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What to Eat According to Your Horoscope

What to Eat According to Your Horoscope

What do the stars say about your food personality?

Eat what fits perfectly with your sign.

People have extremely diverse eating habits. There are those that avoid red meat entirely, even if they are dining out at a world class steakhouse. Some adhere to strange fad diets, eating only bananas one day and only vegetables the next. Others still throw caution to the wind and indulge in the rich, luxurious side of dining. It’s always seemed like there was no real rhyme or reason to eating habits. Those who like certain things just do. Those who hate certain things simply hate them. But really, there is a perfectly logical explanation for some eating habits. Believe it or not, your birthday — and thus your star sign — can really affect eating habits, likes and dislikes, and social food tendencies.

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There’s a lot to be said for astrological signs and how they affect a person. Becoming more familiar with the 12 signs can give huge insight into a person and explain some of their idiosyncrasies. For example, a Taurus absolutely enjoys good food and wine. They tend to be a bit self-indulgent and sometimes need to be reined in a bit. On the opposite end of the spectrum, a Pisces is selfless and spiritual, completely guided by their feelings.

Learning more about the star signs and what they mean about a person can also open a huge window into their eating habits. Someone who is filled with energy, like the Leo, needs to carbo-load. They need something substantial to keep them going as they burn through their need to be center stage. The Aquarius is big on making the world a better place, one step at a time. They’ll love CSA baskets and farmer’s markets with tons of locally sourced produce and foods that are beneficial to the environment. So, what does your star sign say about your eating habits?

Mood foods: Five things to eat when you're feeling down

If you're in a funk you just can't seem to shake it may be time to open your fridge. According to ScienceDaily, new research shows that certain foods have naturally occurring mood-enhancing properties that show some similarity to valproic acid, a "widely-used mood-stabilizing prescription drug."

Sarah Treleaven Updated August 27, 2012

If you’re in a funk you just can’t seem to shake it may be time to open your fridge. According to ScienceDaily, new research shows that certain foods have naturally occurring mood-enhancing properties that show some similarity to valproic acid, a “widely-used mood-stabilizing prescription drug.” The idea is that these foods — chocolate, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and teas — help boost mood in a similar way (though not recommended for treating severe mood disorders).

Personally, it comes as no surprise that eating chocolate can improve your mood — just thinking about it improves my mood. This is far from the first study to make the food-mood connection. A recent CBS article explores the terrifying idea that stress can shrink your brain, but that eating omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B12 (while limiting refined sugars and carbohydrates) can help counter the effects. And in a related story, Dr. Drew Ramsey, author of The Happiness Diet , suggests getting a mood boost from fresh eggs, cherry tomatoes, dark chocolate, red beans, greek yogurt and anchovies.

It’s not just what we eat but how we eat that relates to mood. There’s something immensely satisfying about sitting down to a real meal – whether you’ve prepared it yourself or allowed someone else to do it. We all respond differently to things but I know that my stress levels only increase when dinner involves eating a muffin while power walking to the next thing. Preparing something healthy, and eating it with someone you love is far more therapeutic than grabbing a slice of pizza in front of the TV and then hitting the sack.

The Zodiac Diet

From the blood type diet to the personality type diet, so many programs now advocate weight loss regimens for your specific, well, type, we half expected to see the astro diet. The zodiac, after all, is the world's oldest classification system. Just for fun, we asked our favorite amateur astrologer, Peter Smith, what the stars might say about the future of your shape.

Aries (March 21-April 19)

Headstrong and passionate, you are terrific at kicking off a diet, not so great at sustaining one.

Best bet: A short-term, intense regimen that grips your attention. at least until you get sick of it. Or try a weight loss competition with a friend. You can't fathom coming in second.

Taurus (April 20-May 20)

No sign is more blockheadedly sedentary or accumulates pounds faster.

Best bet: Regular physical activity and constant dietary vigilance. You'll cheerfully and steadfastly stick to a fitness routine if it's predictable, slightly boring, and shows practical results.

Gemini (May 21-June 21)

Thanks to your innate distractibility and near-hysterical nervous system, you burn calories the way a veld brush fire hurls off sparks.

