Traditional recipes

The little witches

The little witches

Wash the apples, peel them (or not) and put them in a large grater. Fry in a saucepan, and if the apples are sweet, you no longer need sugar. Fry until soft, and when cooked, set aside, add cinnamon powder and leave to cool.

For the dough: mix a little flour with margarine and sugar, a crumbly composition is obtained. Make a space in the middle, crush the yeast with your fingers, add the borscht and mix well. Add salt and then flour as much as it contains, mixing and kneading until you get a good dough to spread, but soft and fluffy.

Divide the dough into two pieces.

Sprinkle flour on the table and spread the first dough into a thin sheet. Cut larger circles with a glass, sprinkle a little breadcrumbs (which will absorb moisture and so that the dough does not remain raw when baked), fill with apples and stick with your fingers, forming a sphere in your hand. I cut them with a knife to give them the shape of a pumpkin, but they should not look too good, the goal is to be as weird as possible, like witches.

Place these spheres in a baking sheet and bake over medium heat for about 20 minutes or until golden.

The other dough is spread on a sheet, from which circles are cut, which we will shape with our fingers to give them the shape of a hat. They bake for a maximum of 10 minutes, being thinner, they are made faster, so we will bake them in another tray, separate from the spheres filled with apples.

Good appetite!

If you were scared of my recipe, you can also find it on my blog :)

Witch fingers

February is a month of declarations of love. Some shy, some formal, sincere or needy. We each choose a beloved man according to our soul and we verbalize our feelings in an organized way. Generous spirit, recognized as such, this year I choose three people to whom I declare innocent love through this recipe, being aware that I am exaggerating, that not everyone loves me the same, but every time he catches me he weaves my tails, he paints my fingers from the legs and gives me drawings with me in shorts.
Until then, let's get to work.
For the dough, turn on a packet of dry yeast, 10 grams, in 250 ml of lukewarm water along with a tablespoon of sugar.

Leave in a warm place for 10 minutes. Incorporate the yeast with water in 400 grams of flour mixed with a tablespoon of salt. Knead until completely homogenous.

Grease a bowl with a tablespoon of olive oil, place the dough and leave it to rise for 1 hour.

Meanwhile, remove the meat from some quality fresh sausages. You need about 400 grams. Mix with fennel seeds and a pinch of freshly ground pepper and lightly fry the meat. It does not need to be fried, it is more important to keep as much volume and some fat as possible.

Knead to remove excess air and spread the dough in a sheet on a floured surface. Cut squares with a side of about 10 cm. Put meat, roll, glue the edges trying to get the shape of a finger. Slightly cut in the middle, grease with beaten egg and apply to one end of each finger of dough, a sage leaf or basil. Sprinkle with white or black sesame.

Bake in a preheated oven at 220 degrees Celsius for 15 minutes.
For the pizzaiollo sauce, fry in 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 3 cloves of chopped garlic and a teaspoon of oregano. Add hot peppers if you like. Just let the oil flavor, not the garlic color.

Quench with a cup of well-ripened, diced tomatoes. Adjust the salt and pepper, never forgetting to add 2 teaspoons of sugar to compensate for the acidity of the tomatoes. Let simmer for 15 minutes, chewing occasionally. You can add dried oregano, it doesn't spoil it.

I know, you would have put mozzarella or cheese. But for me, the combination of meat and cheese seems indigestible and I avoid it when possible. In the case of children, I really do not recommend it.

Children are the clear source of love and they are also the beings in whom, shaken by the ugly things of our soul, we can store ourselves safely and usefully the purest feelings. That's what I think. And if in February we have to love and declare the targets publicly, I choose like this, here, under this funny recipe: Lelia, Daria, Antonia, Costica loves you!



Hänsel and Gretel is the best known children's opera. There is no opera scene in the world that has not been staged at least once, so the stakes are huge. Hänsel and his sister, Gretel, are put in a position to save themselves and defeat the witch, a seemingly much stronger and more oppressive force.

Played only for two days, the series of shows "Witches' Night" is the occasion of a unique encounter with the negative characters in the stories of the Children's Comic Opera. Enjoy a series of traveling shows in which children will get to know witches and other negative characters from OCC stories. In the Mozart Salon, the young audience is expected at "Peregrinatio", the first of a series of three meetings with the medieval and traditional music group Truverii.

The weekend of October 27 - 29 is the last in the series dedicated to the good films screened in the Open Air Cinema program at the Bucharest Comic Opera for Children. Today is the screening of the feature film "Marry Poppins" (1964), starring Julie Andrews.


