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Genius leftover bread ideas

Genius leftover bread ideas

Over the last two years, the boys have tackled wonky veg and use-by dates in an effort to reduce the amount of food we chuck away. But still, in Britain we throw out 10 million tonnes for food every year – 60% of which could be avoided.

For instance, every single day we waste a whopping 24 million slices of bread. That’s a lot! So we’re sharing some canny recipes to use stale bread. Make breadcrumbs from your stale loaves and use for herby crust-toppers to sprinkle over pastas, risottos and stews, in burgers to make them stretch a bit further, or as croutons for topping soups and salads Enjoy!


This Tuscan soup is delicious. Roasted fresh cherry tomatoes are great, but it also works really well just with good-quality tinned.

A Sunday roast classic – bread sauce works best with day-old bread, so that it soaks up all the lovely flavour from the studded onion and milk.

You can make this hearty bread and tomato salad with any type of slightly stale bread. The crunchy chunks soak up all the juices and olive oil and become little flavour-bombs!

The breadcrumbs really take this pasta bake to the next level. The added beauty of this dish is you can freeze any leftovers, ready for another day when you’re short on time.

Check out all our recipes for leftovers and turn extra food into something delicious!

Leftover bread recipes

Discover inventive ways to use up leftover bread. We have various takes on bread & butter pudding, French toast, bruschetta and great ideas for breadcrumbs.

Bread pudding

This simple bake is lovely with a cuppa. Or have it for dessert instead, with custard or ice cream

Chocolate & banana French toast

An indulgent treat for when you're in need of a sweet fix - chocolate and banana sandwiched in fried bread

Panettone pudding

This is a posh version of bread and butter pudding, rich with cream and vanilla – great for using up any excess Christmas panettone

Easiest ever bread pudding

The ultimate in quick comfort food – only five minutes to prepare, perfect to pop in the oven before the main course

Bread and butter pudding

Transform a stale loaf into a comforting bread and butter pudding. This traditional British dessert is layered with a rich vanilla custard, dried fruit and lemon zest

1. Cornbread Pudding

An easy way to use leftover skillet cornbread is to make a pudding out of it.

Besides the cornbread, other ingredients that you&rsquoll need are already in the kitchen pantry.

This dish is simple but packs great flavors, making it a wonderful side dish for a holiday meal.

But because it&rsquos a cinch to make, don&rsquot be surprised if everyone requests it on a normal day.

The pudding is a combination of cornbread cubes, fresh herbs, cheese, and egg-milk mixture. Biting into that delicious custard-like center is the best part!

Turn it into a hearty breakfast by serving with a fried egg on top. Or, consider adding some protein for an easy last-minute lunch idea.

Using Leftover Bread Recipes: Below you will find 9 recipes to use leftover bread crusts but we need more ideas please, so don't hesitate to share your bread waste food hacks in the comment box below!

It's not often that i find myself with leftover soda bread, but when i do this is a delicious way to use it up. Garlic bread using those leftover hamburger buns recipe: Milk bread dough (bread machine recipe)l'antro dell'alchimista. 8 common indian leftovers that can be used to make breakfast. Bread salads are a great way to give leftover bread a second life.

Hacks to use up that leftover loaf. Using leftover bread in recipes is simple as long as you follow some basic steps. 68 indian breakfast recipes using leftovers | indian leftover recipes with idlis, bread, paneer, rice french toast, eggless french toast.

We, and our partners, use technologies to process personal information, including ip addresses, pseudonymous identifiers associated with cookies, and in some cases mobile ad ids. Hacks to use up that leftover loaf. Similarly, you can use leftover bread for pangrattato breadcrumb topping to sprinkle on your favourite risotto or pasta dish.

Use leftover bread as an elegant snack, appetizer, or light meal by turning it in crostini and topping it with onions and blue cheese. I used to think bread pudding was difficult to make. We have various takes on bread & butter pudding, french toast, bruschetta and great ideas for breadcrumbs.

More bread and breadcrumb ideas

3. Make your own dried breadcrumbs by drying the bread out in a very low oven (about an hour at 150C / gas mark 2. Turn slices so both sides dry evenly. Then I blitz these chunks in a food processor. The dried breadcrumbs are then stored in an airtight container and could, if given the chance, last about three months. They store well in the freezer too. Where recipes call for fresh breadcrumbs rather than dried ones, then I soak my dried crumbs in a little milk or water, or use their dryness to soak up any liquid in things that I am making that are too damp.