Best bet: Graze daily on a half-dozen small, varied, mealettes that you can pick at while you're doing something else (reading the tabloids, watching TV, listening to your iPod, etc.).

Cancer (June 22-July 22)

Cancers are emotional eaters, before bedtime snackers, and inveterate food hoarders.

Best bet: With your love of domesticity, retrain yourself to prepare soothing meals that aren't over-the-top fattening. Tenacious and hardworking, you respond beautifully to any long-term fitness program.

Leo (July 23-August 22)

Warm, regal, and enthusiastic, you are identifiable by your innate flamboyance (you have a weakness for gold) and inclination to grasp people very tenderly on the arm when talking to them.

Best bet: Appeal to your own vanity by joining a gym, where you can work out in full view of the minions and fantasize ad nauseam about how dazzling you'll look once you've dropped a few pounds.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)

Practically everything on the planet repulses you, or just plain gives you the shivers (you're the kids who'll eat only beige food one month, organic chimichangas the next), and you're maddeningly (to some) hypersensitive about dietary matters.

Best bet: Vegetarianism, or any fringe diet and fitness program that's pragmatic, detailed, purifying, and ferociously organized.

Libra (September 23-October 22)

You're so flipping wishy-washy—sorry, magnificently diplomatic—that mid-diet you're liable to change your mind (wait, wouldn't the Zone be better?).

Best bet: A partner to keep you on track, mixed with a balanced, middle-of-the-road eating plan.

Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

You're infamously all-or-nothing in your approach to exercise and dieting. The nice part is that no zodiac sign has deeper reserves of willpower.

Best bet: Any extreme regimen that involves control over your impulses, mild self-flagellation, and full-body detoxification. Bikram yoga, anyone? Weeklong juice fast?

Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

Prone to claustrophobia, you require freedom, challenge, and open spaces filled with gaily chirping birds. You also tend to put on weight easily, particularly in the hips and thighs.

Best bet: Go hiking rather than sequestering yourself inside a gym. As for dieting, don't even think about it. Just try to eat for health and lead a vigorous, don't-fence-me-in life.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

You tender, quietly driven, and occasionally melancholic souls respond well to structure.

Best bet: A systematized diet and fitness plan favoring gentler exercise (yoga, Pilates, bands) to counter your tendency to stiffen under pressure. Remember, if you want to get ahead (Capricorns are nothing if not ambitious), it won't hurt to look your best.

Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

You are the "I'll do it my way" individualist of the zodiac, and by a long shot the most intellectual of the three air signs.

Best bet: Aquarius rules the ankles and circulatory system, which is why skiing, treadmilling, and dancing are excellent calorie burners for you. And diet? Follow your own regimen, the more off the beaten track, the better.

Pisces (February 19-March 20)

Kindly, dreamy, poetical, and occasionally self-delusional, you badly need structure in your life, or else you'll start drinking gin and writing god-awful song lyrics.

Best bet: Exercise that gives you the illusion of merging with the universe—yoga, rock climbing, running. To avoid going off the deep end, opt for a rational, three-meal-a-day diet—and hang on to your scales.

What's interesting is that each zodiac sign in astrology is ruled by certain body parts.

These are the parts of us that call for the most attention — sometimes good, sometimes not so good. For this reason, it's best to pay close attention to what's best for your own sign.

What are the healthiest choices for each sign of the zodiac?

Aries (March 21 - April 19)

Because Aries rules the head, we're talking about headaches, brain tumors, confusion and madness. Yes, that's the not so good stuff.

To ensure you don't make things worse, it's best for Aries to stay away from alcohol, which can lead to migraine. Aries would do best to stay away from certain allergens like pollen or ragweed.

Once again, the head rules the sinuses, and many Aries find themselves with awful allergies. Eat pure, organic foods that are free from harmful additives that won't attack your sinuses.

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

This sign is ruled by the throat, neck and vocal chords. Yes, they do make for some of the best singers around, but that means sore throats, swollen glands and thyroid conditions. Best bet is to hydrate and get plenty of water. This is your first and last step to any healthy daily planner.

