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Capri Sun, the Artificial Drink of Our Childhoods, Is Going Organic

Capri Sun, the Artificial Drink of Our Childhoods, Is Going Organic

Capri Sun has launched a new USDA-certified line of organic juice drink made with more Vitamin C and zero added sugar

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Capri Sun, the classic fruity drink (but not quite fruit juice) of our childhood with the difficult-to-navigate straw punch, is back in a new form.

Kraft Heinz has just announced the release of Capri Sun Organic, a new line of USDA-certified organic juices with no sugar added and more vitamin C. The new Capri Sun is also made with zero artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

“Our consumers are at the center of everything we do and we know that while kids simply want things that taste good, parents want to feel good about what they’re serving,” said Dennis Wu, director, refreshment beverages, Kraft Heinz. “Capri Sun Organic strikes the perfect balance between these two needs, offering the same great taste as original Capri Sun, but with the organic ingredients we know are important to moms and dads.”

The new Capri Sun Organic — which comes in fruit punch, tropical punch, apple, and grape — is still only made with 66 percent juice though, so one wonders what organic ingredients comprise the other 34 percent of the juice product.

The announcement of organic Capri Sun comes just months after the company announced a juice formula simplification down to just five ingredients.

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