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Bulgarian peppers in vinegar

Bulgarian peppers in vinegar

I washed the peppers, then I put them in jars, placing them lightly so as not to break them. Beforehand, I placed a chilli pepper on the bottom of each jar, to spice up the others.

In a bowl I put water, vinegar, salt, sugar, peppercorns and mustard seeds. I left the mixture on the fire until it started to boil, then I poured it hot over the peppers. I screwed up, and wrapped the jars in a blanket and left them until the next day, when I stored them in the pantry.

-cornis cornisor
- coarse salt
-mustard seeds

1. Wash the cucumbers and cut at the ends. Peel the onion and cut it into slices.
2. Put the sliced ​​onion in 800 gr jars, then the cucumbers. Add 1 teaspoon of salt, 2 teaspoons of sugar and 5 tablespoons of vinegar. Add dill and mustard seeds. Fill with water.
3. Put the jars to boil in a pot where I put a kitchen towel on its bottom, so as not to break when boiled.
4. Let it boil for about 15-20 minutes. Allow to cool, then store in the pantry. They are delicious.

Try this video recipe too

Preparation ingredients for hot pepper salad with yellow and red onions in vinegar

We choose multicolored peppers and combine onions, to have variety of taste and color, as it suits any dish.

Wash the peppers well and chop them into rounds, the hot ones and the Bulgarian ones, with all the seeds, and the capsicums are chopped into small cubes.

Chop the onion into scales and mix with the peppers.

Preparation of vinegar solution

For the liquid solution, mix the vinegar with water and put it on the fire together with the spices.

When the boiling point is reached, add salt and sugar to taste.

Let it boil for 1-2 minutes, no more.

The mixture of hot peppers with onions is well packed in sterilized jars and pour over the hot solution.

Screw on the lids, cover the jars with a blanket and allow them to cool slowly, then store in the pantry.

It's a salad hot peppers with yellow and red onions in vinegar, full of color and taste.

It is not overly spicy and can be served with sour soups, sarmale and various dishes.

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Although I'm not a big consumer of hot peppers, that doesn't mean I can't offer you a recipe for hot peppers preserved in vinegar for the winter :) That's right, for all lovers of 'spicy'!

I didn't make them but my mother-in-law, according to her recipe.

  • hot peppers (which you want, especially Bulgarian), vinegar, coarse salt, sugar, peppercorns and mustard.

In a pot, boil the vinegar, salt and sugar. To each liter of vinegar we put 3 tablespoons of salt and 2 of sugar.

Allow to boil, then add to the jar over the hot peppers.

My mother-in-law used very large jars and put a cellophane before closing the jars with lids.

They are very good eaten with soups, stews and even steaks.

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I put a few years ago, but from the little red ones. My mother, no matter how quick I am, I still have a few jars, but it can be seen that they have been very well preserved. Many kisses .

I really like it..and I put it. Many kisses

a perfect housewife, congratulations. I admire the pantry once more. kisses

Daniela, the Bulgarians aren't really very hot, I mean even those of me who don't have them with spices taste better..I think those jalapenos are really hot :)) Kisses!

Alina, I saw that you also filled your pantry with goodies this year! Many kisses!

Sarah, thank you! I didn't put these on them because we don't really have them with hot peppers, but they look good in the cellar next to pickles and compotes :) Kisses!

I think this winter I'm moving to you that you can't eat so many canned food alone!

Teo, if you want to go safe, I'll give you the address of my in-laws, their goodies are stored in the cellar and you can serve yourself with anything you want :)) Pup!

Yes, I know you don't mess with hot peppers! Kiss

Well, my mother-in-law thought that if she still had them in the garden, she would put them in jars because maybe who knows, they won't reach us :)) Pup!

we don't pop fast either, but I always put a few jars for my dad).

And my father-in-law is a big fan :))

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Cucumbers with peppers in vinegar & # 8211 a simple and delicious recipe

I received this recipe for cucumbers with peppers in vinegar, 4 years ago from my sister-in-law. I really like the taste of cucumbers in a jar. Try the recipe below.

Ingredients for 5 jars of 900 ml:

  • 2 kg small cucumbers, 600 gr red pepper
  • 200 gr onion
  • 9 glasses of water, 1 cup coarse salt
  • 20 peppercorns, 20 cloves, 5 bay leaves
  • 5 sprigs of dill, 4 glasses of water, 4 cups of sugar, 2 cups of vinegar

Method of preparation:

Rinse the cucumbers in 2-3 cold waters. Cut the red peppers, remove the seeds, rinse them and cut them into thicker strips. Peel an onion and cut it into scales.

Put cucumbers, red peppers and onions in a large bowl. Pour cold water over them and add salt.Mix well and leave the bowl of vegetables aside for about 2 hours. Then remove the vegetables from the brine and drain them.

Wash the jars in which we are going to put the cucumbers well. We put in each jar 4 peppercorns, 4 cloves, 1 bay leaf and a sprig of dill. Then add cucumbers, red peppers and onions to jars.