Taurus tends to overeat. They adore food, but this can also mean grabbing fast food and neglecting healthy choices. The "bull in the china shop" is also the Taurus in the health food section. They bang around and go for whatever they can grab.

Not good, Taurus. Take time to design a proper diet so that you can sing until the cows come home.

Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Gemini rules the arms, hands, lungs and nervous system. This sign, in particular, must watch their stress levels.

It's best to incorporate a meditation practice to manage anxiety, plus breathing exercises will be great for your vulnerable lungs. Take time to breathe correctly so that you can heal your body and mind.

Calming foods like chocolate, berries, tea, salmon and asparagus are known to work wonders on mood swings. Meditation and a healthy lifestyle will soothe your aching soul.

Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

Cancer is ruled by the chest, the breasts and the stomach. This means take care of your torso. How? By exercising, and making your core strong. When your core is strong, all things become easier.

Also consider the foods you put into your body, as you may have a tendency to get stomach aches. Avoid spicy foods and consider a vegetarian diet. When in doubt, treat yourself to a cleanse, and don't forget the apple cider vinegar, cayenne and lemon juice drinks.

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Leo rules the heart, the back and the spine. Choosing wisely for this sign means taking care of that amazing royal heart by exercising and stretching.

We all know you'll eat anything, Leo, and you may just get away with that as long as you stick with an exercise plan that strengthen that heart of yours. Avoid cholesterol laden meals, and don't forget to sit up straight, like your mom told you to!

Visits to the chiropractor will do you good. You are best when you're radiating glorious health, so take care of that heart and that spine.

Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

This sign is ruled by the digestive tract, the intestines and the spleen. Virgo suffers life long with stomach aches and gastro-related illnesses. Many Virgos have weight issues — either too thin from over exerting themselves, or too heavy due to overeating and not caring enough.

Virgo doesn't want to be told what to do, so they must find the healthy balance on their own, which they do, because they are also very intelligent. While rarely happy about their appearance, they do a great job of trying to change, once they realize it is, indeed, best for them.

Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Libra, thought to be well-balanced as depicted by the scales, is anything but balanced, and being that they are ruled by the kidneys, skin, lower back and tush, they can expect things to run amok in the health department.

Acne is common, as are backaches and dry patches. Time to hydrate! Drink plenty of fresh juices, teas, healthful smoothies, Libra. Don't be afraid to get into self-care here. Your skin may regenerate, but if you want to look your best, that's going to depend on how much water you take in to your system.

In with the good, out with the bad. Balance!

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Wouldn't you just know it, Scorpio is ruled by the sex organs and reproductive system. When it goes bad, we're talking about yeast infections, STDs, inability to hold an erection, or pain during intercourse.

To combat the stress that you put on your body as a highly sexual being, you want to eat plenty of delicious, nutritious fruit. Fruit is great for sex and an awesome way to take in essential vitamin C and antioxidants.

Avoid smoking cigarettes and halt on alcohol intake as that can shut you down and make you ill. Stick with the freshness of organic veggies and try not to overeat.

Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

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Ruling the hips, thighs and liver, Sagittarius comes in first like the thoroughbred racehorse they are. Leg spasms, restless leg syndrome and excess fat can take your speed down.

Try to stick with a natural path for healing avoid piling too many vitamins and supplements into that liver of yours, and don't put it through its paces. Tired of horse references yet?

Treat that liver of yours like it's the only one you have, because, umm. it's the only one you have! And it's working overtime trying to process all you take in. Stay natural, Sagittarius!

Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

You are one hell of a go-getter, Capricorn, and you sure do give that skeleton of yours a work out. That makes sense because Capricorn rules the skeletal system and the joints.

Take care not to abuse your hands, your knees, and watch out for arthritis, as this is one of the bummer afflictions that tend to follow Capricorns everywhere. Avoid sugar and high salt content less is best in this case.

Get plenty of exercise but don't compete. Once again, less is best with this sign as they are almost too motivated and can end up overdoing it.

Aquarius (January 20 - February 18)

The Water Bearer of the zodiac is also the water retainer. Aquarius rules the circulatory system and the ankles. This sign must absolutely kick the salt habit and try to eat less meat.