Thick fog, strange noises, fierce pumpkins and all this in the laboratory of a famous wizard! Do we let him grope or explain to Merlin what's really going on with carbonic ice? Chemistry! Let's do experiments! Bostani will be drawn by the little ones and can later be dug out at home.

Spells Florentina, the 459-year-old witch, wants to steal Halloween! All children are asked to come to the rescue to save the Halloween costume party, but also to learn the little magic tricks! The ghost, the Pumpkin and the little witch Diana will do everything possible to stop the evil witch, confusing her evil spells with the funniest and naughtiest spells with candies and confetti.


Children have the opportunity to see objects they have only heard of. From 10 in the morning until 6 in the evening, those interested are expected with old objects, not missing from Romanian households: notched furniture, painted & # 8211 dowry boxes, tables, chairs, blinds, spoons, cabinets, ceramics, donuts, wooden dishes , putinei, cauca, interior fabrics (carpets, towels, pillowcases, tablecloths, etc.), pieces of peasant costume, icons on wood and glass, crosses, props, ornaments, forks and spinning wheels, spindles, whirlpools, lanterns, clocks, chandeliers, brass nuts and grinders, but also socio-ethnographic publications from the interwar period, old banknotes, stamps with ethnographic subjects. Also from here, parents can trade cakes, cakes, honey, gingerbread and herbs.


Come and rediscover the authentic traditions at Mogoșoaia Palace! The Capital City Hall in partnership with Accente NOI Fair, invites you in the inner courtyard of the Mogoșoaia Palace to the festival of popular traditions "Sitting at the Palace". You are invited to a special setting with dance concerts and folk music performed by folk artists and folk dance performances performed by folk ensembles, traditional tapas with virtuoso instrumentalists, who will bring the joy of Romanian folk song and traditions from all historical areas of the country.


In a world of technology, speed, television and the Internet, children need to rediscover the joy that can be born from the pages of a book. For this to happen, the information and books need to be presented in an attractive way, which arouses interest and curiosity! The "Let's read" festival is dedicated, especially, to children between 6 and 14 years old and will take place between 10.00 and 20.00.


Come and meet Mouse Chit Chit, a naive mouse who wants to make friends with the people and other animals in the house where he lives, only his mother tells him that this is not possible. What do you think is the end of the story? Can a mouse be friends with a puppy? But especially with a cat?

Following a cyclone, little Dorothy's house lands on that of a witch. Following this incident, all that remains of the witch is a pair of silver shoes that belong to Dorothy. They have magical powers, but Dorothy doesn't know. She finds out about the famous Wizard of Oz and decides to go there.

The modeling workshop is suitable for children aged 6 & # 8211 12 years, lasts an hour and a half and costs 50 lei. The working materials are available at the workshop, you have to come up with crazy ideas, your own creative universe and all the sparkle of childhood! Corina Damian, art teacher and good friend of children, will know how to open each participant's appetite for art and fun.


In recent years, the Halloween holiday has been taken over in Romania and, more and more often, kindergartens and schools organize events especially dedicated to this day.
"This year, in our workshop, we thought of giving a new look to the pumpkin. If it is usually sculpted and transformed into a cute lantern, we propose, this time to decorate it with different elements: with a mask, with a crown, etc., we will paint it and have fun ”.

You can't miss the "All you can eat" offer for only 35 lei! Children under 5 have free access, and children under 14 pay only 25 lei! They have a playground, so you can enjoy the meal in peace. When? Saturday between 13.00 & # 8211 16.00. What are you eating? Pasta, grilled or traditional dishes, side dishes and salads. The only request is to order only as much as you can eat.

Max and Mara are two crazy and always happy brothers, who bring sleep to their city. I live high up in the sky, somewhere behind the moon, on Calea Lactee Street, in a white house with a red roof and sleeping stars, growing up at the windows.


The show represents a return to one of the traditions of puppet theater, the long-stringed puppet with a catwalk. The staging is based on the classic story he respects, but all the adventures of the three piglets are viewed with irony.


Petre Ispirescu's well-known fairy tale is played on the stage of the Elxcelsior Theater and features Adrian Nicolae, Alexandru Pavel and Cornelia Pavlovici.


Pingolino and Frozo leave Fanfarone's story together in search of the Hot Land and the Cold Land, places they have never seen, and Fanfarone did not write in his story either. In their help appear: Harlequin, Snow Maiden, Sun Fairy, Zorzo Tiger, but also the Cantzone Presenter.


A magic show, both for children and parents, a show with a special ending, where the little ones can practice and learn with the magician many spectacular tricks.


