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Adam Platt Explains the Cronut to a French Culinary Figure

Adam Platt Explains the Cronut to a French Culinary Figure

Are the French missing out on anything that they don't know what a cronut is?

Americans can’t get enough of the cronut and other doughnut hybrids, but apparently, Dominique Ansel’s flaky, crusty fame hasn’t hopped the pond yet. New York Magazine’s Adam Platt recently had a conversation about French restaurateur and radio personality Bruno Verjus about the similarities and differences between food trends in Paris and New York. Platt asked Verjus if he knew what a cronut is, to which Verjus replied “No, what’s a cronut?” Verjus later admitted that he was going to have to do some research on this American phenomenon.

So what else is going on in the Parisian culinary world? Platt talked about our obsession with expensive breadbaskets lately, and Verjus said Paris is all about young, international chefs, especially those who make blood sausage, as well as French comfort food made in a wok.

“I think we’re in an exciting time,” said Verjus. “Ten years ago, Parisians had the choice of maybe five or 10 restaurants they could feel comfortable with. Now there are more than 50 — it’s not so common with the French to have a lot of options.”

The one thing New York and Paris has in common? Swarms of food trucks. Apparently the obsession over mobile tacos seems to be universal.

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