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Tzatziki salad dressing recipe

Tzatziki salad dressing recipe

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My husband has been experimenting with different salad dressings recently and we thought that instead of a dip, we could take the flavours of tzatziki and turn them into a salad dressing! One of our greatest ideas, ever!

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IngredientsServes: 8

  • 1/2 cucumber, roughly chopped
  • 6 heaped tablespoons natural yoghurt
  • 4 tablespoons chopped fresh coriander
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • salt and pepper, to taste

MethodPrep:6min ›Ready in:6min

  1. Combine all of the ingredients into a food processor and pulse until smooth. The desired consistency is runny, and you should achieve that thanks to the water contained in the cucumber, however feel free to add a little more lemon juice or a splash or two of milk to get the ideal outcome. Serve immediately with salad or store in the fridge in an airtight container for up to two days.

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Creamy Tzatziki Cucumber Salad

Creamy cucumber salad recipe with a tzatziki-inspired dressing made with Greek yogurt, vinegar, fresh lemon, garlic, and dill. It’s light, refreshing and less than 30 calories per serving! Jump to the Creamy Cucumber Salad Recipe or read on to see our tips for making it.

This easy cucumber salad, inspired by our tzatziki yogurt sauce, has been on repeat lately. It’s straightforward to make, goes with just about anything, and thanks to the Greek yogurt, it is healthy! Less than 30 calories for one cup, now that’s something we can get behind!

Tzatziki Sauce Recipe How to make Authentic Greek Tzatziki Sauce

Learn how to make a Tzatziki Sauce at home. This Authentic Greek Tzatziki Sauce is very easy, quick, healthy and very delicious..
You will love this Greek Garlic Yogurt cucumber Sauce perfect to serve with Greek Souvlaki, Gyro, Kebab, grilled meats, Greek roasted potatoes, as a vegetable dip, a Greek salad dressing, a cucumber salad or even with pita bread..
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The trick to making a good Tzatziki Sauce is prepping the cucumber right. First, half peel the cucumber- basically , “skipping” every other peel like we did in the picture above . Once peeled, run the cucumber through the large or coarse holes on a box grater.

Before adding the cucumber to a sauce, we want the excess liquid off of it. You deal with it by either placing in a fine-mesh sieve and pressing the liquid out that way or by drying the grated cucumber thoroughly with paper towels . Once drained, add to a bowl with the other sauce ingredients.

With all your ingredients in the bowl, mix however you please- hand mixer, stand mixer, or a bit of elbow-grease and a spoon . Mix until you have a nice, cohesive sauce. If using as a dip, garnish with a few extra drops of olive oil and some more herbs.

At this point, the Tzatziki Dip or Sauce is done ! You can use it to top salads, dress sandwiches, or for dipping. However you use it, we hope you enjoy!

The Best Tzatziki Dip

This homemade tzatziki sauce recipe is a traditional Greek recipe that is a popular dish in restaurants found in Greece… Or Greek restaurants in the USA as well.

If you ever visit Greece, you will understand how important tzatziki is to the culture of this beautiful country.

But until then, you can enjoy a taste of the Greek culture in your own kitchen by making this delicious tzatziki gyro sauce recipe at home.

How to store

The answer to the big question, “Does this salad store well,” is YES! This salad stores very well, and often tastes better the second day. As the ingredients sit and combine, the flavors really intensify and make this salad one of those meals that’s just better on Day 2!

Keep it refrigerated in a securely sealed container, and you can enjoy it for up to 3 days.

Mediterranean Flavors: Tzatziki Recipe

You only need to follow a recipe once or twice when making tzatziki before the process becomes almost automatic. Thick tangy yogurt crisp, sweet cucumber pungent garlic and dill sunny lemon. The formula, a staging ground for countless dip platters and a condiment for the thousands of gyros dished up daily, is as familiar to us now as salsa and ketchup. And its preparation is about as intuitive—recipes matter less than solid ingredients and a willingness to dip a tasting finger along the way.

That being said, there are some variations and tips worth considering if you're looking to improve your efforts.

Your first step should be to salt your cucumbers. I go for baby cucumbers because they make naturally smaller slices, but large ones work just as well. Removing the seeds and salting them for about half an hour before assembling the dip will make your cukes taste more cucumbery, and will relieve them of a lot of their water content. Excess water is the enemy of tzatziki. No one wants a watery dip. (Well, unless you want something like cacık or raita or one of the other innumerable yogurt-cucumber dips of the Mediterranean and Middle East.)