All the children know the story of Princess Rapunzel and her hair is golden, with miraculous powers. In addition, because Halloween is fast approaching, the actors of the Dubee Doo Theater have prepared a surprise for the little ones.

Bathory was living in Csejthe Castle, outside the city of Bratislava, when rumors of mass murder began to circulate in the mid-1590s. ) and Katalin (Kata) and was pregnant with András' son.

The records show that this year the countess's reports began, together with her daughter Anna and other accomplices, who killed dozens of children, exclusively maids between 10 and 14 years old.

Later, all the accomplices would agree that Anna Darvolya taught them how to torture and kill these children and they all agreed that Countess Báthory took a whip, cudgel, dagger, iron, needle , or cutting the beats on them.

It is also said that the countess bit pieces of meat from the girls and attacked them with knives. Other rumors say he tortured them in indescribable ways.

Stolzenburg, the fortress of Slimnic built by a witch (VIDEO)

Bundles, bundles roll in the sky the cotton clouds on the stick, scattered and torn, on this day of an intense blue. It's February 14th and, weird, but it smells like spring outside. And the sun has decided right now to laugh at people, without teeth, dull and sweet, like the air it fills with light.
It's a wonderful day that makes you fall in love and fall in love with life again. And the nature that bites vitality in the buds of the buds now undecided whether to open the windows wide, or to sit a little longer, hidden in the shells. Days like this are rare in the month of Făurar, and that is why they must be celebrated. Being Sunday and so beautiful, we decide to go on a trip, to make a trip a short distance from home, to Slimnic to see the fortress.

Stolzenburg, The Proud Fortress

Slimnic & # 8230. The very name of the commune, which is about a 20-minute drive from Sibiu, on the road to Mediaș, is a fairy tale. When you say Slimnic, you think that who knows what wonders you have to discover through those lands. And the reality on the spot shows you that you weren't wrong to think that way. Because & # 8230ea, Stolzenburg, the Proud Fortress, is there, on the hill, as we all know in the area. Even so, waiting for you to see her, her ghostly appearance manages to take your breath away with the red-gray walls that pierce the gaze through the bare branches of the trees on the side of the road, much higher than the roofs of the village.

Built by a witch

The Proud Fortress was built & # 8211 says the legend & # 8211 of the middle daughter of a very powerful wizard, the pride and lack of modesty of the girl making, it seems, the walls with blue sky eyes, without windows, fall into ruin. Because the fortress of Slimnic, although proud, is located there, on its hill, called Burgbasch, recently stripped of snow, intertwining its roots with those of the two walnuts in front, it is a ruin. An inhabited one, because a child, who lives right there, in the fortress, charges us the entrance fee: 3 lei for one person.
To get to Stolzenburg, however, you have to take a deep breath and take it, dog, on foot, on the winding road that takes you, past the old church, up to the fortress.

Golden in the afternoon light

Although it is well past noon, the building warms its proud buttresses in the sun that gives it a golden hue. And after I climbed and climbed, I paid the entrance fee, I entered the mysterious world of the city. Once past the small gate embedded in the 3 meter thick walls, you might have the impression that you have stepped into a cathedral. With a fountain and a small grass pavement, with two geese and a swollen feathered turkey that keeps showing us that it has more beautiful beads than us. And although thick, the walls are shabby with deep cracks, but the place is so impressive that you feel like talking in a whisper.

The past is intertwined with the present

Here, curiously, the past is intertwined with the present, history and antiquity with childhood, at the foot of some of the vaulted walls, in a forgotten cart, as if there, displaying its fluff, stands a pink teddy bear, making a good pair with about four garden mushrooms and a red metal barrel, which you would say fell from the sky, not another. And there are some serious and neat stems of vines, a slab of land already dug, some good and green tops of hyacinths or daffodils, a tower with square bells, equipped with lightning rod and satellite dish.
And if you want to taste a little adrenaline, it is enough to decide to climb the tower, because the stairs that fulfill the task of taking you upstairs, on the two levels are steep and they have known better times. The effort, however, is worth it, because the images that appear from above take your breath away, the most beautiful here being the village. Which now stretches its streams of smoke out of the stoves, as if detached from a story. A beautiful one and not so much, because the fortress, built in the 14th century, experienced many turbulent periods.
Armies of Turks, Turks and plague passed over and past it, Stolzenburg, which belonged to the Sibiu See as a strategic point between the two important cities of those times: Hermannstadt and Mediaș.

If you are careful & # 8230.

