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Duck on sweet cabbage

Duck on sweet cabbage

In a heat-resistant dish I placed the carrot, celery, parsnip and onion cut into pieces. I placed over them the seasoned duck meat (2 legs, a chest and a wing), a glass of water, half a glass of wine and I introduced the dish covered in the oven. I seasoned the meat with salt, pepper, paprika, thyme. I did not add oil, the duck meat being quite fatty.

I left the meat in the oven until it was tender. I took the meat out of the bowl, ground the vegetables and mixed them with the chopped cabbage and rubbed them with salt. I put the cabbage in the heat-resistant dish in which the duck meat was, I added pepper, bay leaves and paprika and put it in the oven. .

When the cabbage was softened, I placed the meat on top and put it in the oven for another half hour (the meat was already soft, only a little browning was needed).

A delight, I can't describe how good it was.

Recipes from readers: Duck on Cabbage - Monica Marton

Ingredients needed for 4 servings: a 1 and a half kg duck, 1 kg of sauerkraut, 2 apples, a hot pepper, 3 thyme sprigs, 10 coriander seeds, 5 ground cloves, a teaspoon of ground cumin, 4 sheets of bay leaf, half a bunch of dill, half a bunch of celery leaves, salt, 2 teaspoons red and black pepper

Preparation: Wash the sauerkraut 2-3 times or keep it in cold water for 30 minutes, then wash the duck and cut it into pieces. Wash herbs and peppers, chop dill, a sprig of thyme and celery leaves.

Take a large clay pot, yena, which you can put in the oven. Put 2 sprigs of thyme in it, place the cabbage on it and remove it from the water, then add the duck pieces. Duck meat contains fat that will drain over the cabbage.

Wash the apples, cut them into larger slices and place them over the duck. Chop the hot pepper and place it on top of the other ingredients.

Add the coriander seeds, ground cloves, ground cumin, salt and pepper.

Cover and place in the oven at 200 degrees for 2 hours. After this time, take the bowl out of the oven, mix the ingredients in it, add the chopped thyme, bay leaves, dill and chopped celery leaves and put it for another 30 minutes, without a lid, at 250 degrees to brown. good.


I have a beautiful duck ready cleaned, I cut the thighs, wings and part of the chest, I wash the meat in more water.
Cut the cabbage and rub it with a little salt.

Put in a tray the cabbage and finely chopped onion, place the duck pieces and cover with foil. Put the tray in the heated oven for 1 hour at 170 degrees. After an hour, put the foil aside and season with pepper, a powder of thyme, chopped hot peppers and tomato juice. Cover the tray again and leave for another hour. You can turn the pieces of meat.
Take the foil and let it brown for about half an hour, if you like the bay leaf, add it to the tray after removing the foil.

Method of preparation

It is a recipe from Bucovina, those who have eaten something like this, have not forgotten the special taste and aroma. It can be cooked, either in the oven or in a kettle, over a faster heat, but in both ways, we will get the same result. As you can see from the above ingredients, there are no shortage of seasonal vegetables, that's why I wanted to present it to you during this period so that you can pamper yourself, until fresh vegetables and greens disappear from the market. First we will take care of our duckling.

After it has been thoroughly washed and rubbed with a little lemon and salt, it will be left to drain, after which we will dry it with a clean cotton towel. If the duck is a poultry, we will have to put it on the fire with the cabbage, we all know that the duck ducks boil harder. Then we'll take care of the cabbage. Finely chop the cabbage, which we will simmer in a little olive oil, after which we will add the duck cut into not too small pieces (either in 8 parts or in several). Cover the bowl and let the cabbage drop a little, taking care of the vegetables. We will finely chop the 3 onions and put them to harden in olive oil (about 30ml), and in the meantime we will clean the carrots and put them on the grater, and we will clean the bell peppers from the stalks and seeds, after which they we will cut into cubes, not too small. We will do the same with the tomatoes, after they have been previously peeled, we will chop them and we will add them together with the other vegetables cut over the hardened onion. We will leave it for about 10 minutes, until the vegetables have changed their color a little, then we will add the tomato juice, we will let it boil for another 5 minutes and we will put everything over the duck cabbage, which is still boiling at the right heat. We will mix well and finally add the finely chopped greens, thyme sprigs, bay leaves, vegeta and season with salt and pepper. Whoever wants, can add other condiments, according to everyone's preferences and taste. In my opinion, this duck dish with cabbage would only need salt and a little black pepper, freshly ground. Its aromatic and unforgettable taste comes from all vegetables and of course fresh greens and thyme sprigs. Let it simmer for another 15-20 minutes, until we make sure that the duck and cabbage are well cooked. It should not be left too long so that the sauce does not decrease, because our food is much tastier with more sauce. If it has dropped too much, we can add 1/2 glass of boiled water and let it boil for a few more minutes, after which we can stop the fire. It is served hot, along with polenta and whoever wants, can also serve with sm & acircnt & acircnă. It is a very healthy food, rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and protein. So it is recommended to eat more often cabbage with vegetables, with or without meat. I got a very tasty and delicious food.

