Post cake

Countertops: add flour, sugar, baking powder, cocoa, vanilla sugar then add water and oil and homogenize the composition. At the end, add the walnut, and for the countertop 2 the jam.

Countertop 1 is cut in half, countertop 2 is placed in the middle, and between them cream and sliced ​​fruit.

Cream: Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie and add about 1/4 of the whipped cream obtained from the two sachets. The rest of the whipped cream is used for garnish.

Fasting cake with strawberries and cashew cream

It may sound strange, but I never thought it could be such a good and successful combination of chocolate, strawberries and cashew cream, but I thought that the death attempt has not and did not have at all, on the contrary resounding success! Fluffy and soft countertop, moist and chocolatey, strawberry jam and vegan cashew cream, sounds good, right ?!

The recipe for this wet fasting chocolate top is so simple that you need some affordable ingredients that you will also find at the store on the corner of the block, 2 bowls, a baking tray and an oven! As you can see in the photos it is so uniform, with small and thick bubbles, perfect I could say!

You don't necessarily need to have strawberry jam in your pantry, because now we find fresh and frozen strawberries all year round and you can make it right away! Honestly, lately I've been doing it when I need to, once for lack of space, and in the other order of ideas so that I always have it fresh!

Stay tuned for the list of ingredients and you'll get a fasting cake with lots of chocolate, strawberries and cashew cream cheese.

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In another bowl put the remaining 300 ml of milk, sugar, honey, oil, salt powder and vanilla extract, mix until the sugar melts.

After removing it from the oven, we leave it for another 10 minutes in the tray in which it was baked, after which we take it out on a grill and let it cool well, after which it can be cut.

Preparation for cashew cream:

Put the hydrated cashews in a blender together with the honey, lemon juice, milk, vanilla extract, salt and mix until you get a fine and homogeneous cream.

How to prepare the icing:

Bring the milk to the boil and when it boils, turn off the heat and put the chocolate on it. Leave for 2-3 minutes after which we mix until we obtain a homogeneous consistency.

Using a thin knife with teeth, cut the lid (swelling) of the countertop and remove it. Then cut it circularly into 2 equal parts.

Place a piece of top on a plate, grease with half the strawberry jam, then half of the cashew cream, the second top and repeat the operation.

Pour the icing over and level it.

Let cool for at least 3 hours or overnight & # 8230; And from here I tell you to be useful and good appetite!

Biscuit cake (fasting)

How to prepare the composition with cocoa:
The water is mixed with the vanilla sugar and sugar, then put on the fire until the sugar dissolves. After it dissolves, take the bowl aside and let it cool.
The biscuits are crushed with the rolling pin in the right pieces, neither too big nor too small. The nuts are also crushed with the rolling pin and mixed with the biscuits. cocoa and cooled syrup. The composition is mixed well by hand until smooth.
How to prepare the white composition:
Prepare a cream from margarine, powdered sugar and coconut.
A pot or a round shape is slightly moistened with cold water, then covered with cellophane. Now the cake is formed.
Put a thin layer of brown composition, then a thin layer of white composition, over the white add a few raisins, and repeat this procedure until both compositions are finished.
The layers of brown and white will not stand out very well, due to the biscuits that will slightly uneven its stratification, but will feel to taste.
When it is ready, the cake is left to cool for a few hours or better from evening to morning. The cake is carefully turned over on a plate, after which it is decorated with icing.
How to prepare the glaze:
Mix the sugar with the cocoa, add the oil, then the warm water. Mix well and pour over the cake, leveling gently with a knife.

The cake can be left like this or added to the taste of each coconut, hazelnut. and so on
Good appetite.

Apple cake recipe filled with shit, fasting

This cake is actually an inverted cake, with whole apples, but no stalks. Instead of stalks, I added multicolored shit.

It should be noted that in this recipe the unit of measure for the ingredients was a 300 ml cup. It's an old recipe from the weather-yellowed notebook.

And in the baking form (a 26 cm enameled saucepan) I first caramelized the sugar. It is a recipe adapted after apple cake recipe and burnt sugar cream. However, in the job version, sugar cream burned is missing. Cream is also missing, but how rich it is in the ingredients is enough so undecorated.

The top was syruped from the caramelized sugar on the walls of the baking tin. So, it was really delicious and we highly recommend it!

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Julian cake recipe with cream, fasting

We put them in the oven, over high heat, until they turn brown. Serve cold, possibly sprinkled with powdered sugar. Simple and tasty dishes, cooked with Gina Bradea. The recipe for this wet fasting chocolate countertop is so simple that you need some affordable ingredients that you will find at the corner store. Simple and delicious recipes This cake with broth and jam is just one of the recipes you can indulge in during Lent. We offer you some simple and delicious recipes for sweets on.