What she looked like then, we can only imagine, today she welcomes her visitors with wind chimes, about three horseshoes that gather luck in their arch, good logs, one on top of the other on a whitewashed wall, with decorative plates. And with a soul so old that if you sit quietly in the middle of the courtyard, looking at its cathedral walls, you can feel him walking back and forth with the wind.

The show & # 8220Micile Vedete în Bucătărie & # 8221, on TVR1

The show under its own brand "Little Stars in the Kitchen" returns to TVR1, this fall (2020) with a new season of 12 editions, each of 24 minutes. You can watch it every Saturday morning, at 8.00 or on Friday at noon, at 13.30.

In a more playful, but also shorter version, you can watch it on the Little Stars in the Kitchen Youtube Channel.

Click here:

Little Stars in the Kitchen is a show-concept unique in Romania with healthy and appetizing recipes for children. The show aims to educate parents to provide their children with healthy meals and to help them integrate less enjoyable foods by their little ones into tasty recipes. The recipes presented in the show will be based on the vegetables and fruits so necessary for children during the development period. On the other hand, Little Stars in the Kitchen is also addressed to children passionate about culinary art eager to learn the secrets of gastronomy.

Solutions to manage conflict in the couple

The quarrel can have a positive effect. It can be turned into a profitable discussion for both of us.

  • Take half of your blame & # 8211 Liability for the arguments you make. It is very easy to consider yourself innocent, and to consider him a "negative character". Try to see things from his point of view as well.
  • Do not try, with all your heart, to be victorious in a contradictory discussion. The most profitable and lasting changes are built on compromises. If he agrees to make a change in his lifestyle, offer him, in turn, a change that will please him.
  • Listen to what he has to say. Do not repeat your arguments as he speaks and do not interrupt him unless you feel the need for clarification. After he finishes speaking, he reviews the most important points of his reply. Thus, he will feel listened to and understood.
  • Don't be put off by the little things. Choose carefully the essentials for your discussion.
  • Respect each other. You do not have to agree with the other, but you can respect his point of view. Otherwise, your relationship may crack irreparably.
  • When arguing, each of a couple's partners supports their own position with different arguments.

The first step towards a more efficient discussion is to understand the other's arguing style and, even if it seems a bit more difficult, to get rid of the habit of throwing inefficient arguments.

The differences between a man and a woman become even more obvious in an argument. Here are some of the most used male and female tactics and also how you can turn an argument with your partner into a conversation with positive effects for the couple.

He says: & # 8220I don & # 39; t want to talk about this & # 8221, & # 8220Why are you always so angry? & # 8221, & # 8220Ah, this thing again! How can we have a future together if you are obsessed with something from the past? & # 8221.

Although he is involved in an argument, he remains calm and responsible, and you feel like climbing the walls of what you are. This attitude makes you feel guilty and out of place. In the worst case, you will end up apologizing for bringing up that issue.

First, present the problem to him and show that you understand his reservations (& # 8220I know you don't like quarrels & # 8230 & # 8221). Then throw a bridge like & # 8220 but I really want to talk about it & # 8221, and finally tell her exactly how you feel (& # 8220I feel so neglected and alone when youâ & # x20AC; & # x2122).

He turns his silence into a protective cloak, hoping to avoid quarreling. In fact, it annoys you even worse and, at this rate, the problems will remain unresolved.

You are tempted to become more and more angry and aggressive, hoping that you will be able to get a reaction from him. But your arguments are too hot, unfortunately, they don't bring any solution. It would be better to find other approaches. For example, write him a letter or discuss the problem that bothers you only when you feel calmer, more relaxed.

He says: & # 8220You speak nonsense & # 8221, swear or leave the scene of hostilities slamming the door & # 8211 gesture that can hurt you worse than a thousand heavy words.

Your partner adopts this attitude after moments of blockage or silence, when it finally explodes under the pressure you poured on him. Such explosive reactions force you to adopt a defensive attitude. Usually, after such outings he feels guilty and tries to make up for it: he kisses you, hugs you, brings you flowers. Make peace and promise to work harder in the future. And the situation is going well until everything is repeated & # 8230

The secret is to solve small daily problems on the spot, so as not to reach the stage of quarrel. The strategy can be called & # 8220Say and ask & # 8221. When you face something, immediately tell your partner what is bothering you. If he seems surprised or upset that you are drawing his attention to a & # 8220minor & # 8221 fact, don't be afraid to ask him why he is behaving like that. If it's been a while since you told him what bothered you, and he reacts aggressively, try to show him, in practice, the kind behavior you expect from him. By behaving nicely with him, even if he has adopted an attack position, you will disarm him on the spot.

