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Shake Shack Opens in London

Shake Shack Opens in London

The chain’s first U.K. outpost is now open in Covent Garden

Shake Shack, which has locations all over the world, surprisingly has had no outposts in the United Kingdom, until now. The chain's first London location has opened in the city’s Covent Garden, according to a release.

When the doors opened on Friday at 10 a.m., Londoners finally learned what all the buzz has been about across the pond, and also have the opportunity to sample a few menu items that you can’t find anywhere else. Eater London toured the space and learned that the Shackmeister Sausage will top a traditional Cumberland pork sausage with a cheese sauce and beer-marinated shallots, and we must admit that we’re a little jealous.

There are also a few London-specific concretes, developed in partnership with St. JOHN Bakery and paul.a.young chocolates. There’s the Union Shack, with chocolate custard, chocolate hazelnut brownie, fudge sauce, chocolate chunks, and sea salt; the Drury Lane Jam, with vanilla custard, local strawberry jam, brown sugar biscuit, and fresh banana; Sticky Toffee, with vanilla custard, chocolate toffee, chocolate chunks, salted caramel sauce, and malt powder; and the Big BlENd, with chocolate and vanilla custard, brown sugar biscuit, and chocolate hazelnut brownie.

The restaurant is located in Covent Garden’s historic Market Building, near the Royal Opera House. Click here to see all of Shake Shack's location-specific menu items.

Food & Drink

Our custom Shack blend is freshly ground, never frozen, from 100% Angus beef that’s pasture raised, grain finished—no hormones or antibiotics, ever. All our burgers are served on a non-GMO Martin’s Potato Roll. P.S. We have gluten-free buns and lettuce wraps, too!

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Single or Double cheeseburger topped with lettuce, tomato, ShackSauce.
500 cal – 760 cal


Single or Double with your choice of lettuce, tomato, pickle, or onion. Add cheese or Niman Ranch applewood smoked bacon.
370 cal – 560 cal

Shack Stack®

Cheeseburger topped with a 'Shroom Burger with lettuce, tomato, ShackSauce.
770 cal


Single or Double cheeseburger with Niman Ranch applewood-smoked bacon, chopped cherry peppers, ShackSauce.
570 cal – 830 cal

'Shroom Burger

(Vegetarian) Crisp-fried portobello mushroom filled with melted muenster and cheddar cheeses, topped with lettuce, tomato, ShackSauce.
510 cal

Nutritional Info

We pride ourselves on sourcing premium ingredients. Please see our nutritional information to learn more.

Allergen Info

If you have a food allergy, check out our Allergen Info page prior to ordering and be sure to ask for a manager when you order.

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Exciting news on the Shake Shack front: A second location of Danny Meyer's IPO-ready burger chain has opened today in Russia. The company confirmed via email that another Shake Shack is now serving inside Moscow's Metropolis Shopping Center. Shake Shack Moscow serves a similar menu to its sister restaurants in the U.S.: primarily Shake burgers, fries, and frozen treats. Two of its shakes are unique to the new Moscow location: a banana cream crunch shake, and one called a "Shackopolis" with chocolate custard, peanut butter, chocolate fudge, and salty peanuts.

In the past few months, in response to political moves from the West, Russia's government has taken a serious stance against Western businesses. Inspectors have so far shut down 12 McDonald's locations, citing poor sanitary conditions. Meanwhile, Shake Shack Moscow remains open. In a strategic move, the Russian operation has recently lowered their menu prices , thereby appealing to a Russian public that's feeling the price squeeze of Western sanctions. Eater's chief critic and data lead Ryan Sutton confirms in a new report that a meal at Shake Shack Russia is lower than a meal at Shake Shack anywhere else.

Shake Shack's first Moscow location opened last December. There are now 56 shacks across the globe with more on the way.

MEATliquorW1, London, Dead Hippie, £7.50

Meat: Two patties of 28-day-aged chuck steak. Madly juicy – good fat content: paper towels at the ready.

Bun: Just the right amount of heft to contain the explosion of beef, grease and cheese.

Toppings: "Hippie" sauce a bit like a mustardy Thousand Island. Minced white onions delivering a touch of retro-Wimpy. Cheese that seeps into every beefy crevice thanks to a final "cloche-ing" on the griddle. Lettuce, tomato, pickle on the side.