4. Savoury breadcrumbs can be made by combining a mixture of dried crumbs with herbs, spices and grated hard cheese such as parmesan or pecorino. The crumbs can then be used to coat chicken or to sprinkle over gratins.

Breadcrumbs appeal to my thrifty heart in one of my favourite frugal but tasty meals of pasta with olive oil and garlic - the perfect case of 'less is more'.

5. How about the Spanish panada - a savoury bread pudding with caramelised onions and cheese. Or Migas - another Spanish dish of stale bread and chorizo.

6. There are tens (possibly hundreds) of traditional British pies and puddings, both sweet and savoury, that use bread as a key ingredient. If you want to read more, then I really can't recommend English Puddings: Sweet and Savoury by Mary Norwak highly enough. One of my favourites is the traditional Manchester tart.

7. Try Exeter pudding - a sort of baked trifle!

8. A sweet topping of sugar and spice (cinnamon or mixed) and breadcrumbs is perfect on puddings or ice cream sundaes. I can also thoroughly recommend Nigel Slater's golden bread and hazelnut ice cream.

9. Summer may be months away, but salads are always welcome, particularly Felicity Cloake's perfect panzanella.

10. How about using breadcrumbs in meatballs, bean burgers or a meatloaf?

11. Romesco, a Spanish red pepper sauce made with breadcrumbs and smoked paprika, should be on everyone's must-try recipe list.

12. I came across a recipe for something called Strata, which I was completely unfamiliar with. It is a popular American dish made with layers of bread, egg and cheese - a sort of bread frittata and perfect for breakfast or lunch.

13. Moving to French cuisine, one of my favourite ways of using up stale bread is in a simple Gascon soup, Garbure, made with layers of bread and cabbage, flavoured with ham, beans and vegetables. Cookery writer Kate Hill's recipe is gorgeous.

14. Ivan Day's medieval gyngerbrede recipe made with real bread - this is less like a cake and more like a thick paste, which can be moulded into sweets.

15. Spanish breadcrumb fritters in honey sauce traditionally served at Easter, which dates back to medieval times - they are very like doughnuts!

16. A classic Apple Charlotte from James Martin.

17. A bit early in the season to be thinking of summer pudding, but it is always better to be hopeful! (I have made this successfully with a bag of frozen fruits.)

18. Felicity Cloake's perfect sweet and sticky treacle tart.

20. Another soup recipe is Nigel Slater's take on the classic Tuscan Ribollita - the perfect marriage of bread and beans.

Have we missed anything? Share your favourite tips for using leftover bread and crusts below.

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Got Leftover Panettone? Bobby Flay Has 3 Genius Ways to Use It

Listen, panettone can get a bad rap. One look at the traditional, Italian sweet bread loaf speckled with candied fruits and raisins, and one might mistake it for a fruitcake. But don’t! Panettone couldn’t be further from that usually dry, hard-as-a-rock dessert reject instead, panettone is a tender brioche stuffed with dried raisins and candied orange and lemon peel. And this year, no one’s trying harder than Food Network chef Bobby Flay to make panettone happen. He even shared a few of his go-to recipes perfect for leftover panettone.

“Give panettone a chance!” Flay recently wrote alongside a five-slide Instagram post of panettone and the various way to use leftovers. “This dome-shaped bread-like cake dates back to 14th century Milan…and a well-made one is truly a gift. Rich and moist with butter and eggs and candied fruit… delicious.”

“Great versions can simply be sliced and just eaten on its own or with a schmear of jam or marmalade,” Flay wrote on Facebook.

For those uninterested in baking this year, Flay goes on to list his three favorite panettone to order online from Italian Products & Beyond, including an “over-the-top orange-chocolate version” by Fratelli Motta and the following:

Limoncello panettone

Flamigni classic panettone

As for leftovers, don’t toss them! Instead, Flay recommends using the panettone in lemon bread pudding, cinnamon sugar French toast, and orange trifle.

For Flay’s Meyer lemon and blackberry bread pudding, you’ll substitute the plain brioche for the panettone.

For cinnamon sugar French toast, simply use the leftover panettone to make the French toast.

