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Greek pie dessert - Bougatsa

Greek pie dessert - Bougatsa

Heat the milk with cream and sugar.

When it starts to boil, add the semolina gradually (in the rain) and stir continuously, until it thickens and you get a cream.

Remove from the heat and allow to cool, add the butter.

Add the egg when the cream has cooled and it is only a little warm, grated orange peel and mix well with a whisk.

Grease the pan (20/25 cm) with butter and put 1 sheet of pie (let the edges protrude). Grease with a little butter and put another sheet on top. Repeat the operation.

When we put the 3 sheets, we put the semolina cream and we bring all the edges to the middle.

Place the remaining pie sheet on top and grease it with a little melted butter,

Bake the pie for 15 to 20 minutes at 200 ° C.

Remove from the oven, allow to cool and cut into portions.

Powder with sugar and cinnamon.

The secret of a perfect pie

Bake the pie at 180 degrees Celsius. The sheets should be greased with melted butter. The vanilla cream is placed on a single portion, in the form of a wick, and then rolled, so as to create a larger rolling surface, because the sheets & icircn in contact with the butter open.

After it is taken out of the oven, it must be left for five minutes, because the pie does not remain very high, it is placed a little, so that it can be easily cut. When it is ready, powder it with cinnamon and put a little powdered sugar over the cinnamon.

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Greek pie with semolina cream & # 8211 Bougatsa

I really like all the Greek dishes, especially the pies, sweet or salty, which are my and Cris' favorites. Bougatsa, this delicious semolina cream pie and thin pie sheets, is wonderful and very easy to do.

Bougatsa it comes from the geographical region of Byzantium, more precisely from Constantinople, when the city was still Greek. The Byzantines had a long tradition in making pies and desserts, and one of these famous pies is Bougatsa. Even after the capture of the city by the Turks, the bougatsa remained one of the most popular pies.

In Constantinople, this pie was called "pogatsa" or "bogatsa" by the Greeks and "bugatsa" by the Turks.

Bougatsa became very popular in Greece after the Greco-Turkish war of 1922. It first reaches Serres, a city preferred by Greek immigrants, then Thessaloniki, Veria, Halkidiki. The most popular filling, which I also propose today, is semolina cream, but we can find Bougatsa with minced meat filling or cheese.

Greek pie with semolina cream is served hot, for breakfast, powdered with vanilla sugar and cinnamon. I added lemon zest to the pie cream, it gives it a wonderful taste. I only powdered it with vanilla sugar this time.

Greek pie with vanilla cream

In recent years, whenever we went to Greece, we bought Greek Pie with Vanilla Cream almost daily. It is found everywhere, in pastry shops, bakeries, etc. Even the ovens at Lidl stores baked something like that every day!

Because we are big lovers of vanilla, absolutely anything containing vanilla is to our taste! From coffee with vanilla, to any dessert, small or simple, everything is great for us. Only its unmistakable scent ensures its success. And our well-being!

As for me, I rarely miss a particular dish. But all of a sudden I found myself wanting a vanilla pie on the table.

I don't believe in the concept of & # 8222lusts & # 8221 (to be even more honest, I don't even associate this word with any positive connotation, but only with a negative one). What happened to me was rather a crazy longing for the peace of the holidays. And the heat then! The shock of these cold days, the daily agitation, some fatigue and stress were the picture my mind wanted to run away from. And he found refuge in my most beautiful and calm moments: on vacation! And from here to the vanilla pie was just a step away. Little!

If I kept talking about the Greek holidays and my fondest memories there, I leave you below one of the many videos from there, made just last month. For the rest, I am waiting for you on my Youtube channel, to watch them and relax with me!

There are several recipes and variants for this pie (bougatsa): in some areas, vanilla cream also contains semolina, grated lemon and orange peel, in others the sheets used for preparation can also be made from puff pastry, etc. Especially the puff pastry version is very similar to our cream cheese. Even in other variants, the pie is syruped immediately after baking. In this case, it is called galaktobureko.

I preferred the version with pie sheets and vanilla boiled cream. But, of course, I do not refuse the other options, which I tried, by the way! And absolutely all of them are wonderful!

Recipe # 1! apple strudel with pie puff pastry

Strudel & # 8211 apple or pumpkin pie, prepared according to an old recipe, with fine sheets. A fluffy, vanilla and flavored pie, with sheets for your commercial pie. Strudel dessert with homemade dough, apple filling and vanilla cream. A different kind of pie, light and elegant. I'm not saying that commercial pie sheets aren't good, that I use them when needed. Cut the sheet into as many pieces of strudel as you want to make, you can make a large strudel or. Mini strudel with apple ingredients and preparation. Our puff pastry swells very hard when baked and the resulting pies are anything but good looking. Pie World Pie World. We still recommend a delicious apple pie recipe, for which we used Bella puff pastry. The recipe is prepared very quickly in approx.

Anyway, I make sure I have a commercial freezer and puff pastry, because I like it too. We prepare the stuffing for Strudel with apples and quince. For the strudel to have an authentic taste, the homemade pie sheet is. I know it's faster with commercial sheets, but you'll see how easy it is to.

I used 5-7 sheets of commercial pie, of the thin ones. The bread has the role of absorbing. Frozen pie sheets 500g Linco. Greek Bougatsa pie with Alfa vanilla cream 800g. I haven't tried pie sheets, this is more of a combination of strudel with something Greek-Turkish. As a child, I loved the apple pie, which my grandmother made with homemade sheets. Laura Emilia What can you tell us about those thin sheets of pie in the trade?

Alexandra Radu Yes we have pie sheets, can it be a recipe? To get a quick pie I used commercial pie sheets, but. If I had to choose between the pumpkin strudel and the apple strudel, I'll tell you. I chose the commercial sheets to make things work faster and.

Lightly spread the French dough to obtain a sheet the length of the tray. If I had rolled the dough, a kind of apple strudel would probably have come out, but that's what I'll call the pie, although I'm not sure that's how you imagine a pie. Ingredients: 1 packet of puff pastry from Morarita (contains 2 pieces of dough).