USP: Apparently based on a burger from cult Californian In-N-Out's Double Double Animal Style, it's no beauty to look at. A greasy beast delivering a massive thwack of satisfaction.

Shake Shack's ShackBurger. Photograph: Graeme Robertson

Shake Shack Opens in Moscow Tomorrow

Tomorrow the expansion-minded folks at Shake Shack will be one step closer to world domination when their first-ever Moscow location opens in the city's center. Shake Shack tweets that the doors to their only location in Russia will open tomorrow at 11 a.m. local time. As is standard, the Shack has added some local flavor to the menu. According to Bloomberg, there are Russian beer-battered fried shallots and the custard incorporates "a preference for" marshmallows and walnuts. Pork sausages and bacon are also sourced locally. Pricing is a bit different, with ShackBurgers going for 235 rubles (US $7.15), which is 50% higher than in New York City.

This isn't the first international expansion for the burger chain they already have locations open in London, Istanbul, Dubai, and other cities in the Middle East. Opening in Russia is an interesting choice, considering the current scandal surrounding the country's laws regarding homosexuality. Stoli has been getting the boycott treatment from US customers is Shake Shack opening itself up to the same?

While some folks on Twitter have raised those concerns regarding Shake Shack's choice to open in Russia, plenty of others on social media have been posting photos of the almost-open restaurant. (Perhaps from a quiet soft opening?) Have a look at the Shake Shack Moscow website and check out choice pictures below for sneak peek at the Moscow location:

[Photo: Shake Shack]

Gives new meaning to "Frozen" custard calendar. @ShakeShackRus @shakeshack Can you translate?

— Randy Garutti (@randygarutti) December 18, 2013

Burgers start sizzlin' & all aglow on beautiful Old Arbat as we prep to open 1st Moscow Shack, Thurs 12/19, 11am

— SHAKE SHACK (@shakeshack) December 18, 2013

! @shakeshack coming to #Moscow! Hope it'll taste like home. But if McDonalds is slow here hope this won't be slower

— Kirit Radia (@KiritRadia) November 5, 2013

[Photo: Yashar M./Foursquare]

[Photo: Foursquare]

[Photo: Alexey P./Foursquare]

Loud and Proud: Shake Shack's recipe for an inclusive workplace

With issues of race, gender and sexuality coming to the forefront of American life, the nation’s board rooms are scrambling to assemble talent pipelines that look more like the nation as a whole.

Burger chain Shake Shack Inc is enjoying a nice head start in this particular race.

The New York City-founded staple recently received a perfect score from the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index for its LGBTQ-friendly workplace. Advocacy even finds its way onto the menu, with items like the “Pride Shake.”

Reuters recently sat down with Shake Shack’s president and chief financial officer, Tara Comonte, a native of Scotland, to chat about the right recipe for mixing business and social principles.

Edited excerpts are below.

Q: Shake Shack has been named a “Best Place To Work” for LGBTQ employees for many years running – how did that become part of the company DNA?

A: It has always been a people-first organization, ever since it was born as a hot-dog cart in NYC. [Founder] Danny Meyer and [CEO] Randy Garutti have a set of principles they refer to as “Enlightened Hospitality,” and that involves taking care of our team first.

Everything stems from that.

Q: Did this focus on company culture stem from your time in investment banking, which was not positive for you?

A: I always say to people, "You learn just as much from the experiences you didn’t love, or the bosses who weren’t great, as you do from the ones which were fantastic." Investment banking just wasn’t a culture I enjoyed or thrived in.

It was incredibly hierarchical, where the proxy for success was being at your desk early in the morning or late at night.

I have also spent way too many meetings in rooms lacking in diversity, trying to sell products that looked nothing like the room. One example is I was working for this big global beauty brand, in a room full of 12 men debating a mascara ad.

I remember thinking, "This is the most bizarre conversation ever. No one in this room is even a target for this product."

Q: How does being an employee-first company affect talent attraction and retention?

A: The war for talent is only getting more competitive. People have to want to work and stay with you. So we have to provide an environment where each party in the relationship gives their best: The individual gives their best for the company, and the company gives their best to the individual.

That’s why we’re “all in” on diversity and inclusion and equality.

Q: Since not everyone agrees on LGBTQ issues, have you experienced any pushback?