He says, & # 8220; You donâ & # x20AC; & # x2122; t have to pour your nerves on me because you gained weight like this & # 8221, & # 8220I wonder what else I could expect from you & # 8221 or & # 8220You are just like mother -ta & # 8221.

With such harsh remarks, he manages to hit hard on your most vulnerable points. Sometimes it makes you feel like you really deserved these insults. An argument under the sign of such remarks can hurt you very much and your relationship will be shaken for a long time. Usually, couples who have frequent discussions sprinkled with insults are most exposed to divorce.

Don't be tempted to apologize for his insults, blaming them on his tense state, or pretend not to notice them.
Never, between the partners of a couple, an offensive behavior can be accepted. If he insults you, explain that you feel offended and turn your back on him immediately. There is no point in making an argument or staying in the same room with him: that would mean accepting his insults.

He says: & # 8220Do you want to stop working and listen to me? I want to fix this right now & # 8221.

You ask him if you can't talk later, but he goes crazy and raises his voice, not accepting your proposal. A little later, when you try to reopen the conversation, he remains sullen. That's because, from his point of view, it means he won another round. You may blame yourself for not being able to look the problem in the face.

Most men are not as calculated as they might seem. In fact, they are not aware of their own deeper motivations. You may consider your partner's impatience a bluff, but it would be better to stop working and listen to what he has to say.


He says: & # 8220Say what you want me to do, and I do & # 8221, & # 8220But it's very simple, I just have to & # 8230 & # 8221.

It gives you the impression that he didn't even bother to listen to you, that he doesn't support you enough or that he doesn't know what the problem is. Sometimes, you don't necessarily look for a solution, you just feel the need to be with you, to get more involved. Hence the differences: he & # 8211 like most men & # 8211 would like to solve the problem instantly, you & # 8211 like any woman & # 8211 feel the need to talk about the situation, knowing that this will be the best solution.

Listen to what he has to say, because he really wants to be helpful. Then tell him you want to talk more seriously to make sure the decision is the right one. This is a three-stage solution model: exploration, understanding, action.


You say: & # 8220Never gather the things you walked with & # 8221.

He feels wronged and takes a defensive stance, listing the occasions when he did the opposite of what you say. Or, on the contrary, he goes on the attack.

Try to be clearer and more objective: & # 8220Would you like to pack your things on the desk? & # 8221. It would be good to remove the words & # 8220never & # 8221 and & # 8220always & # 8221 from the vocabulary. You will see that it is worth the effort.


You say: & # 8220I know you always hated my mother! & # 8221.

This tactic is usually used against partner silence. It may have some short-term effects because it opens up avenues of communication, but it makes him more and more lazy. Why would he still try to explain his feelings if you speak for him? Moreover, your assumptions may not even be true, which would make the situation worse.

Stop believing that you know what he's thinking. Instead of putting the words in his mouth, you better ask him questions: & # 8220Do you do this because you don't like my mother? & # 8221. Then try: & # 8220Do you know why you behave like this? & # 8221. Give them time to think quietly about an answer and don't immediately move on to another problem.

You say: & # 8220 & # 8230More than seven years ago, at the September picnic, you flirted with that horrible woman & # 8230 & # 8221.

Such a return in time makes it impossible to solve the problem, because it brings into discussion too many new and, especially, non-essential arguments.

It would be preferable to focus on one aspect of future behavior. For example, you can tell her: & # 8220Please don't dance too often with & # 8230 & # 8221 at Saturday's party.


You say, & # 8220Now, look what you did! & # 8221, & # 8220You act like you hate me & # 8221.

This is the female version of male blockage and silence. If he is sensitive to tears, the tactic will have a short-term effect, but your upset will persist and the problem will remain unresolved. If he perceives your tears as weapons, he might get angry and the quarrel will go badly.

If you cry easily, try to express your feelings in words: & # 8220It hurts me deeply what you said & # 8221. Thus, you will be able to support your cause and not be overwhelmed by negative emotions.

You say: & # 8220Are you ever going to fix this installation again? & # 8221.

You feel like a witch riding a broom, he plays the role of the victim and you both end up feeling exhausted. In the long run, this tactic negatively charges the atmosphere in the house and poisons the love relationship.

In general, the annoyance is due to the fact that often your partner cannot or does not want to say a & # 8220no & # 8221 directly when you ask him in a practical problem. He has the impression that it is simpler and more convenient to say & # 8220da & # 8221 and then do whatever he sees fit.

