Traditional recipes

Outlaw cutlet

Outlaw cutlet

Easy to make, quick to prepare and very attractive this steak with little taste and smoky smell. Effective in any circumstance, at a festive meal or in the family.
It melts in your mouth, not another. Enjoy ....

  • 1-1.5 kg pork chop
  • 150 g bacon
  • 100 g spicy sausages from home
  • 1 onion
  • 2 tablespoons mustard
  • salt
  • pepper
  • paprika
  • Provencal herbs
  • a little red pepper
  • dill and green parsley

Servings: 8

Preparation time: less than 120 minutes


The cutlet, washed and dried with paper napkins, is sliced ​​but not completely cut. At the bottom, we do not cut it at all.

Cut thin slices of bacon, sausages and peeled onions.

Season the chop and grease it with mustard.

Between the chop slices we put bacon, onion and sausages.

On top of the chop we put a few slices of red pepper and greens.

Put the chop in a bowl with a lid, add 150 ml of water or white wine, cover with a lid and put in the preheated oven at 200 degrees C, about an hour.

Then remove the lid and leave for another 20-30 minutes for the chop to brown.

Serve the outlaw cutlet with mashed potatoes and lettuce.

Great appetite!

Wedding of € 30,000

Minister Adomniţa rented a 4-star hotel for the party It is not long and the liberal minister Cristian Adomniţei (32 years old) will swear love until his death to Sabina Vişinari (26 years old), at Suceviţa Monastery, Suceava County. For the wedding, scheduled for 18 oc & shytom & shybrie, the minister rented a hotel and several four-star guesthouses, where he will accommodate the 300 guests.

The minister wants a traditional menu: sarmale, outlaw pork chop, shepherd's borscht and Moldovan carp.

The meal will take place at the luxurious Sofia Hotel, in Sucevita commune. The cost per guest will be about 200 lei. The bride and groom, including the Tariceanu family, will taste, as an entree, a Transylvanian brandy, over 10 years old, or a Bucovina refined one.

The menu costs 200 lei

After training with strength, the diners will be served with area-specific goodies. As I found out from one of the employees, for one night accommodation at the Sofia hotel, Adomniţei will take out of his pocket 160 lei for the single room, 225 & # 8211 double and 245 & # 8211 apartment. As the hotel has only 80 rooms, the groom will provide accommodation to the other guests at several nearby four-star guesthouses, at which the prices are similar.
Accommodation, food and drink will cost Adomniţa around 30,000 euros for all guests, not counting clothes and fiddlers.

Two ministry employees responsible for the invitations

The director of the minister's office and the personal adviser, Raluca Spaciuc, respectively Mirela Amaranda, were delegated by him to take care of receiving the confirmations of participation in the wedding and other technical details related to the happy event in the life of their boss. The two employees passed the phone numbers on the invitations.

Sausages Contains 86 products.

Raw preparation, lightly smoked only with meat and charcoal fat. They can be grilled or pan-fried without oil. Raw preparation, lightly smoked only from.

Jumări Santa Claus Jumări Santa Claus

Pickles of charcoal from raw material of Romanian origin - ready to serve. Serve at room temperature. Raw charcoal halves.

Santa's charcoal pulp specialty Santa's charcoal pulp specialty

Chard pulp, smoked and steamed. Chard pulp, smoked and boiled.

Santa's baked chard pastrami Santa's baked chard pastrami

Marinated and cooked chard pork leg. Sliced ​​product. It is consumed as such or drawn in a pan / grill. Marinated chard pork leg.

Pastrami Turkey Breast Smoke Factory Turkey Pastrami Smoke Factory

Romanian artisanal product only from turkey breast, spices and salt. Romanian handicraft product only from.

Braller pork beef sausages Braller pork beef sausages

Sausages from Transylvania made according to a traditional recipe, without preservatives and additives. Sausages from Transylvania made after.

Ferma Braller pork parizer Ferma Braller pork parizer

Real Parisian made in Transylvania according to the traditional recipe, only from pork, beef and spices. Fine and natural taste specific to homemade products. Real Parisian made in Transylvania after.

Smoked Plescoi Sausage Santa Andrei Smoked Plescoi Sausage Santa Andrei

Cold smoked product diarrhea from natural ingredients. Edible natural membrane. Cold smoked diarrhea product from.

Santa Claus dried sausages Santa Claus dried sausages

Real sausages, only from mutton, beef, salt and natural spices. Cold smoked dry raw product. Real sausages, only meat.