Because your blood is the most vulnerable part of your body, Aquarius, you'll want to supplement that system with plenty of water and fresh juice. You'll do good with temporary fasts as they will provide you with energy and a sense of power.

You are best when moving in an aerobic capacity, but don't over do it. Walk, but don't sprint. You need to be careful of those fragile ankles of yours.

Pisces (February 19 - March 10)

This is the sign of the swollen feet and bloated tummies. You are ruled by the feet and lymphatic system, which means you retain water and swell up very easily. Exercise will do you well as it will stimulate the air in your blood and allow you to process nutrients better.

Don't forget to rest! You're always on the go, and you need to listen to your body when it tells you to slow down. Avoid snacking on surgary sweets and stick to your goals when you change your dietary intake.

Enough with the salt! Put that shaker down. You don't need salt as much as you think, especially because that's at the heart of your bloated feeling.

Is your sweet tooth acting up? Try this deliciously simple snack from Samantha Cassetty, MS, RD, dietitian and co-author of Sugar Shock: The Hidden Sugar in Your Food and 100+ Smart Swaps to Cut Back: Stuff a Medjool date with a teaspoon of nut or seed butter. If you’re feeling extra, add a few chocolate chips or coconut flakes (or both!). “There’s hardly any added sugar, but it tastes like a mini candy bar,” raves Cassetty. What’s more, this sweet snack offers a generous dose of fiber and magnesium, she adds.

𠇊 perfect savory snack is tuna [and] chopped olives over cucumber slices,” says Cassetty. According to Cassety, this little plate is teeming with nutrients like lean protein, vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acids. The cucumbers also add a satisfying crunch, helping you beat two cravings in one bite. Score.

Ayurvedic Breakfast Potatoes

These potatoes and black beans help to balance all three doshas.

  • 1 teaspoon coconut oil
  • 1 teaspoon cumin seeds
  • ½ cup water
  • 1 red, 1 purple, and 1 white potato, scrubbed and diced
  • ½ teaspoon smoked sea salt
  • ½ teaspoon black pepper
  • ½ teaspoon ground turmeric
  • 1 teaspoon dried oregano
  • 1 teaspoon dried basil
  • 1 15-ounce can black beans, rinsed and drained (choose cans that aren’t lined with BPA)
  • 3 collard green leaves (or other greens), shredded
  • 2 cloves garlic, minced
  • 3 cups baby salad greens

Heat the coconut oil in a heavy skillet over low heat. Add the cumin seeds and stir constantly, about 1 to 2 minutes, until browned.

Add the water and increase heat to boiling. When water is boiling, add potatoes, sea salt, pepper, turmeric, oregano, and basil.

Reduce heat to medium. Cover and cook for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally.

Add the black beans, collard greens, and diced garlic. Cook until the potatoes are soft, continuing to stir often. Add a tablespoon or two of water as needed to prevent potatoes from sticking to pan.

Divide the salad greens among 6 plates and top with the cooked potato mixture.

Merrill Shindler: What your zodiac sign says about what you eat

Recently, I came across a unique volume titled “Signs of Taste: A Gastrological Guide and Recipe Book” by Steven Mark Weiss (Authors Choice Press), which attempts to connect the signs of the zodiac with their star-fed culinary preferences.

I’ve long felt that astrology is about as useful as FEMA in helping the world deal with its woes. But still, as a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America (and author of books like “I Was a Food Writer for the CIA: A Dietary Confession”), Weiss brings a combination of wit and knowledge to his theory that we’re not just what we eat, but also what our star signs determine we’re going to eat.

Reading through “Signs of Taste,” I discovered that Aries live for ice cream and frozen yogurt. Taurus likes breakfast in bed. Gemini is a big escargot eater. Leo likes baked goods and a cup of coffee. Virgo lives for chocolates. Libra’s idea of a good time is a bowl of soup and a chicken salad sandwich. (Is that a good time for anyone?) Exotic Scorpios love fish. Sagittarius spreads peanut butter on everything. Capricorn could eat meatloaf every day. Aquarius goes for soufflés and mousse. Pisces live for artichokes.