You may not have correctly estimated the time it takes when you are hired to do a certain job. So, when he promises to do something, ask him what he needs and how long it will take, also formulate your requests so that he cannot refuse them.
Otherwise, you will have several options: you can do the job yourself, you can hire someone else to do it or you can start an argument because of his refusal. However, such a quick quarrel is preferable to the long war of the cicada.


You say: & # 8220If you think you can reconcile me with a kiss, you are wrong & # 8230 & # 8221.

It is a tactic synonymous with a sexual strike, but it also involves a challenge & # 8211 he must fight harder to regain his rights. This attitude can cause a beneficial explosion to solve the problem, but it is a bit risky. If you are not careful, you can direct your partner to an extramarital affair.

It's a rather cunning way of confronting him. Look inside yourself and find out what makes you unhappy if you chose, for blackmail, precisely intimate relationships. Choose the least important problem and bring it to light. Do the same with each of the remaining issues. If it's been a while since you've made love, but you think your life is good, ask your body more carefully & # 8211 it might tell you something else & # 8230

Imagineaza-ti ca el povesteste in fata prietenilor o istorioara jenanta si complet deplasata.
Cum ar trebui sa reactionezi?

Micile vrajitoare - Rețete

Chefi bucătari noi, cu idei năstrușnice, fac echipă minunată cu prezentatoarea emisiunii, o mică vedetă de doar 10 ani, Daria Țică.

Daria, foarte mofturoasă la mâncare, dar cu multă experiență în fața camerelor de filmat, i-a adunat pe cei mai buni chefi bucătari din Romania (Ciprian Nicolescu, Nico Lontras, Silviu Gido și Daniel Ardelean), pentru a pregăti preparate pentru ea, retete gustoase și sănătoase.

Daria nu este o fetiță oarecare, ci absolventă a Școlii de Film pentru Copii - Micile Vedete (organizație non-guvernamentală), actriță cunoscută din filmele pentru copii, în special din seria Aventurile Micilor Vedete.

În emisiune aflăm de ce nu este bine să consumăm zahăr alb și cu ce să îl înlocuim, ce rețete de dulciuri sunt potrivite pentru copii și care sunt cele mai spornice feluri de mâncare atunci când gătim în familie.

Acest program are la baza un proiect educațional, menit să promoveze alimentația sănătoasă pentru copii și întreaga familie, prin asocierea corectă de alimente, un lucru atât de necesar în România.

Nutriționistul emisiunii, Dana Nichita, specializată în alimentația pentru copii, explică importanța alimentelor folosite în rețete și principiul asocierii corecte a alimentelor.

Respectarea acestui principiu previne apariția bolilor precum obezitatea în rândul copiilor, care este frecventă în România, atât în mediul urban, cât și în mediul rural.

La finalul fiecărei ediții, Daria va invita câte un prieten din rândul copiilor cu vârsta între 7 și 12 ani, cu totii absolvenți ai Școlii de Film si Televiziune pentru Copii - Micile Vedete (ONG) și actori în filme pentru copii, să deguste mâncăruri pregătite de ea și echipa ei.

Bucurați-vă de emisiunea "Micile Vedete în Bucătărie" în fiecare vineri, de la ora 13.30, începând din 25 septembrie, la TVR 1!

Spală dovleacul, scoate-i sâmburii și rade-l prin răzătoarea fină. Ouăle se bat spumă cu zahărul, untul și sarea, într-un castron.

Amestecă făina cu praful de copt, după care încorporează dovleacul și laptele până se obține un aluat omogen.

Încălzește cuptorul în prealabil (temperatura în partea superioară/inferioară: 200 °C/aer recirculat: 175 °C). Unge formele de brioșe cu unt. Distribuie aluatul în formele de brioșe. Lasă la copt brioșele în cuptorul încins, pe poziția din mijloc, aprox. 20 minutes. Apoi lasă brioșele să se răcească.

Pentru cremă amestecă brânza proaspătă, colorantul alimentar verde și zahărul pudră. Introdu crema într-un poș cu vârf stelat. Ornează brioșele cu cremă.

Frământă fondantul până se înmoaie și formează din acesta 12 bile cu mărimea de aprox. 1 cm pentru ochi. Pregătește tot din fondant 6 pupile de culoare roșie și alte 6 de culoare neagră, folosind colorant alimentar roșu și negru. Aplică fiecare pupilă pe câte un ochi.

Colorează 10 g din masa de fondant în mov și rulează din aceasta 6 negi cu mărimea de aprox. 5 mm. Restul masei de fondant se colorează cu colorantul alimentar roșu și formează din aceasta 6 nasuri. Pe fiecare nas se pune câte un neg.