Babic Santa Andrei Babic Santa Andrei

Babic de Pleşcoi made by Santa Andrei from Buzău according to a traditional recipe. Cold smoked dry raw product. Certified quality! Babic de Pleşcoi made by Santa Andrei.

Ghiudem Santa Andrei Ghiudem Santa Andrei

Ghiudem from Santa Andrei from Buzău made according to the traditional recipe only from natural ingredients. Cold smoked dry raw product. Ghiudem from Santa Andrei from Buzau.

Santa Andrei sliced ​​pork rind Santa Andrei sliced ​​pork rind

Sliced ​​chilled pork rind. Burnt natural product. Sliced ​​chilled pork rind.

Braller Farm Jumari Braller Farm Jumari

Traditional product made in Transylvania by the frying process, only from natural ingredients. Traditional product made in Transylvania.

Sausage stick sausage Sausage stick sausage

Charcuterie pork sausage Raw natural smoked product. Sausages of grated pork.

Raw-Dried Pork Salami with Salt and Pepper Pasini Raw-Dried Pork Salami with Salt and Pepper Pasini

Dried raw salami only from pork and peppercorns. Product made with passion according to established and secret recipes of the Italians, matured for 2 months at controlled temperature and humidity. Raw salami dried only from meat.

Ostrich meat pastrami Ostrich meat pastrami

The meat comes from naturally and freely raised ostriches. Product rich in Iron, Omega -3, Omega -6, good source of protein, without dyes, without additives and without flavor enhancers, packed in a vacuum casserole (skinpack). The meat comes from raised ostriches.

Turkey sausages Turkey sausages

Smoked turkey sausages with beech wood and dried cherries. 100% natural product. Smoked turkey sausages with wood.

Homemade Bacon Farm Braller Homemade Bacon Farm Braller

Real bacon made in Transylvania according to the traditional recipe, only from pork and spices. Smoked product. Real bacon made in Transylvania after.

Duck breast pastrami Duck breast pastrami

Duck breast pastrami (with skin), marinated in a stain for 6 days, then baked in a smoker (at 90-120 ° C) with hardwood. Prepared with 100% natural ingredients, sliced ​​and vacuumed. Duck breast pastrami (with.

Braller Farm Salami Braller Farm Salami

Boiled product, only made of pork and spices, made according to a Saxon recipe dating from the 1800s. It does not contain any minced meat, only shaped pork leg and kept for 72 hours in the stain. It is a salami that does not hide anything when cut, you can see exactly the texture of the meat and what it contains (crushed pepper - not ground, black salt - not iodized), appearance. Boiled product, only pork.

Raw Duck Breast Dry Smoke Factory Raw Duck Breast Dry Smoke Factory

Dry raw duck breast with Dried raw duck breast with

Virșli Farm Braller Virșli Farm Braller

Transylvanian sausages or sausages smoked with hot paprika and garlic. Braller Farm stews are made, according to a traditional recipe, only from pork, beef, sheep and spices. Transylvanian sausages or sausages.

Chicken sausages Chicken sausages
General rating

Boiled and smoked product with wood smoke, stuffed in sheep's milk, without preservatives and additives. Product boiled and smoked with smoke.

Turkey sausages Turkey sausages

Boiled and smoked product with wood smoke, stuffed in sheep's milk, without preservatives and additives. Product boiled and smoked with smoke.

RealFoods delivers organic, natural and fresh products at home, directly from small producers and family farms across the country, but not only. We are always looking for producers who are passionate about what they do and we work directly with them so you know what you are eating. Together with Nico Lontras and Johnny Șușală, 2 of the best chefs of the new generation, we made Ready to Eat products and Ucook cooking packages with over 100 recipes based on Real Foods products. We offer you a total guarantee for products that do not have the quality you expected. We know how important trust is when it comes to an online store.

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There is no false advertising

This is what is written on my package of outlaw chops from Matache Butcher:

& # 8220Cotlet outlaw & # 8211 craft sausages & # 8221
& # 8220From your bow happy, outlaw chop serve! & # 8221
Skillfully old butchery recipes

Old recipes yes? The butchers. And then I return the package to find out the secret of the ancestral spice, the magic of the ancestral damf:

Glucose syrup, triphosphates, gelatinizing agent (carrageenan), sodium ascorbate, sodium acetate, sodium nitrite.
Skillfully old butchery recipes. With a lot of carrageenan, like in my great-grandfather's pantry.

I don't want to push the spear of intransigence into Santa Matache's ribs. Old family of butchers, specializing in meat, music and all. It can't be about a specific product when everyone apply the same strategy.