A: We’re not trying to judge anyone, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. You’re not going to get everyone on the same page all the time. But we’re going to be who we’re going to be.

Our North Star is that we need to do the right thing, as a business and a brand and leaders in the community. We need to have conviction in our beliefs, and do our best to educate and be inclusive.

Q: You have been open about discussing "Imposter Syndrome" – as a woman in the C-suite, what has your experience been like?

A: Imposter Syndrome is real, and unfortunately women have a lot more of it than men. That being said, women need to have confidence in their own worth.

I had a conversation like that recently, when a female colleague was quiet in a meeting. I said, "Remember, you earned your seat at that table, and we want your point of view. You have a valuable perspective that needs to be heard."

The more you see women at the boardroom table, having voices and leadership roles and bringing great ideas, the easier it is for women coming up.

Q: Diversity and inclusion has become a key theme over the past year, so what advice do you have for other companies?

A: Build a team that reflects the marketplace you’re trying to address, and the community you’re trying to engage. That will drive understanding and empathy and creativity, and the more successful you are going to be.

Make sure every single employee has an equal opportunity to go as far as they want to go. If you don’t, you will lose your star performers, because people won’t want to hang around.

(Reporting by Christopher Taylor in New York Editing by Lauren Young and Matthew Lewis)

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Musk has previously compared bitcoin to fiat money and often tweets about cryptocurrencies that have sent values for bitcoin and the meme digital currency dogecoin up and down. In February, bitcoin shot higher after Tesla revealed it had bought $1.5 billion of the cryptocurrency and would soon accept it as a form of payment for cars.

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Trudeau Tightens Up Mortgages After Macklem Sounds Housing Alarm

(Bloomberg) -- Canadian officials escalated efforts to cool the nation’s booming housing market, moving ahead with tighter mortgage qualification rules after the central bank issued a fresh warning against buyers taking on too much debt.Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government set a new benchmark interest rate on Thursday afternoon to determine whether people can qualify for mortgages that are insured by Canada’s housing agency. The move matches an April decision by the nation’s banking regulator to do the same for uninsured mortgages.The regulator -- the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions -- announced earlier Thursday it would implement its new rules June 1.Those steps coincided with a stern warning from Bank of Canada Governor Tiff Macklem in the morning cautioning that Canadians should neither assume interest rates will remain at historic lows nor expect recent sharp gains in home prices to continue.“It is vitally important that homeownership remain within reach for Canadians,” Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland said in a statement.The moves come amid a surge in housing prices that’s raising concern among policy makers and economists. Cheap mortgages and new remote-working conditions have spurred a frenzy of demand for more spacious homes, with house hunters bidding up prices across the country.Canadians are so alarmed by the red-hot housing that nearly half the respondents in a Nanos Research Group poll for Bloomberg News say they’d like to see the Bank of Canada raise borrowing costs to curb demand for real estate and stabilize prices.Still, the measures announced Thursday are seen as incremental steps rather than representing a fundamental shift in policy.With the changes, home buyers will have to show they can afford a minimum rate of 5.25%. The current threshold, based on posted rates of Canada’s six largest lenders, is 4.79%. Economists have been estimating the tighter qualification restrictions would reduce the buying power of households by about 5%.The changes will have little impact on current housing price dynamics, according to Benjamin Tal, deputy chief economist at Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce.“This is not a game changer by any stretch of the imagination and it was highly expected,” Tal said by phone from Toronto.The measures from the government and the regulator came only hours after the Bank of Canada released its annual financial stability report, which highlighted the growing vulnerabilities associated with overleveraged households and speculative housing activity. It flagged three urban markets -- Toronto, Hamilton and Montreal -- as showing excess “exuberance,” with the national capital of Ottawa on the cusp of crossing that threshold.‘Not Normal”At a press conference, Macklem said some people have taken on “significantly” more debt, with many carrying very large mortgages relative to income. Borrowers and lenders need to understand that interest rates won’t always be at historic lows, and home buyers won’t be able to rely on rising values, he said.“It is important to understand that the recent rapid increases in home prices are not normal,” Macklem said. “Counting on ever higher house prices to build home equity that can be used to refinance mortgages in the future is a bad idea.”Outside of the warnings Thursday, it’s not clear how much the central bank can do to cool the market.Growing household vulnerabilities could give policy makers more reason to consider raising borrowing costs, for example, but higher rates would also inflate risks -- such as slow growth or a price correction. Macklem’s next interest-rate decision is due June 9 and the Bank of Canada has said it won’t consider raising its 0.25% benchmark rate until he economy is recovers fully from the Covid-19 pandemic.The Bank of Canada’s financial system review did find that Canada’s lenders could absorb a significant amount of losses in the case of another shock. The central bank said household debt and housing market vulnerabilities probably don’t pose a significant systemic threat to bank solvency, even though they could undermine future growth.“We have to look at the whole economy,” Macklem said at the press conference. “There are important parts of the economy that remain very weak, and the economy needs our support.”(Updates with context throughout.)More stories like this are available on bloomberg.comSubscribe now to stay ahead with the most trusted business news source.©2021 Bloomberg L.P.