Topește ciocolata și unge mini-cornetele de înghețată cu ea. Pune pe fiecare cornet câteva bomboane de ciocolată.

Cum să te comporți cu un iubit indiferent ca să-i schimbi atitudinea

Ai un iubit indiferent, Foto:

Ti se pare ca ai un iubit indiferent, care parca nu se implica, parca nici nu aude cand vorbesti si nici nu face eforturi sa te inteleaga, sa te satisfaca, sa te faca fericita? Nici o grija, nu esti singura care crede asta, din contra! Insa problema nu este doar a barbatilor: de multe ori, femeile nu stiu cum sa ii abordeze, cum sa comunice eficient, cum sa obtina ceea ce isi doresc!

Asadar, daca ti se pare ca ai un iubit indiferent – desi el se jura ca te iubeste si ca face tot ce vrei, poate ca pur si simplu trebuie sa abordezi noi strategii de comunicare si noi metode de a ii cere ceea ce vrei! Ca un prim pas de a face aceasta, trebuie sa aflii cateva lucruri esentiale cu privire la iubitul tau!

● El nu este un iubit indiferent, ci pur si simplu crede ca daca sta cu tine, daca vine direct de la serviciu acasa, daca nu se uita la alte femei si daca isi aminteste de ziua ta de nastere, toate acestea il fac iubitul perfect! Barbatii nu cunosc si nici nu inteleg importanta gesturilor mici de afectiune si de tandrete: imbratisari, tinutul de mana, o floare, o bomboana… Pentru ei, acestea sunt lucruri siropoase potrivite pentru adolescenti, nu pentru doi oameni maturi. Insa pentru femei, un barbat care ii face mici surprize si isi manifesta prin mici gesturi afectiunea este perfect. Ce ar fi sa ii tii un mic curs de psihologie feminina si sa ii precizezi cat mai clar si cu exemple ca micile gesturi de afectiune pot fi mai importante pentru o femeie decat un parfum scump in dar?! El va ramane uimit! Femeile se plang mereu ca ei nu le inteleg, insa ce ar fi sa il ajuti sa te inteleaga concret?

● Nu ai un iubit indiferent daca ti se pare ca nu comunica cu tine: pur si simplu, barbatii nu comunica la fel ca femeile. Ei nu vorbesc ore in sir despre tot felul de nimicuri. Pentru ca un barbat sa fie interesat de o conversatie mai mult de jumatate de ora, trebuie sa fie un subiect cu adevarat interesant sau controversat! Barbatilor li se pare de ajuns sa vorbiti cate jumatate de ora maxim despre ce ati facut pe parcursul zilei, dupa care fiecare sa isi vada de treburile sale! Cat despre discutarea si impartasirea emotiilor, aceasta sperie si dezorienteaza barbatii: ei cred ca este de ajuns faptul ca au emotii si cred ca tu iti dai seama de asta fara sa ti se spuna sau sa ti se arate… La fel, atunci cand apare o problema in viata voastra de cuplu sau in viata personala, barbatii te pot scoate din sarite prin tacerea lor si refuzul de a discuta despre aceasta. Insa asta nu insemna ca ai un iubit indiferent, ci ca femeile si barbatii reactioneaza total diferit in fata unei provocari, a unei probleme femeile simt nevoia imediata de a discuta, de a despica firul in patru si de a gasi impreuna solutii, in timp ce barbatii simt nevoia sa analizeze in tacere si solitudine problema, sa o inteleaga singuri, apoi sa treaca la solutionarea sa. Aceste aspecte legate de comunicare, din pacate, nu prea le poti schimba: barbatii nu vor relationa niciodata precum femeile si tu trebuie sa intelegi si sa accepti aceasta realitate! Insa daca simti nevoia sa vorbiti, in primul rand trebuie sa il indepartezi de multiplele distractii (TV, computer, ziare) si sa il tentezi cu o seara romantica. Il convingi sa iesiti doar voi doi, iar in oras, nu va avea incotro: va trebui sa vorbeasca!

● Nu ai un iubit indiferent daca ii ceri sa faca anumite lucruri mici prin casa si el iti ignora cererea! Chiar daca ii ceri sa duca gunoiul, sa spele vasele, sa puna rufele la uscat, sa repare o siguranta si el nu o face, exista o simpla explicatie. Si aceasta nu este ca nu ii pasa! Gandeste-te cu atentie de cate ori i-ai cerut sa faca acel lucru. Daca iti spui: “este de ajuns sa ii cer o data, e clar ca ma ignora”, gresesti! Pentru ca uneori, barbatii sunt atat de preocupati cu gandurile lor, pierduti in diverse reverii sau ocupati in activitati pasionante pentru ei, incat ce le spui le intra pe o ureche si le iese pe cealalta. Fie nici nu te aud clar, fie te aud, insa nu te inteleg, nu proceseaza mesajul. Incearca sa ii ceri – frumos – de mai multe ori sa faca un anumit lucru si vezi rezultatul.

