelui se afla in coaja.

    Vezi aici cum sa alegi cel mai dulce pepene verde. Truc dezvaluit de pietari!

    Beneficiile cojii de pepene verde

    Aceasta parte a pepenelui mai este bogata si in citrulina, care va ajuta sa cresteti rapid masa musculara. De asemenea, fibrele din coaja de pepene ajuta la pierderea in greutate.

    Un alt beneficiu al citrulinei este acela ca reduce anxietatea, elimina retentia de apa si intareste sistemul imunitar.

    Acum, aceasta parte a pepenelui nu are niciun gust, deci cum o putem manca?
    Cel mai usor ar fi sa luati o bucatica de coaja de pepene verde si sa o dati pe razatoare, apoi sa o adaugati in salata preferata. Nu trebuie sa adaugati mult, o bucatica de 3-4 cm este suficienta pentru o salata. Puteti prepara orice salata, aceasta nu ii va schimba cu nimic gustul.
    Asadar, pentru ca va urma cat de curand sezonul pepenilor verzi, incercati sa beneficiati din plin de efectele benefice pe care le are acest fruct, de la miez pana la coaja!

    Video: Ζελέ καρπούζι. Yiannis Lucacos (December 2021).