And for orange trifle, you’ll layer the panettone. Flay’s Food Network Star co-star Giada De Laurentiis has a great recipe to try.

“I&rsquom gonna send u a pistachio one that I think you&rsquoll love!” Laurentiis commented on Flay’s Instagram post.

If you’ll excuse us, we’re going to stock up on panettone before it’s gone for the season.

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11 Ways to Use Up Leftover Bread

Don't let stale bread go to waste, and don't toss the final few slices of bread just because you really can't stomach the idea of eating another sandwich. Bread is a culinary vehicle for many different dishes, from desserts to breakfast cups.

Bread cures a lot of ills. Have a random collection of spreads and jams cluttering your fridge? Make toast every day for breakfast, and soon, you&aposll clear out some shelf space. Unsure what to do with your leftover steak? Saute some peppers and onions, add the steak, and top with provolone cheese for a quick faux Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich. If you can dream it, you can pair it with a piece of bread or two for a truly delicious culinary experience.

From time to time, however, you might find yourself struggling for creative ways to use up half a load of sliced bread or a three-quarters of a stale baguette. We&aposve all been there, which is why this list is pretty exhaustive. From soups to breakfast casseroles, these recipe ideas are all great ways to use up your leftover bread so nothing goes to waste.

Fabulous French Toast Recipes

Who says French bread has to be made one slice at a time? In fact, some people like my friends Lesa (Overnight French Toast) and Julie (see the gluten free recipe at the bottom of this post!) make theirs the night before and bake it in the morning. Genius!

French Toast: Not Just for the French – Lil’ Suburban Homestead

A classic French toast recipe and instructions. Served with real butter and maple syrup of course!

Overnight French Toast Casserole – Better Hens and Gardens

When I asked friends for their best recipes that use up leftover bread I knew I’d get a lot of french toast recipes. But, I never guessed I’d get three for a casserole style. And when I saw this one with the dried cranberries? I knew I had to share it!

Baked French Toast – The Homesteading Hippy

A little different, and probably more along the lines of a classic french toast, this recipe looks easy to make. You might even get your teens to bake it for you and bring you breakfast in bed? Even if you can’t, the crumble topping should make up for the effort of getting out of bed.

Pizza, wings, Chinese food &mdash what's not to love about your go-to take-out orders?!

But when last night's feast becomes today's leftovers, sometimes what's left inside the boxes, cartons and containers is less than appealing.

Thankfully, chef Richard Blais is back in the studio for another take-down challenge: How many dishes can he make with last night's take-out leftovers before the Chinese food delivery order arrives in the studio? And how many dishes can he make in 60 minutes?

"We all have food in our fridge that's from takeout, and you can make delicious things," Richard says confidently.

Well then, let the take-out take-down begin!

1. Leftover Ingredients: Veggie pizza, chips and guac, buffalo wings

New meal: Buffalo Chicken Nachos

Instructions: Remove the chicken meat from the bones and chop layer onto chips. Top with torn pieces of topping from leftover veggie pizza warm until cheese is melted. Finish with blue cheese, leftover guacamole, and chopped celery for crunch.

2. Leftover Ingredient: Half of a meatball parm sandwich

New meal: Spaghetti and Meatballs

Instructions: Deconstruct the sandwich, turning the filling into a marinara and meatball sauce for spaghetti. Use the bread from the hero to make garlic bread.

3. Leftover Ingredient: Pepperoni pizza

New meal: Pepperoni Pizza Frittata

Instructions: Whisk five eggs together. Remove the pepperoni and cheese topping from pizza tear into pieces and add to egg mixture. Bake until eggs are set.

4. Leftover Ingredient: White rice and steamed broccoli

Instructions: Cook white rice in wonton soup garnish with broccoli and soy sauce.

5. Leftover Ingredients: Pizza crust, wonton soup

New meal: Tomato Soup with Pizza Crust Breadstick/Crostini

Instructions: Blend together tomato sauce, wonton soup and salsa. Roast the pizza crust and place in the soup like a "straw."

6. Leftover ingredient: Tortilla chips

Instructions: Mix together salsa, tomato sauce, chicken stock, salt and pepper. To finish, top with shredded tortilla.

(Richard then added ranch dressing that he thought was sour cream.)