There is no more false advertising. Not even pleonasm can be called. It is a rule, something of course, a generalized nonsense that has become a habit. Hey, it's consumer society! Every mess has its right to shine and be photographed. Everyone does it. That's how it's done, that's who we are, we all integrate.

Today, you attract tense glances and the nags from the tip of your beak relieve you if reprehensible grunts try you. How to comment on the veracity of an advertisement ?! It is her right to lie, it is ADVERTISING! Surely you have some cognitive problems, probably a slight alienation and air of hipster, only if you aspire to look for it under the polish of unanimously accepted stupidity.

Watch TV commercials every day. They're all hyperbole & # 8211 failed rehearsals for burlesque theater. Actors who aim to play fake, to drop the number of delusional texts that send a single message in unison: We are not serious!
Exact. They deliver advertisements and no one can claim to be serious.

In this general context, what is the point of frankly promoting a product? How will the consumer recognize the truth in your message? Come on, find the pigeon in the flock of painted crows!

Only in politics have we seen this principle of fruitful chaos applied: triggering, maintaining and capitalizing on degeneration. A unanimously accepted mess that only the urges weave into their nothingness. If you are a serious man, a chic stake in your social bubble, don't get up to split the threads we all hang on to.

At least they get tired of lying to us. We have to accept them, vote for them, buy them. We are all like that. That's how it's done.

What do we need for the traditional cutlet or smoked neck recipe?

  • -pork chop
  • For brine (calculate how much brine to cover the meat)
  • -40 g of salt for 1 l of water
  • -piper seeds
  • -bay
  • -rosemary
  • -ienibahar
  • -pepper
  • For the final spice mixture
  • -1 tablespoon sweet paprika
  • -1 teaspoon grated pepper (optional if you do not want spicy)
  • -1 teaspoon thyme
  • -1 head of finely ground garlic
  • -a little cold water, to be a sauce

Pandemic finance

& # x1f4b0 Compared to what we generally do to save and not waste, during this period we tried even more to we make the most of everything we buy and everything that is close to the expiration date and we didn't get to consume turns into recipes or we put it in the freezer (that's what we did recently with a few apples and bananas), and we turned the milk into homemade cheese.

& # x1f4b0 We put the products in a more calculated basket, compared to when we went shopping new, in the idea that then something that was not on the list would drop (usually something sweet).

& # x1f4b0 The husband started to invest in mutual funds. I put in the savings account at the beginning of the month a slightly smaller amount than before, but I put. If there is anything left at the end of the month, it is still in the savings account.

& # x1f4b0 Clothes or other things for going out are on the forefront now for us, except for baby clothes if necessary (it grows extremely fast and we can't leave it without bodies for example & # x1f601).

& # x1f4b0 Plus that it's a good time to tidy up your wardrobe You can certainly find a blouse, a forgotten T-shirt, but one that can still be worn. The rest of the clothes that are no longer worn (but are in good condition) can be donated later.

I think all isolation comes with a lesson that some will learn in the end, while others will behave as if you were absent from it. Like at school, unfortunately.

If you find this approach useful and interesting, I'm waiting for you with Money Diaries at the address [email protected].

How much it will be more and more diverse, so I think we will learn new things and we will do this more relevant conversation.

Seven new Romanian meat dishes, certified as traditional products by the Ministry of Agriculture

Seven meat products manufactured in the counties of Galaţi, Caraş-Severin and Buzău received, last week, certificates of traditional products from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR), the institution informs in a communiqué on Tuesday.

In Galati County, the producer Verdesi & ampCo received a certificate for four traditional products obtained from pork from their own farms: & # 8220Ilinca pork tenderloin & # 8221, & # 8220Zamfir's outlaw chop & # 8221, & # 8220Ilinca and smoked ribs & # 8220 Ignat's pork sausages & # 8221.

The name "Ilinca" pork tenderloin has been passed down from generation to generation, and the recipe is a specific one that involves preparing pieces of meat by maturing and seasoning with thyme and other spices, before smoking, says the Ministry of Agriculture.

& # 8220Zamfir's outlaw chop & # 8221 is made from pork chop, seasoned in a spice stain, for 6-14 days.

& # 8220The quality of the raw material and the processing of the meat by traditional methods lead to the product & # 8216Camlet Outlaw of Zamfir & # 8217, which is characterized by a special taste and especially by a specific flavor of homemade products & # 8221, is mentioned in communiqué.

& # 8220The Ilinca smoked rib & # 8221 is a product obtained from boneless pork breast matured for 6-14 days in a stain of traditional natural spices and salt. The recipe is over 25 years old.

& # 8220 Ignat's pork sausages & # 8221 traditionally smoked are obtained from local raw materials: pork, pork bacon, salt, natural spices. The obtained product is subjected to the technological operation of smoking.