Duck on cabbage - One of the tastiest dishes

Although it takes longer than other recipes, the end result is worth the time! A tasty dish that you can make in more and more ways - according to the saying “how many huts are so common” - but the recipe here is the simplest and fastest! Good luck with that!


1 fresh cabbage of 2 kg

salt, pepper, thyme, paprika - to taste

Method of preparation:

Preheat the oven to high temperature.

Wash and rub the duck inside and out with spices and oil. Put it in the oven in a tray in which you have previously poured a cup of water. Let it cook for 60 minutes, after the first 30 turn it on the other side, to make it even.

The sauerkraut is cut into small pieces and put to harden in a little oil over medium to high heat. For about 20 minutes, with the lid on and stirring every 5 minutes.

Separately, cut and harden the fresh cabbage until soft. Cut the onion into scales. Combine tomato juice, water and spices in a bowl.

Combine the 2 types of cabbage with the sauce made earlier. Remove the duck a little, put the cabbage bed on the bottom of the tray and put the duck back over.

Bake everything for 90 minutes. If you notice that the cabbage is drying, lower the heat and pour a little water. Turn the duck from time to time, to brown evenly.

When ready, portion the duck and serve with the cabbage in the pan and a portion of hot polenta.

Sweet cabbage roasts made according to the parents' almanac

I never would have thought that I would make meatless roasts, much less be inspired by a recipe found in an old almanac, but look what happened, the Selgros Search Passion project brought to the surface a small and very dear piece of my culinary memory.

I forgot, but it really happened in this life, I ate at the beginning of my life roasting cabbage. No meat, just sweet cabbage. A strange incomprehension for me in those days. It happened, it is true, during the period when eight out of ten meals received, in principle, the same gritty reaction of the grunted copchil who considered that every meal must contain meat. On top of that, it also happened before 1989, when meat was the hardest to find.

I came across this recipe in an almanac edited 35 years ago, I would not be surprised if even then, as a child, also came from here the source of this recipe that now, so many light years, gave me brought great joy.

It's easy to make and will change your perspective on a vegetable used in quite a few recipes.


  • 500 g of sweet cabbage
  • 50 g white bread (core)
  • 30 ml milk
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 1 or
  • 2 tablespoons breadcrumbs, approx
  • parsley and dill (approx. 20 g)
  • salt pepper
  • 2 tablespoons lard (maybe oil, but lard will help the final taste)

The cabbage is scalded in a pot with water brought to a boil. Specifically, when the water boils, all you have to do is put the cabbage in the pot for about 5 minutes. Then chop very finely with a knife. Or a blender, a variant I recommend. Here appears the only challenge in this recipe, this chopped cabbage, after it is chopped, it must be squeezed well, otherwise it will be a little harder to make meatballs.

Then mix with bread soaked in milk, egg, crushed garlic, finely chopped green leaves and breadcrumbs. The two tablespoons of breadcrumbs are approximate - depending on the consistency of the composition, you can increase or decrease the amount. Of course, the more liquid is removed from the excess, the less breadcrumbs will be needed.

Finally add salt and pepper to taste.

For each roast take about a tablespoon of the composition, first make a sphere, then flatten between the palms. That would be the difference between meatballs and roasts. Which you probably know from relatives in Moldova.

Fry in hot lard over medium heat. The brown color on the surface of each roast will tell you exactly the times needed for frying.

"When we are invited to a banquet, we enjoy what we put on the table. If someone asked the host to give him fish or cakes, he would be considered senseless. In the world, however, we ask the gods for what they do not give, although there are so many that have already been given. ”

“Glory be to you, forever, the mouse reconciled with the master's fate, the muscles and chops resigned in the sauces of domestic purgatory, the hams wise of the yellowish steam of the brandy. Never, by no means, has anything aroused a greater glory than your timid and pious arrogance! ”

Small excerpts from the Gastronomic Literary Album of 1983. Where do the above roasts come from? And which, together with Sanda Marin's famous book and the annual calendars accompanied by recipes, strongly influenced the culinary habits of the whole generation of Romanians.