I’m a Cancer by birth, having arrived in the world early in the month of July. As a Cancer, I’ve long heard that I like food (no kidding!), and that I’m insecure (no kidding again!). But according to “Signs of Taste,” I’m happy to live on shrimp cocktails and steaks.

I’m told that spaghetti is my favorite dish. Which is odd, for even when Mercury is retrograde, and the world is going to heck, I don’t eat much in the way of spaghetti. Pasta yes, but not spaghetti. I grew up with spaghetti. I’ve moved on to so many other pastas. Risotto — now there’s my idea of a good time! Like all the Cancers I know, I live to eat, rather than eating to live.

Because we’re homebodies, Cancers love comfort foods that offer immediate gratification. You can often find us making a fine meal of canned Mexicorn and Sara Lee chocolate cake — and we have during our year of culinary quarantine. A special evening for a Cancer involves a Trader Joe’s frozen pizza and a Diet Coke.

When we go out, Cancers like to go to cafeterias like Clifton’s, where there are lots of choices, and they can put all the condiments they want on their food. We live for McDonald’s french fries. We never eat cottage cheese it’s too cold and clammy.

It’s a fun parlor game. But I’m also reminded of what writer Charles Lamb observed two centuries ago: “Nothing puzzles me more than time and space, and yet nothing puzzles me less, for I never think about them either.”

Aquarius: Caramel Macchiato

"Choosing an International Delight flavor for such a cool, in-the-know Aquarian was easy—the delicious Caramel Macchiato for a coffeehouse flavor you will adore and keep coming back to enjoy," says Miller. "You will find this caramel creamer rich and smooth, the perfect addition to your coffee at any time of day. As an Aquarius, you have many friends, and the natural match of coffee and caramel will have you and your friends opting for just one more cup before hitting the road."

1. Plan your meals right

Whether it's balancing hormones or reducing chronic disease, everything begins with the right plate of food. “Skipping meals, regular intermittent fasting, large gaps between meals, cooking on high heat, and not eating meals on time can make symptoms worse,” says Sabherwal. She follows the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) system wherein every organ has a time where it functions at its peak. “The time for the stomach activity is between 7-9AM so it’s prudent to eat your breakfast within this time.” She says that meals must consist of 20-30 per cent carbs (whole grains), the same amount of protein, 35 per cent veggies (four-five cups a day), 5 per cent healthy fat and fermented foods. “In addition, because you’re losing muscle mass you need to increase protein content,” says Batra. “It is usually 1.3gms per ideal body weight, but after menopause, it’s a little more, which totals to around 75gms a day.”

Both nutritionists recommend loading up on the brassica group of vegetables, which includes cauliflower, broccoli, bok choy, cabbage, kale and turnips as they help with oestrogen metabolism. Batra recommends adding good quality phytoestrogens via unprocessed soy products such as edamame, tofu, nutri-nuggets along with soaked peanuts, chickpeas, and flaxseeds for Omega-3. “Fatty acids really help balance the hormonal cycle and also help with depression, anxiety and insomnia,” she says. “Because you’re at risk of depleting bone density, eat about 200gms of yoghurt in a day as it has a good mix of calcium and phosphorus.” Sabherwal on the other hand warns against overconsumption of dairy. “Only consume it if you’re sure of the source, meaning that the cows haven’t been injected with hormones, because most milk today is highly oestrogenic.”

The Flat-Out Best Things to Eat with Flatbread

Planning a meal around flatbread opens the kitchen door to endless possibilities. Flatbreads are for everyone and any occasion. Nearly every regional cuisine has its own version and at home, flatbread provides the foundation for a quick, easy, and affordable meal that—chances are—you can whip up with whatever you currently have on hand in your pantry and fridge.

You can go as simple or elaborate as you want. Flatbread is crazy versatile used as a base, a vehicle for dips and sauces, a wrap, or as a complement to any meal.

Colleen Allerton-Hollier, co-owner of New Orleans-based catering, private dining, and pop-up company Luncheon, says as for her favorite flatbreads to build snacks and whole meals with, “focaccia and naan rank pretty high up there. Their applications are pretty endless. Whatever flavors you’re craving can work into those guys pretty easily.”