In Caraş Severin County, a certificate of traditional product was granted for & # 8220 Goat meat sausages as in Soceni & # 8221. They are obtained from fresh goat meat, the White Banat breed, and pork leg from the producer's household, smoked in natural smoke, explains the Ministry of Agriculture.

In Buzău county, a certificate of traditional product was granted for & # 8220Salamul Casa Râmniceană & # 8221 and for & # 8220Sal-dried sausages Casa Râminceană & # 8221. That salami is a culinary preparation of pork and beef with an authentic and invariable processing method, and all processing operations are performed manually. The combination of the two types of meat, the carefully used ingredients followed in the end by the smoking process highlights the traditional value of the finished product.

& # 8220 Casa Râminceană raw-dried sausages & # 8221 are prepared from mutton and pork taken from farmers in the area, as well as from their own farms, and the smoking process emphasizes the traditional value of the finished product.

The Ministry of Agriculture encourages producers to register their traditional products not only to diversify production, but also to provide consumers with quality assurance. In this way, traditional products become tools for promoting certain regions, keeping alive the national consciousness and identity, on the one hand, and the increased interest in discovering the values ​​of the place, on the other hand, according to the source. AGERPRES

If you liked the article and want to know what we write:

Serving mode for outlaw pork chop

Once removed from the oven, the pork chop with bone in the oven will be brown, with a crispy and delicious crust. With this pork chop, pickles, a salad of vegetables or a tasty portion of cabbage hardened according to the Transylvanian recipe will fit perfectly.

Did I convince you to make a delicious pork chop in the oven too? And, if the Easter holidays are fast approaching, you may be tempted to cook even the delicious lamb chops for the traditional Easter meal!

Snails with ham and cheese

For the phenomenon in the image below (photo source), German has a short and suggestive term, even if it is a compound word. Although it is not large Donaudampfschifffahrtselektrizitätenhauptbetriebswerkbauunterbeamtengesellschaft (& # 8220Association for Subordinate Officials of the Head Office Management of the Danube Steamboat Electrical Services & # 8221 would say in English), Hamsterkauf perfectly and concisely illustrates panic-induced behavior.

Now I'm going to suggest some stuff which you can prepare when you find that after you have emptied the supermarket shelves behaving like the characters below (photo source), you have come up with a series of products that you need to get rid of as soon as possible, for reasons of perishability.

The picture above is from stock, so don't ask me how it was kept so well Prague ham, despite the fact that it has expired since October 2016.

You would need some more dough sheets (that pastry it is not grammatically correct). If you have it - refrigerated or frozen, that's fine. If not, put your hand and do it, for sure you took it too flour, and butter. Probably salt and vinegar, and the water still flows at the taps (knock on wood).

What do you need?

  • 1 sheet of puff pastry (800 g)
  • 200 g (2 packets = 8 slices) Prague ham or boiled ham
  • 100 g (1 packet = 10 slices) outlaw cutlet
  • 15 - 16 slices (1 ½ packs = 300 g) Mimolette sliced ​​cheese
  • 1 egg (optional)
  • 50 - 75 g grated cheese or grated Parmesan cheese (optional)
  • A few crystals of flavored or smoked salt (optional).

How do you proceed?

First and foremost, preheat the oven to 200 ˚C. Not to forget after you catch the cooking fever.

Spread the dough sheet on worktop (a euphemism for the tablecloth on the kitchen table). Place the Prague ham on the dough, pat the empty places with an outlaw cutlet, then line everything with Mimolette cheese (the pictures are telling, I don't think you need any further explanation).

Roll the dough with the filling, being careful not to catch in the roll the foil in which the foil was packed.

Cut the roll thus obtained into rounds of about 2 cm. Use a sharp knife. In order not to dismantle the constructions, fix them with a toothpick. When you eat them, remember the toothpicks before it's too late. They may not have baked.

Place the washers in a tray lined (or folded) with baking paper. The wallpaper only helps to facilitate the cleaning of the tray after the baking process is completed. You can put them in the oven as they are, or you can proceed as below.

Grease the top of the slices with beaten egg, sprinkle on each roll 1 - 2 crystals of salt (more to intensify the flavors, ham and cheese, and even the dough contains enough sodium chloride).

Sprinkle with grated cheese or grated Parmesan cheese, then put the tray in the oven for 30 to 40 minutes. About halfway through, turn the tray horizontally 180˚ (with π radians if you are good at science & engineering).

Video: Evolution of the Bollock Dagger by Tod Cutler (December 2021).