Crypto Hedge Funds Buy the Dip in Bitcoin’s Week of Reckoning

(Bloomberg) -- Felix Dian is in fighting spirits after this week’s crypto meltdown.Like many pros, the former Morgan Stanley trader says Bitcoin’s volatility actually shows why hedge funds are in the digital-currency game: To ride boom and bust cycles with diversified bets so clients don’t get killed at times like this.Something is working. His $80 million crypto-focused fund at MVPQ Capital is up 14% in May and has more than tripled in value this year. In contrast, Bitcoin has plunged almost 30% this month, cutting the advance for 2021 to 42%.“We had kept dry powder,” he said in an interview from London. He took advantage of Wednesday’s price collapse and bought Bitcoin when it was trading around $35,000.Crypto-Crash Autopsy Shows Billions Erased in Flash LiquidationsNot everyone’s been so lucky. Scores have seen their fortunes dashed this week in a cascade of selling across crypto markets. Investors spent some $410 billion buying up Bitcoin during this bull market, according to data from Chainalysis. When prices sank to $36,000 this week, $300 billion of those positions were at a loss.It’s left money managers wrestling with whether the digital currency, which is coming under new regulatory scrutiny in the U.S. and China, still has the makings of a serious asset class or will remain nothing more than a speculative bubble.Bitcoin hovered around $40,000 on Friday, trading up 1% as of 7:15 a.m. in New York. The token has lost 35% since hitting an all-time high of $63,000 in April.Charles Erith, who worked for 24 years in Asian emerging markets before jumping to crypto, said the speculative froth was flushed out this week. He bought Bitcoin as prices were plunging.“At $35,000, we felt it’s a reasonable level at which to be adding,” said Erith, who runs ByteTree Asset Management in London. “It’s obviously not regulated and it’s a very young asset, but I don’t think this is going to be a revisit of 2018.”Data from research firm Chainalysis shows professional investors used the crash as an opportunity to start buying at cheap levels, helping put a floor under the market. Big investors bought 34,000 Bitcoin on Tuesday and Wednesday after reducing holdings by as much as 51,000 bitcoin in the last two weeks, according to data from Chainalysis.“People that were borrowing money to invest, they were wiped from the system,” said Kyle Davies, co-founder at Three Arrows Capital in Singapore. His firm bought more Bitcoin and Ether as prices of the tokens tumbled this week.“Every time we see massive liquidation is a chance to buy,” he added. “I wouldn’t be surprised if Bitcoin and Ethereum retrace the entire drop in a week.”Over in Paris, Loan Venkatapen, founder of Blocklabs Capital Management, blames the recent rout on over-leveraged retail investors but says blockchain and the related technologies “are here to stay.”Unlike Davies, Venkatapen avoided Bitcoin, but bought Ether, Solana and other assets connected with the decentralized finance movement as they sold off.“Bitcoin is not dying, but we expect productive blockchain assets such as Ethereum or Solana to challenge Bitcoin dominance in the coming months,” he said.More stories like this are available on bloomberg.comSubscribe now to stay ahead with the most trusted business news source.©2021 Bloomberg L.P.

Deutsche Bank: 'The value of bitcoin is entirely based on wishful thinking'

Analysts are piling on bitcoin as it plunges, noting headwinds and issues that might stunt its increased adoption.

