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Watch Shaun Hergatt Give Lunchables a Makeover

Watch Shaun Hergatt Give Lunchables a Makeover

He turns three lunches into a reinvented stacked club sandwich with “beautiful processed cheese”

Oh, Lunchables. How our 8-year-old selves loved the watery ham, the thick, fake cheese, the brittle make-your-own pizzas. So our adult selves were pretty psyched to see Sho owner and chef Shaun Hergatt plate a dish using the Kraft staple (Hergatt, who claims he's never had these before, obviously didn't have a childhood).

Watch as he makes wafers out of the pizza, tops it off with avocado, cucumbers, and chicken fingers, and finishes the plate with a flourish. It would be more impressive if he only used Lunchables ingredients, but it’s still pretty good.

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