Duck leg boiled in oil and butter, with sweet and sour red cabbage

I have long set out to find one of the old cookbooks left over from my ancestors and to make a monumental recipe that no one has heard of. The big problem was that I borrowed a book from a friend and didn't return it when I promised, so I had to take my cooking care and finish my glorious literature.

Now what does that book have to do with, and more specifically, this whole food story, I'm trying to tell you right away.

The book was called "The Black Swan" by N. Nicholas Taleb, in which he talked about the "very unlikely impact" (it's an interesting book that I recommend - it's not about food). As I was very unlikely to present you a recipe with swan meat (if you have, tell me), I decided to choose another fly, namely the duck.

I've seen that many people avoid cooking duck (for various reasons) so I thought I'd show you a more "handy" way to make Confit du Canard, or in Romanian duck garnish, with the mention that it's not a you will be able to preserve it as you can through the traditional recipe, which includes a lot of duck lard, which is not easy to find with us, in its raw state (either it is expensive, or you do not have ducks with you).

I took two duck legs, cleaned them in the bone area with a knife and left them in the fridge overnight with salt (plenty), 2 bay leaves, thyme, pepper and crushed garlic. After I took them out of the fridge, I washed them (that's why I add a little more salt) and I wiped them well with water.

In a small pot (enough to fit two thighs next to each other) I put 200 ml. sunflower oil and 200 gr butter and I let the butter melt over very low heat, after which I cleaned all the foam that formed (almost, no one is perfect).

I put the thighs on and left them to boil for an hour and a half. Attention: the fire must be extremely small, they must not boil as in the soup pot (the basic technique proposes that they be left in lard for 4 hours in the oven over low heat). They must also be fully covered. If the mixture of butter and oil is not enough, add more oil. Those who have endless reserves of olive oil can only use olive oil.

For the cabbage, sauté a finely chopped onion with 2 cloves of garlic crushed in olive oil. Add half a finely chopped red cabbage (no fingers) and harden until it starts to soften (it becomes glossy).

Put 2 tablespoons brown sugar, two tablespoons currant jam (or berries, bitter cherries or whatever you have), 2 tablespoons vinegar, a tablespoon of lemon juice, salt, pepper and a small glass of water. Boil with a lid for 20 minutes (check from time to time not to work in vain).

You will see that in the end you will not be able to preserve it in lard anyway, and this method of cooking ensures an even more crunchy crust (thanks to the butter). The sweet and sour red cabbage is spectacular both in taste and color and I think you will proudly introduce it as a substitute for puree or other garnishes.

* Some of the dishes used by Andrei Alexandrescu are part of the Casual Cook range,
available in Auchan and on eMAG.

Duck on the cabbage in the oven

The cabbage duck is one of the recipes I have been planning for a very long time, but it was not made on the grounds that I did not want to use a commercially purchased rate but a country rate.

Even though she was small, my duck, bought by my mother-in-law and grilled with great skill by Dani's mother, was very tasty. And maybe it's better that it was mythical because it was done very quickly.

& # 8211 2 suitable cabbages
& # 8211 a yard rate
& # 8211 a green sea
& # 8211 the broth cane
& # 8211 a cup of water
& # 8211 a teaspoon of sweet paprika
& # 8211 a tablespoon mixture of spices for chicken
& # 8211 a teaspoon of dried celery leaves
& # 8211 a tablespoon of dried thyme
& # 8211 o lingurita boabe ienibahar
& # 8211 salt and pepper to taste
& # 8211 4-5 bay leaves
& # 8211 2 tablespoons olive oil

sink the Roman vessel in water for 30-40 minutes. Chop the cabbage faithfully, sprinkle it with salt and squeeze it a little in your hands. Mix the paprika, the spices for the chicken, salt and pepper to taste with the olive oil and grease the duck with the mixture obtained. Do not complicate yourself with brushes, also do this operation with your hand. Then peel the apple and put it in the duck. Remove the Romanian bowl from the soak, put the cabbage in it.