SweetsDesserts Recipes Food. All you need is only 5 simple ingredients: cinnamon roll dough, red. Cooking recipes for fasting cakes.

You will find here fasting cakes, simple fasting cakes, fasting cakes with cream, fasting cakes with apples, fasting cakes with pumpkin, fasting cakes. Fasting cake with tomato juice, semolina cream and jam Healthy Dessert Recipes.


Fasting cake with chocolate, walnuts and rum & # 8211 recipe simple and easy to prepare. It is a delicious cake, with fine and tasty cream, in which I put chocolate with vegetable milk.

Initially I wanted to prepare a fasting cake, but I thought the amount was too large for a cake tray, so I chose a round shape. At this moment, my light bulb came on and I thought that a cake with chocolate, walnuts and fasting rum would be the best solution. And I chose well, I am satisfied with the final result.

I hope you will try the recipe, because it is one of the most delicious fasting cake recipes with chocolate, walnut and rum.


For the countertop:

2 sugar sachets with rum flavor

150 ml of sunflower oil

For the cream:

150 g organic dark chocolate min. 50% cocoa & # 8211 with vegetable milk

100 g chocolate minimum 70% cocoa & # 8211 with vegetable milk

250 ml coconut cream or vegetable cream

For syrup:

For decoration:

First we prepare the countertop. Mix the solid ingredients in a bowl and separate the liquid ones.

Gradually incorporate the liquids into the flour mixture with sugar, cocoa and baking powder, stirring each time until smooth. Pour the dough into the form with removable walls lined with baking paper and bake the top in the preheated oven at 180 ° C until it passes the toothpick test (60-70 min.)

Remove the baking tray and let it cool on a grill, then slice it to get 3 tops, but be careful to level the top (we will put it at the bottom of the cake if it does not come out very aesthetically pleasing).

Prepare the syrup by boiling the water with the sugar and adding the rum essence after taking it off the heat. We syrup the tops when assembling the cake. We start to prepare the cream by melting dark chocolate with 2 tablespoons of microwave water, then we mix it with coconut butter (preferably!) Or margarine.

Add the rum and finely chopped walnut essence and mix. Mix the coconut cream (or whipped cream) with powdered sugar until it hardens a little and incorporate it into the melted chocolate mixed with walnuts. We assemble the cake keeping a little cream and for the upper part of it.

To make the decoration, melt the dark chocolate, mix it with 2 tablespoons of almond milk and 1 tablespoon of oil, then coat the cake with it. We finish the decoration with finely chopped walnuts.

Put the gelatine to soak in a small stainless steel bowl <300-400ml.-kettle> with cold water about 100ml, in a bain-marie until it dissolves completely, then turn off the heat and leave the kettle in hot water until use.
Drain the fruit well from the compote juice and cut to the desired size, leave to stand.

Then the fear with the mixer is beaten according to the indications on the box, until it becomes loud but not too stiff. In the whipped cream thus added, add the sugar dissolved in the lemon juice and possibly in max. 30 ml of juice from the pineapple compote, grated peel of the lemons and mix gently until homogenous, then put the dissolved gelatin, warm, mixing well with a whisk until the homogenization of the composition.

Then the fruit follows and this composition is poured into a saucepan which we watered with a little water and we covered it with a cellophane which in turn we sprinkle with cold water. We shake the pan a little in our hands so that the composition fits well, level it with a spoon and put it in the fridge for 3-4 hours minimum. For the "base" of the Diplomat cake you can use a cookie sheet as follows:

Put water in a bowl with a pinch of salt, sugar and mix until the sugar dissolves. Then add the oil and the quenched ammonia, mixing well and flour.

On the bottom of the chalk greased with margarine and lined with flour, spread a thick sheet of the dough obtained and bake it for. 15-20 minutes on medium to low heat. Make sure that the sheet remains white on top but is slightly browned on the bottom. Place it cold over the diplomat cream from the pan.

So, first make the sheet and then the diplomat cream. The cake is turned over after 3-4 hours in the fridge or on the 2nd day, garnished with whipped cream and fruit according to desire and imagination, enriching the ornamentation with grated fasting chocolate or figurines made with cioco. melted on baking paper, or sugar pearls.

At the end, we turn over the Post Diplomat cake, on a plate, we take the cellophane and garnish it with the rest of the fruit and a little whipped cream, then we serve it.

POST CAKE a simple and successful recipe

It can happen that the birthday of a loved one falls on a fasting day of the week, or even in a longer period of fasting, such as Lent for Easter or Christmas, or the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin.

True Christians, who strictly observe the fast of the Church, know that they are not allowed to serve sweets to their guests.