Crypto-Crash Autopsy Shows Billions Erased in Flash Liquidations

(Bloomberg) -- Cryptocurrency markets are stabilizing after a $500 billion Bitcoin wipeout snuffed out a slew of speculative excesses that had been building for months.Signals across the virtual-currency complex show leveraged positions are getting flushed out while dip-buyers are emerging -- helping fuel a return toward $40,000 for the world’s biggest token.As the dust settles following the Wednesday crash, Bybt data shows liquidations have totaled roughly $10 billion since Wednesday. Outstanding futures contracts have tumbled from a $28 billion peak in April to just $13 billion Thursday.The hundreds of billions of dollars changing hands across derivatives this week eclipsed activity in the cash market, as speculators rushed to close positions in the meltdown.“The selloff was greatly exacerbated by a lot of leverage,” said Martin Green, chief executive officer at Cambrian Asset Management, a $150 million crypto fund. “Now that the excess leverage has been liquidated, we have seen longs and leverage starting to be placed once again.”It all shows the power of crypto derivatives markets, where activity has exploded with the rise of multi-billion exchanges that cater to Wall Street and retail traders alike. The extreme volatility and big money in digital currencies is starting to draw regulatory attention, with the U.S. Treasury Department calling for stronger tax compliance within the space.This year’s relentless boom has pushed the likes of Ethereum up as much as 2,200%, while Dogecoin -- a token created as a joke -- became as valuable as blue-chip American companies. Things went awry this week as Bitcoin slid toward $30,000, fueled by regulatory missives from China’s central bank while Tesla Inc. billionaire Elon Musk tempered his enthusiasm for the asset.“You got all those bearish news and eventually you hit the point where a lot of the leveraged positions were getting liquidated,” said Justin d’Anethan, sales manager at EQUOS, a crypto exchange run by Diginex. “When that happens, it’s just a cascading fall.”Volumes surged Wednesday across exchanges, many of which offer high leverage untethered by regulations. As of roughly 7 a.m. in New York, the largest crypto platform Binance had recorded nearly $200 billion in derivatives volume over the preceding 24 hours. At OKEx and Bybit, activity had more than doubled from the prior period.To make things worse, the frenzy coincided with disruptions at Binance, Coinbase and Kraken, deepening panic across cryptoland.Open interest in both options and futures stabilized on Wednesday afternoon in New York trading, as major investors from Cathie Wood to Justin Sun soothed nerves with bullish remarks.On Deribit, the biggest crypto options exchange, a volatility index similar to the VIX dropped to 117 on Thursday from a high of 132 yesterday.One signal in the futures market suggests things are beginning to stabilize.Speculative bulls on Thursday are back trading perpetual crypto futures -- where no underlying asset is delivered -- to narrow their discount to the spot price. The spread, known as the funding rate, is typically at a premium during rallies amid strong demand to go long, but it plunged into negative territory yesterday.“There is little question that the reports of margin calls and other forms of the ‘unwinding of leverage’ took place yesterday,” said Matt Maley, chief market strategist for Miller Tabak + Co. “The fact that they were all able to close well above their lows tells us that much of that ‘forced selling’ faded during the day.”More stories like this are available on bloomberg.comSubscribe now to stay ahead with the most trusted business news source.©2021 Bloomberg L.P.

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Fourth stimulus check wins new fans in Congress, adding to the squeeze on Biden

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Shake Shack Opens New Location on International Drive

Photo courtesy of Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs

Shake Shack opened it’s second location in Orlando last week, located on International Drive in the I-360 plaza.

Shake Shack – if you might not have known – is a New York based food chain started in 2004 who prides themselves in serving the highest quality burger, brews, and shakes in a great atmosphere and with the busy individual in mind.

As part of their grand opening we were invited to their special Friends and Family practice which allowed us to try numerous of their menu item combinations.

First on the menu was the SmokeShack burger, a succulent and hearty burger topped with lettuce, tomatoes, all natural apple-wood smoked bacon and cherry pepper. This burger was delicious, most noted however is the crispiness of the bacon which complimented the 100% Angus beef that Shake Shack prides itself with.

To wash that down we had some of their delicious peanut butter shake. Now, personally, I do not enjoy shakes due to my lactose intolerance and personal taste, however it is to note that I particularly enjoyed this shake as it wasn’t comparable to drinking a tub of peanut butter commonly found in items whose main ingredient consist of peanut butter and didn’t leave me regretting ever drinking any milk product later that night.