Separately mix a cup of broth, a cup of water, allspice, bay leaves, celery leaves and dried thyme and pour them over the cabbage. Mix well, then place the duck on the cabbage, heat the oven to 150 degrees with the grill on the bottom step and leave the Romanian dish in the oven for an hour and a half or until the cabbage is soft and the duck is completely done. Careful! Guard the saucer with spices well, you never know what gloves you plan to attack :))

It is very important not to heat the oven long before, but to heat it gradually with the Romanian dish. Does it still make sense to tell you how much the flavors will torment you while the duck stays in the oven? Shall I tell you that the apple inside makes the duck very juicy and the allspice gives it an absolutely special aroma? I better not tell you anything and let you discover for yourself how good this recipe is.

Duck with created cabbage (Wirsing) and bread dumplings (Semmelknodel) & # 8211 Austrian recipe

Duck with sauerkraut (Wirsing) and bread dumplings (Semmelknodel) & # 8211 Austrian recipe. Duck legs on cabbage, stylish. The rate is one of my favorite flights. I like red meat (that's why I don't really cook the eternal chicken breast, preferring the legs or wings) and the duck has a firm texture and a phenomenal sweet taste.

The fat under the skin is released slowly during cooking, further softening the meat. The same fat turns duck skin into a crunchy, reddish crust.

What is the best known dish prepared from duck? Duck on cabbage! What I cooked here is a centuries-old recipe from the Austro-Hungarian area: duck with created cabbage (known as Wirsing) and with Bohemian bread dumplings (Böhmische Semmelknödel). It is eaten in Prague, Vienna and Budapest, in Bayern and almost throughout Transylvania and Banat.

It's basically a classic steak the duck, from the whole bird or from pieces (I made from thighs) with two gaskets that go lightly next to it. The created cabbage (Wirsing) is prepared as a sauté with pieces of kaiser (bacon) and onion and quenched with liquid cream (natural cream for cooking).

What is missing from the landscape? The beer! Next to this food goes the beer.

Obs: you can use other poultry meat (chicken, turkey, game, goose, etc.).

Duck on cabbage

An extraordinary delicacy, a duck on cabbage like at home, tender and tasty.

You don't have to be a specialist chef or a Michelin-starred person to make this duck recipe on cabbage, but you have to follow exactly all the steps of the recipe from the exact time to the step-by-step preparation method described below, accompanied by photos.

I remember that every year I had this recipe on New Year's Eve. Of course, most of the time she was the first to disappear from the table. It was my father's specialty and he was so proud of this recipe, even taking care of it. I remember the oranges were well divided, but an orange was always a must for this recipe. There was no need to be without, because then there was no duck, my father said.

Today I am glad that I can share it with you and I invite you to stay with the list of ingredients, but also the simple way of preparation.

For many other recipes with or without meat or fasting dishes and much more, find in the snacks section, click here or on the photo.

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  • A whole gutted duck of about 1.7-1.9 kg
  • 1 apple
  • 1 orange
  • 2 carrots
  • 5-6 cloves of garlic
  • 1 capsicum
  • 2.5 kg sauerkraut
  • 200 g yellow onion
  • 5-6 cloves of garlic
  • 1 bunch of dill
  • 1 tablespoon paprika
  • Salt and pepper to taste

Method of preparation:

Remove the duck from the refrigerator for at least 3 hours before cooking.

We cut the cabbage into thicker slices and, if necessary, we put it to salt.

Peel 3/4 of the total amount of onion and chop finely.

We clean the duck well of any possible feathers. Wipe it well with a kitchen towel, cut off the excess fat from the bottom of the thighs, remove the pancake and season with salt, including inside.

Cut the apple and orange into quarters, fill the abdominal cavity of the duck and tie its legs with a string.

Gently cut the skin on the duck's chest without reaching the meat and put it in a large Teflon pan over low heat until golden brown, turning it as many times as needed.

While the duck is browning, put the fat cut and cut into small cubes in a saucepan, leave the eye on low heat until we get the scallops and lard we need.

If you want you can take the scallops out or you can add the onion and cook for a few minutes on low heat until soft.

Add the cabbage and a little water, just enough to help keep it from sticking. I think I put it about 20 times, without exaggeration. I like the taste when it hardens, not when it boils. We cook it for about an hour and a half with a lid, constantly checking if it still has liquid.

Add the spices and let it boil.

Put the carrot, onion, pepper, garlic in a pan, place the duck on top, cover the pan with a lid and put it in the oven for an hour and a half.

Put the hardened cabbage in a pan, above the duck and raise the temperature to 180 degrees. Put the Duck on the cabbage again in the oven for another 20-25 minutes, this time uncovered.

We take the tray out of the oven and we have to wait another 15 minutes, then we can sit at the table. May it be useful to you!

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