If you have guests and want to prepare a festive meal, culminating in a fasting cake, you can try this recipe.

It is very simple, ready in an hour, and the result is unexpectedly good. The worktop is very successful, with a tender, moist texture. It can also be prepared by those who keep a diet and want a simpler and more dietary cake, without dairy products and eggs.

• 600 g of flour
• 300 ml of oil
• 300 ml of mineral water
• 300 g of sugar
• 2 teaspoons of baking powder
• 2 teaspoons of baking soda
• 2 tablespoons black cocoa powder
• 1 teaspoon of cinnamon
• 1 vanilla essence

• 800 ml of soy milk
• 2 sachets of Dr. Oetker vanilla pudding
• 2 bananas
• lemon juice

• 1 dark chocolate (fasting, high in cocoa)

Prepare the worktop first. Put mineral water, oil and sugar in a large bowl. Stir until the sugar crystals melt.

Put the dry ingredients (flour, cocoa, baking powder, baking soda and cinnamon) in a large fine sieve and order them in the bowl above, with the liquid ingredients. Add 1 vanilla essence and mix everything until smooth.

Wallpaper a round tray / shape with baking paper cut to fit the bottom of the mold and greased with oil. Pour the composition of the top into the tray and put it in the oven. It should be ready in about 50 minutes. Check with a toothpick if it is well baked inside.

Remove the pan from the oven and allow the countertop to cool completely. In the meantime, you can prepare the cream.

Put the soy milk in a large saucepan to boil. Add 1 vanilla essence. Then prepare the pudding according to the instructions on the envelope, using the two envelopes.

After it has thickened, take the pot off the heat and let it cool.

Cut the top in half and grease the first sheet with a layer of cream. Place the second worktop on top carefully, as it is soft and can break. Spread the rest of the cream over the entire surface.

Cut the bananas into round slices and grease them with a brush soaked in lemon juice to prevent them from oxidizing. Place them on top of the last layer of cream, in a presentable form.

Melt the chocolate in a bain-marie, or in the microwave for 2-3 minutes.

Pour the icing over the banana slices with a spoon, covering the entire surface. Put the cake in the fridge and leave it for a few hours, or overnight.

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Cakes: Laura Adamache recipes

The cake is a fine pastry product, consisting of several layers, usually pandispan, and cream.
The classic shape of the cake is round, but it can also be square, rectangular, etc. The surface and edges of the cake are usually decorated with cream, whipped cream, icing, sugar paste or marzipan.

What would birthdays, weddings or any other festive event look like without a wonderful cake on the table?

We love cakes not only in taste but also in appearance, and quality ingredients are the basic piece for a truly successful cake.
A cake for every occasion
There are countless delicious combinations, able to satisfy even the most demanding tastes, and in this category I propose some cake ideas that you will surely like.

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Vanilla cream recipe for fasting cake


  • 1 cup of vegetable cream (you can find it in big stores, in areas with organic products)
  • 1 cup vegan mascarpone
  • ½ cup of powdered sugar
  • 1 vanilla pod.

Method of preparation:

  1. Remove the inside of the vanilla bean and incorporate it into the vegan mascarpone cream, then add the powdered sugar and use the mixer to turn this mixture into a fine cream.
  2. In another bowl, beat the whipped cream until it hardens, then gradually and carefully incorporate the previously prepared mascarpone mixture into it. Use the cream as soon as you have prepared it.

LENT CAKE: Lent cake recipe with walnut top and fruit cream!

LENT CAKE: Lent cake recipe with walnut top and fruit cream!

POST CAKE recipe. If you have something to celebrate fasting, try this delicious fasting cake recipe.



POST CAKE recipe. Wheat:

150 g ground walnuts, 100 g sugar, 1 sachet of baking powder, 250 ml mineral water, 6 tablespoons flour (the composite must have the consistency of a cake).

POST CAKE recipe. Method of preparation

Mix the sugar with mineral water, walnuts, baking powder, flour and put the composition in a form greased with oil and lined with flour, or lined with baking paper. Bake at the right heat.

POST CAKE recipe. Like any countertop, syrup: 200 ml of water, 3 tablespoons of sugar, 1/2 ampoule of rum essence.

POST CAKE recipe. Cream of your choice. Changing the cream also changes the taste every time.

For the cream you can use simple vegetable cream or mixed with ground walnuts (or hazelnuts) if you fry a little walnuts or hazelnuts is better. You can also mix whipped cream with fruit: strawberries, raspberries or a mixture of berries.

POST CAKE recipe. Another variant of cream is that of instant cream sachets in which milk is replaced with mineral water, juice or coffee, as desired.