Selection of House Drafts and Wine

Shake Shack also offers Beer brewed by Brooklyn Brewing Co. created specifically for Shake Shack, and wine made by Frog’s Loop in Napa Valley made especially for them as well.

This day we tried their Shackmeister Ale – an American Pale Ale with a nice body and bold flavors.

Typically when a restaurant offers their own line of beer I get skeptical as I find them on the same quality of typical “tailgate beers” such as Natural or Bud Light, however, I was surprised to find how great the Shackmeister Ale complimented the burger well. And nothing is more American in my opinion than a burger with a brew…but then again everything is good with good beer.

Our experience at Shake Shack was great, their staff was very friendly and explained to us everything, as well as the service being superbly fast given the sheer number of people overwhelming the store on opening day.

With an excellent selection of amazing food I would recommend stopping by this location if you happen to be there whether it be at the convention center or seeing the Orlando Eye.

Fun fact, Shake Shack allows dogs and offers dog biscuits your dog would love, so the next time you stop by at one of your locations remember you can bring your favorite furry friend as well!

Photo courtesy of Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs Photo courtesy of Orange County Mayor Teresa Jacobs

How To Cook The Shack Burger At Home

This copycat recipe takes some liberties as usual because the secret blend of ground beef and the secret sauce remain under lock and key. But, every ingredient for the burger can be found in your hometown grocery.

A popular brand of custom blender burger meat found in the meat section is from Schweid and Sons as well as a package from Wahlburgers. They come in proportioned burger sizes, so you may have to weigh the burgers to get them to the right size.

Starting with fresh ground beef, we prefer the chuck, sirloin, short rib blend. If you can’t find this blend then an 80-20 ground Black Angus chuck blend will work nicely.

First Look: Shake Shack Opens Tomorrow In Dupont Circle

Shake Shack finally kicks things off tomorrow at 11 a.m. with their Dupont Circle grand opening. And to help make your inevitable wait in line a little easier, they've invited Detroit's Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. in for a quick pop-up acoustic set starting at 12:30 p.m. Eater got a little sneak peek inside the New York institution's first DC location, which boasts seating for about 175 people, exposed brick and polished wood walls and the most flat-screen TVs of any Shack outpost. And that's not the only thing that's different about the DC Shake Shack.

Though most Shack locations tend to cater to the grab-n-go crowd, CEO David Swinghamer says this one is designed to be more of a hangout, playing off the neighborhood's residential vibe. "This area spoke to us," he said. They took down the giant yellow Fuddruckers awning to open up the tall windows to the outside so that customers will feel like they're part of the street scene. Flat-screen TVs in the main dining space and the lofted seating are meant to encourage people to stay a while, Swinghamer explains.

The menu will be largely the same at the nation's newest Shake Shack, with a few twists. They'll be offering half-size frozen custard concretes for the first time, available in DC-centric recipes like the Majority Whip or the Washington Monu-Mint — the latter from which a portion of the proceeds will be donated to Share Our Strength. They'll be serving two specially-made-for-Shake-Shack wines from Frog's Leap winery, including a cabernet franc and a sauvignon blanc, in addition to other wines and beers.

Why Shake Shack Opened at Dodger Stadium Instead of In-N-Out Burger

LA Times sportswriter Bill Shaikin spills some insight as to why Shake Shack, and not In-N-Out burger opened at Dodger Stadium. The NYC-based burger chain is much more likely to open in places like ballparks, airports, and busy central business districts, while In-N-Out traditionally never opens these kinds of locations, mostly due to issues of quality control, sponsorships, and the desire to keep prices consistent across all locations. Shaikin writes that In-N-Out doesn’t even pursue opportunities inside stadiums and ballparks because of the high costs and intricacies of sponsorship deals.

An In-N-Out rep stated that the burger chain, owned privately, prefers to do local school or community sponsorships where they’re located, which makes sense for anyone who might see their In-N-Out trucks roving around LA/OC County neighborhoods and far-flung suburbs. It is a shame that the Dodgers and In-N-Out couldn’t come to some agreement to show Angelenos and visitors the best of LA’s burgers (though Shake Shack is pretty solid overall), but the Dodgers (and In-N-Out) belong the LA. Sorry New Yorkers.