Likewise, your yogurt shouldn't be watery. Most supermarkets I've seen carry Fage yogurt, which is strained. It's good, but local or imported is better. If you live in New York, I recommend yogurt made by Kesso Foods, available in some specialty and Greek groceries. Their yogurt has a more nuanced dairy flavor and a complex acidity lacking in national brands. While you certainly can use low- or no-fat yogurt and still achieve a creamy, tasty dip, the flavors won't blend as nicely. Fat takes the edge off the lemon juice, and fattier yogurts accentuate garlic's flavor while reducing its harsh raw bite.

If you want a thinner dip or just something with a little less tartness, sour cream or crème fraîche can be substituted for some of the yogurt. The most typical add-ins are lemon juice, garlic, and dill parsley, mint, or even olive oil wouldn't be strangers here. If you can, let your tzatziki sit a few hours before serving to let the flavors develop. Once it's ready, its uses are practically limitless (it's a topping! a dip! a spread!). But I prefer it plain, eaten as salad.

Tzatziki Ranch Greek Yogurt Dressing

Tzatziki Ranch has sprigs of fresh-tasting dill and bright flavors to help switch up any dish. Serve with chicken, beef, or pita chips.

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  • Low Calorie
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This fresh tzatziki recipe will liven up any summer meal! Rich, creamy & full of fresh herbs, it's delicious on pita, grilled veggies, sandwiches, and more!

Break out the pita, it’s tzatziki time! On Monday, I posted my favorite Greek salad , and now I’m following it up with another Greek essential: this cool, refreshing cucumber tzatziki sauce.

One of the best parts of summer is that dinner suddenly becomes easy. My favorite ingredients – fresh fruits and veggies – are at their peak. Tomatoes are sweeter and juicier, berries are plumper, peppers are snappier, and our backyard herbs are at their most potent.

Sometimes, when I want to put these peak-season veggies front and center, making dinner just means prepping a sauce to dress them up. This tzatziki sauce is a great recipe for showcasing summer produce – it’s rich & creamy, bright, and packed with fresh herbs. So mix it up, serve it with a big platter of pita and your favorite summer veggies, and call it dinner!

What is tzatziki?

Tzatziki is a salted yogurt and cucumber dip that’s made of strained yogurt, shredded cucumber, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, salt, and herbs. Authentic Greek tzatziki is most often made with sheep or goat yogurt, but my tzatziki recipe calls for regular full-fat Greek yogurt. It’s easier to find in the store, and it still has the creamy, thick consistency you want in tzatziki sauce. Along with the other traditional ingredients, I stir in fresh mint and dill for a bright, summery finish.

How to Make Tzatziki Sauce

I first started eating tzatziki sauce at Greek restaurants, but I’ve since learned that it’s incredibly easy to whip up at home. Now, along with pesto , it’s one of my must-make summer sauces. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Start by grating the cucumber. I use the largest holes on a box grater to give my final sauce texture and plenty of green flecks.
  2. Next, squeeze the water out of the grated cucumber. This step is essential for making a creamy tzatziki – if you skip it, the water from the cucumber will cause your sauce to separate. Squeeze the cucumber directly over the sink, or press it lightly between kitchen or paper towels.
  3. Then, stir everything together! Mix the squeezed cucumber with the yogurt, lemon juice, garlic, olive oil, salt, and herbs, and chill until you’re ready to use.

How to Use Tzatziki Sauce

Once you’ve mixed your tzatziki sauce together, there are endless ways to use it. Most simply, I enjoy it as a snack with fresh veggies and pita or crackers. Try it this way, or add it to your next crudité platter . Your guests will love it!

You could also slather it onto sandwiches like these pita wraps , serve it alongside a Mediterranean salad like tabbouleh or couscous salad , or top it onto falafel, falafel burgers , or a flatbread .

And last but not least, serve it with pita and lots of grilled veggies for a delicious, easy summer dinner.

An authentic tzatziki sauce recipe can be used in so many different ways. Of course, tzatziki dip can be eaten as a dip, a spread, or a topping for sandwiches and/or salads.

Here are some low carb recipes to pair with easy tzatziki sauce:

  • Lamb Kofta Kebab– Serve as a dipping sauce for the kebabs
  • Roasted Cauliflower Hummus – Serve the hummus, tzatziki recipe, and kalamata olives as a Mediterranean platter
  • Chopped Mediterranean Salad– Add a dollop of protein-rich easy tzatziki sauce – Add these to your Greek platter!
  • Keto Almond Flour Crackers– Or keep it really simple and just dip, dip, dip! – For a fancier Greek meal.