If you’re in need of some inspiration in the kitchen, just look to the wonderful world of flatbreads to guide you through a tour of diverse culinary cultures.


Delicious carbs are an important part of the Italian culinary pantheon, so it’s no wonder there are plentiful flatbread options. Focaccia is one of the most satisfying, easy-to-make Italian breads and it’s the perfect option for a pizza crust, sandwich bread, or to have alongside soups and salads.

Check out our focaccia pizza recipe with Italian sausage, artichoke hearts, and black olives, or try this chicken salad sandwich recipe on focaccia.

“Focaccia is also great for snacking. Drag it through olive oil and za’atar, hummus, whipped goat cheese—really whatever is in your fridge. I’m obsessed with caramelized onions, so I made a dip with them that is outrageously good. Cream cheese, mayo, sour cream, malt vinegar, and an absurd amount of caramelized onions whipped and smeared onto focaccia bites is delightful,” says Allerton-Hollier.

Piadina is an Italian flatbread that’s quick and easy to make, requiring no yeast, and a great option to throw on the grill. Piadina has many functions as a sandwich bread, pizza crust, or charcuterie board companion. It’s great loaded with a ricotta cheese spread, prosciutto, basil or arugula, olive oil and balsamic, or any combination of cheeses, meat, and vegetables.

Middle Eastern

Middle Eastern food is another category that prominently features flatbread, primarily pita and lavash. Pita is the soft, pillowy, round flatbread that is the leading choice for hummus, baba ganoush, and labneh dips. Pita is also popular for wraps, a.k.a. gyros, often best procured from a street food cart, filled with crispy falafel and tzatziki sauce or grilled lamb or chicken.

For a quick and easy weeknight pita dinner, Allerton-Hollier says “marinated beets and yogurt with lots of dill and parsley take minutes to assemble.”

For some of the best snacks and meals that feature pita, check out these recipes for baba ganoush, lamb pitas with cucumbers and yogurt sauce, breakfast pita pizza, and roasted red pepper feta dip.

Lavash is the thinner, Armenian version of pita used in similar ways. Lavash and pita both make great contenders for salad wraps if you want to turn your Greek salad with cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, and feta into a sandwich.

“Lavash plus literally any dip is so delicious. We make our own and it’s super easy. Camille, my business partner, has been playing with a different mixture of flours for our lavash. Whole wheat gives it a beautiful color and everything bagel seasoning really sets it off. Crispy lavash and our smoked drum dip or baba ganoush is such a satisfying snack,” says Allerton-Hollier.

Check out our falafel lavash wrap recipe with tahini dressing, hummus, red onions, and cucumber.

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Naan is the Indian cousin of pita, used to scoop up curries and lentils or for sandwich rolls. You can be assured that anything wrapped in naan on a menu is guaranteed delicious with bold flavors, including grilled paneer, lamb, chicken, and vegetables with aromatic spices, usually accompanied with a chutney and topped with cilantro.

Some great recipes to serve with, alongside, on top of, or wrapped up in naan include curried cauliflower, chickpeas and tofu, chole masala, and easy spinach dal. For fall, pumpkin naan is a fun twist.

Indian roti or chapati is another type of flatbread to add to your rotation.


Ethiopian fare is the ultimate finger food. Literally—utensils are not used to eat Ethiopian dishes. Instead, injera is the Ethiopian flatbread that doubles as an eating instrument so you can have your fork and eat it, too.

Tim E White / Photolibrary / Getty Images Plus

Injera is undoubtedly the most unique flatbread on the list. It’s thin, spongy, and porous, made from a sourdough batter. It’s malleable for easy and effective food acquisition. It not only takes the place of a utensil, but also the plate.

The platter of stews, meats, and vegetables typically eaten with injera are served directly on top of a large piece of it. Some common Ethiopian foods to eat with injera include doro wat, a signature Ethiopian spicy chicken stew, sega wat (the beef version), and shiro wat, a rich legume stew with chickpeas.

Try your hand at Ethiopian cooking at home with these recipes for daro wat, sega wat, and shiro wat.