● Nu ai un iubit indiferent daca in unele lucruri, chiar daca ii ceri de mai multe ori, el refuza sa le faca! Aceasta arata ceva total diferit de indiferenta: arata ciuda, el te pedepseste tacut pentru ceva care nu ii convine! Bineinteles ca rareori iti va spune comunicand verbal ce nu ii convine, asa ca abordeaza strategia ignorarii rugamintilor tale! Iar aici, trebuie sa te chinui tu sa descoperi ce l-a putut deranja si de ce. Insa retine: un iubit care se poarta frumos si atent cu tine este doar acel iubit fericit si satisfacut sexual. Daca ai grija sa il tii satisfacut si nu ii provoci frustrari, atunci si el va avea grija sa nu iti provoace crize de nervi… Iar daca acest comportament persista – tu ii ceri diverse lucruri si el refuza – poate ca trebuie sa schimbi strategia. In loc sa ii ceri pur si simplu clar ceva anume, apeleaza la spiritul de competitie, la orgoliul si gelozia lui. Fara vreo motivatie anume, incepe sa il lauzi in fata sa pe iubitul prietenei tale, care a reparat o usa, a varuit in baie si i-a gatit ei o cina romantica! Arunca o perioada asemenea sageti, insa fara a exagera, ci lasand timp intre ele si daca te iubeste, cel mai sigur dupa un timp va face si el cateva lucruri marete – doar pentru a iti dovedi ca este mai bun!

● Nu ai un iubit indiferent daca uneori, o data sau de doua ori pe saptamana, el te lasa singura si se duce in oras cu prietenii sai. Barbatii (dar si femeile) au nevoie de timp singuri, departe de femei si in compania altor barbati. Au nevoie sa faca ceea ce nu pot face impreuna cu tine: sa urmareasca meciuri, sa joace fotbal, sa joace poker, sa bea bere, sa vorbeasca despre lucruri straine tie! Prietenia intre barbati, indiferent de varsta, este deosebit de importanta pentru ei – mai importanta decat este pentru multe femei. Vei vedea des o femeie care se indeparteaza, instraineaza de prietenele ei si petrece mai mult timp cu iubitul, insa un barbat care sa se departeze sau sa renunte la prietenii sai de suflet nu exista (de aici vorba putin jignitoare “bros before hoes” – interesant e ca inversul nu exista)! Deci este doar natural sa te lase uneori si sa isi doreasca timp cu amicii lui, iar daca nu ii intelegi aceasta nevoie si crezi ca ai un iubit indiferent, mai degraba tu esti o iubita neintelegatoare!

● Nu ai un iubit indiferent daca iti ia intotdeauna cadouri oribile sau inutile! Tot ceea ce stiu barbatii despre cadourile preferate de catre femei este legat de bijuterii si parfumuri! Nu este vina lor ca habar nu au cum sa aleaga acele bijuterii si ca nici prietenii lor nu le sunt de ajutor, iar gestionarele din magazine profita vanzand articolele cele mai hidoase! Si mai putin este vina lor atunci cand sunt chiar bine intentionati si doresc sa iti ofere ceva original si nou – si te trezesti cu un set de cutite sau o sabie decorativa! Ei au avut intentii cu adevarat duioase. Insa este rolul tau ca femeie sa ii ghidezi cand este cazul de luat cadouri in directia potrivita! Fie le povestesti “subtil” ce articol frumos ai vazut, mentionand cu grija locatia si culoarea, fie le faci o lista sincera cu ceea ce ar putea sa iti ia fara risc! Faptul ca habar nu are de obicei sa iti cumpere ceva care sa iti placa sau care sa iti vina nu arata indiferenta, ci lipsa de pricepere.

In concluzie, inainte de a te plange ca ai un iubit indiferent, care nu iti acorda atentie si nu se implica in consolidarea relatiei, da-ti straduinta sa il intelegi si sa accepti diferentele atat de evidente dintre tine si el. Si mai important: atat timp cat nu ii explici si spui ce asteptari ai, nu ai cum sa te plangi ca el nu ti le indeplineste!

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