7. Leftover Ingredients: Leftover burrito, shrimp toast

New meal: Taco Salad w/ Shrimp Toast Croutons

Instructions: Fry hollowed out leftover burrito shell to make the taco shell cup. Fill with chopped lettuce, cooked ground beef, and olives and peppers from pizza. Top with ranch dressing from wings, guacamole from chips and salsa and finish with shrimp toast croutons.

8. Leftover Ingredients: Veggie sticks and ranch from chicken wings, sauces from Chinese take-out

New meal: Crudite with Sriracha-Ranch Dip (Sirancha) and Sweet & Sour Sauce

Instructions: To make "Sirancha," mix sriracha and ranch. To make Sweet & Sour Sauce, mix duck sauce with soy sauce.

9. Leftover Ingredient: Half a burrito

Instructions: Remove filling from a leftover burrito and roll into nori (seaweed) sheets.

10. Leftover ingredient: Half a burrito

Instructions: Remove ingredients from leftover burrito and warm in bone broth. Finish it with butter.

11. Leftover ingredients: Buffalo chicken wings and/or sweet and sour chicken

New meal: Leftover Chicken Wrap

Instructions: Wrap re-fried General Tso's chicken wings in large lettuce leaves (such as butter or romaine) and drizzle with blue cheese dressing.

12. Leftover Ingredient: Pizza (any style)

New meal: Soft Scrambled Eggs on Pizza Toast

Instructions: Soft scramble eggs (here's how to nail perfectly fluffy ones if you need help). Cut leftover pizza into rectangle shapes toast to warm. Top with cooked eggs.

13. Leftover Ingredient: Cinnamon Dippers, Breadsticks or Soft Pretzels with Frosting

New meal: Cinnamon Bread Pudding

Instructions: Make a custard with eggs and the sticky frosting (add a bit of milk if too thick). Bake your leftover cinnamon baked goods in custard to make a bread pudding.

14. Leftover Ingredient: Pizza (optional: topping removed)

New meal: Leftover Pizza Burger

Instructions: Shape ground beef into triangle burger patty and cook. Use leftover pizza slices (or just the crusts, cheese removed) as burger "buns."

Leftover Recipe Ideas: Brand-New Meals From Leftover Bread, Rice, Meat, Veggies + More

Rach is a big fan of what she calls "rollover meals" &mdash where one recipe can be repurposed to make additional meals throughout the week. Not only does this save you time, but it also helps stretch your grocery budget further, because dinner leftovers won't go to waste.

If you're looking for ways to use up your leftovers, check out our master list of rollover meals, bottom-of-the-jar recipes and other creative ideas for turning leftovers like day-old bread, rice, cooked meat, veggies and more into new dishes for lunch, dinner and dessert.


Gail Simmons shows you how to transform plain leftover rice into a creamy, gluten-free dessert with spices + coconut milk.

Turn leftover risotto into a whole new dish with this recipe.

It's easy to transform leftover pork fried rice into a tasty, crunchy appetizer with this recipe from Rach.


Day-old bread is the secret to any bread pudding, but Gail Simmons' bourbon-butter sauce makes this version a cut above.

You only need 3 ingredients plus a few pantry staples to make these delicious homemade garlic croutons.

Rach's fool-proof mac and cheese base gets a tasty dose of garlic breadcrumbs in this yummy comfort food mash-up.


Jacques Pépin shows you how to make an easy soup using fridge leftovers and vegetables.

Two ways to repurpose leftover crudités: a light and a rich version.

Rach's favorite use for leftover leafy carrot tops is to turn it into this yummy pesto.

Chef Curtis Stone turns veggie scraps into a delicious, zero-waste salad.


Scallops Newburg-Stuffed Potatoes = a decadent meal you can make at home.

Leftover baked potatoes serve as the base for this rollover meal from Rach.

Make-ahead baked sweet potatoes are the key to this turkey kielbasa, sweet potato + leek soup rollover meal.


Use up leftover herbs in this delicious gin cocktail from entertaining guru David Burtka.


Leftover poached, pulled chicken or pulled rotisserie chicken makes quick work of this weekday-friendly rollover meal.

Rachael likes to use her leftover Poached Pulled Chicken with Lemon and Garlic or leftover pulled rotisserie chicken to make this soup.

Got a bunch of leftovers in the fridge? You can use up leftover chicken, roasted veggies and rice, orzo, potatoes or pasta in this casserole.