Pour the vinegar, water and sugar into a pot. Mix well and let the marinade boil. After it cools slightly, pour it over the vegetables in the jars.Thread the lids well and pasteurize the jars. We put a few kitchen rags on the bottom of a pot. Add the jars to the pot and pour enough water to cover 3/4 of the height of the jars.

After the water starts to boil, turn the heat to low and leave the pot on the fire for about 5 minutes. Then remove the jars from the pot, let them cool completely, then store them in a dark and cool place.

Simona's World

Until this year, I only made cans as my mother's help. But, now the housewife has rebelled against me and I got to work. The recipes saved over time from you have helped me a lot, and thank you to all my virtual friends, those who have found you so far, or will find you.


Cristina & # 39s world and invite you to the contest! For more details, please access this link:
Good luck!

I've been preserving them like this for a long time, they are very good.

Today I put it too :) We can't miss the sarmalute or the soup with such an accompaniment!

@Cristina, thank you for the invitation and the visit! Kiss
@Mihaela, my mother too, and we really like it! Kiss
@truedelights, so I'm not the only one who puts cans so late .. :) Pup

Pickled hot peppers

A simpler recipe than this I don't think I proposed to you anul this year I found myself in a bizarre situation: without a mother, a pickle master, without Grandma (she's gone on "vacation"), with a baby carrier, etc. … So, considering that standing is very problematic for me, I chose simple pickle recipes, it's easy to make and especially DELICIOUS.

- 500 g of hot peppers (or Bulgarian)
- mustard seeds
- salt to taste
- a tablespoon of sugar or honey
- 1 liter of water
- 1 liter of vinegar

Are you ready to pickle in 5 minutes? The apron? Checked! Clean, oven sterilized jars? Checked! Wooden spoon? Checked! A bowl of vinegar? OK I wait…. did you take the vessel too? Good ! We quickly wash the peppers, we build them in jars, vertically, almost like in the pictures. Mix 1 liter of water, 1 liter of vinegar, salt to taste and a tablespoon of sugar or honey (if peppers of their kind are not hot, you better miss a teaspoon of sugar / honey, as their role is to alleviate hotness … So if they have nothing to alleviate, we minimize their importance). Put mustard seeds between the peppers, then pour the vinegar solution over them, until the jar is full.

About that simple, isn't it? Seal the jars… in places, be ready and start… 1… 2… ready! 2-3 jars of 800 gr!

That being said, I have a small observation: no matter the amount of pepper, water or vinegar, it is important to keep the ratio of 1: 1 water and vinegar (how much water, so much vinegar) and pour liquid until you fill the jar.

Transylvanian stuffed pepper soup. Step by step recipe!

As you probably already know, I am Moldovan. I was born and raised in Moldova and, as such, most of the recipes on the blog somehow reflect this origin. But I also like dishes specific to other areas and I even tried to make some of them.

I even promised you some time ago that you will also find here traditional Transylvanian recipes. I have already published the goulash recipe (see here) or the beaten bean recipe (see here). Well, today I'm going to tell you how it's famous stuffed pepper soup.

It's just that I won't actually tell you, we have a guest who will do this for me, for you. My dear friend from Căsuța Laurei is a perfect housewife and she knows how to cook Transylvanian recipes, from the area where she lives, that is from Sibiu.

There are many variants of this recipe, especially since Transylvania is a complex region from a gastronomic point of view and each corner has its own specificity. As well as the other regions of the country, let's face it.

Laura's version is the one made with yolk but you can also put cream directly on the plate. It depends on everyone's tastes or how they used to do it at home. To make such a stuffed pepper soup, Laura recommends us to use peppers from the small ones, no bigger than the palm bridge.

As it is difficult to assess the exact amount that will fit in the peppers, because it depends on their volume, she recommends that we have a little more meat than we thought we would need. What we have left can be used to make 2-3 meatballs that we can add to the soup, next to the peppers.

Pepper capsicum in vinegar

I'm cooking and I'm waiting for you to come back for another canned recipe!

Good appetite
Did you like the recipe? Recommend it!


It's a good idea, thanks for the suggestion.

What would be the difference between them and donuts?
The taste is about the same.
Indeed, fixed Pikant spices make cooking much easier. I don't know why some people complain that they are E's. But of the ones on the market, they would be the gentlest, I think.

Magda, I think you're asking me now what would be the difference between the recipes I posted on the blog, not between the capia and the donut :) Apart from the fact that I put oil on the donuts, and I used Pikant for this one. fixed, too big a difference is not. At the one with Pikant fixed theoretically we shouldn't worry because we don't keep our peppers over the winter. In the other recipe we shouldn't worry about eating E's :) But, as you say, maybe we should complain about the E's from other, more harmful products, which we eat daily . Not to understand that I would in any way encourage the use of fixed Pikant to the detriment of the traditional method of preservation, everyone chooses what he thinks is best for him. I tried both :)