This easy baked pasta dish has just 3 ingredients, including leftover chicken soup!


Cookbook author and mom Danielle Kartes shows you how to feed holiday houseguests for a WEEK for only $100 with this recipe + more budget-friendly meals.

Leftover roast pork and gravy + black beans, red bell pepper & onion = easy rollover meal.


MAKE ONE OF THESE: Leftover Flank Steak Ideas

Reuse leftovers from a simple flank steak dinner to make steak and spinach quesadillas and an Asian-style noodle soup with bok choy, mushrooms and sprouts.


This sausage and butternut squash pasta uses leftover cooked sausage, making it what Rach calls a "rollover" meal.


Chef Marc Murphy whips up these juicy brisket tacos in no time! The secret? Using leftover brisket meat!

Use up leftover brisket, sauce and veggies with this easy brisket ragu recipe served over pasta.


Not only is this a clever use for leftovers, but it may also be the best sandwich you ever taste.

A delicious way to use up leftover ham, especially after the holidays.

An apple cider-mustard dipper spices up these already yummy homemade ham and spinach turnovers made with leftover ham.

"This is a meal you can make with less than 10 items, and it could not be easier," Rach says.


"Although it's a good way to use up what's left from a roast chicken, it's also perfect for the day after Thanksgiving or Christmas when there is leftover turkey to be dealt with."

Use up leftover turkey AND leftover cooked Brussels sprouts with this sandwich from Chef Richard Blais.


So easy&mdashjust throw leftover bits into a food processor with garlic and white wine! This was a specialty of his father's AND can be frozen.


Sunny Anderson's leftover pizza croutons taste great in any soup, but she loves them paired with her roasted tomato soup.


Chef tips and tricks for stretching your budget with leftover pizza, wings, Mexican and Chinese food.


Katie Lee layers leftover cake with a simple chocolate whipped cream to create this yummy chocolate-orange trifle.

Using leftover homemade or store-bought cake, Katie Lee creates this "Dreamy Creamy Ice Cream Cake" without breaking a sweat.


Wondering what to do with leftover lasagna noodles? Rach has tons of easy recipe ideas that don't require ricotta.


Instead of scraping leftover peanut butter out of the jar &mdash or worse, letting it go to waste &mdash make a peanut butter banana smoothie right in the jar.


MAKE ANY OF THESE: Leftover Coffee Recipe Ideas

Leftover coffee? Rachael shares 4 recipe ideas for using up leftover brewed coffee so it doesn't go to waste.


Photo by KATY TOMEI on Unsplash

Once you're done drinking that pot of caffeinated goodness, what do you do with those grounds? Well, we bet you usually throw them away, but you don't have to! In fact, you shouldn't! We've got some quick tips and tricks for using up coffee grounds.


If you've ever dealt with a power outage, then you know that the worst part is the aftermath. At least when it comes to your fridge and freezer. There's nothing more persistent than the smell of rotting meat or seafood. Yuck!

Lucky for you, coffee grounds are the cheapest, easiest remedy. The next time you go to toss those grounds, don't! Stow them away in a container for safekeeping. When you need to get a stubborn odor out of your freezer or fridge, fill an old sock or two with the grounds and wait for the magic to happen.


Look, we love garlic as much as the next gal, but we could do without the lingering smell. We like the fragrant aroma of garlic while it's cooking, but no one wants the stench of three-day-old garlic on their hands. Here's a quick fix.

Scoop a spoonful of coffee grounds on your hands, then rub them together for a minute or so and rinse. It almost feels like a spa treatment, and it's such an easy way to use up those used coffee grounds. Keep a small container near your sink, so you always have some available.


If you've got some pesky burnt bits at the bottom of your favorite pot, reach for the coffee grounds. Their texture makes them a perfect skin exfoliant, and those same powers work wonders on stubborn, dirty cookware.

Sprinkle some grounds into the pan, grab a damp brush or sponge, and start scrubbing. Follow up with some soap and wash as normal, or run that cookware through the dishwasher when you're done.

Now you know why it's always a good idea to hold on to that leftover coffee! It's basically magic in a cup (or coffee filter). Use these tips and tricks to get the most bang for your buck out of that morning pot of coffee.

How do you use your leftover coffee? Drop a comment below and share your best tips!