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Potatoes - for the little ones and the capricious

Potatoes - for the little ones and the capricious

the little ones will definitely like it ................ I like it too

  • potatoes
  • oil
  • Red pepper
  • green parsley
  • olives, sweet corn (canned)
  • sweet ketchup

Servings: 1

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Horses - for the little ones and the capricious:

Peel the potatoes and cut them into different shapes, fry them in oil, I cut them into the shapes of a horse, a fir tree and a heart ..................... how want

Decorate as you wish, and the little ones will surely pop everything from their plate

You can also put the meat not only potatoes

PS: I know children are not indicated for french fries, but neither are we .................... that's how it is at least sometimes

What else do you cook for the children.

On Saturday I found an octopus sausage in a magazine. and I gave it a try. That was the result.

egg, cheese and octopus. I won't tell you what the little one cried, he was scared and he didn't want to eat the octopus until after I killed her in small pieces.

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Mine eats hard meat, sometimes it's as if I'm scared as much as he wants to eat. Especially the snails, and yesterday after I made that chicken breast in milk I thought he would get sick from how much he ate.

Until the age of 2, she ate everything and tasted everything, now she is torturing me very badly, the soup is crooked, she eats the soup today but I don't dare to give it to her a second time.

A few days ago because of the move I ate drier and more semi-prepared and McDonalds (happy there) and bought a box of tacos (those dried polenta leaves) and a can of beef beans that I heated- Oh, I cut thin strips of cabbage and green onions and cheese, tomatoes that I don't like. He prepared each piece of taco by himself and put as many beans as he wanted and hard cabbage and onions. He filled around him, only beans and sauce and cabbage, but he ate with a lust like I rarely saw him eat.

Like vegetables, the favorites are cabbage and carrots. If he somehow sees me with cabbage, you have to cut a slice of it and eat it like a piece of bread. He only eats carrots raw.

Onions are once again the order of the day in sandwiches.

I started to imitate the food from McDonalds (as Mari-Ana did) and she eats it with gusto

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yes, I also have problems with meat. especially the big one, 6 years old, tareeee still grimaces and screams that he doesn't want & # 33 Instead he eats any fruits and vegetables. at least try anything. He learned in grades that make you strong and stay weak. and after eating some vegetables he comes to me and says: feel my muscle, mother & # 33 & # 33 & # 33 & # 33
With the little one (3 years old) I have problems with vegetables and fruits, as he eats meat.
That's why it's very difficult for me to cook for them, because they don't really have the same tastes. that's why I was asking for ideas.

I don't take them to fast food. They haven't eaten burgers so far, rarely corn dog. soda they never drank, they both like french fries (ahhhh i like them too crazy & # 33 & # 33 & # 33 & # 33 & # 33), but i don't want to make them too often.
I always have chicken soup with dumplings and rags in the fridge (they both eat) and pilaf with vegetables (only for the big one). Otherwise. headache & # 33

Simo is the happiest mom ever. I see he has no eating problems & # 33

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A wonderful day and a lot of fun in the kitchen & # 33

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mother LAU & # 33 & # 33 & # 33 and you are lucky & # 33 & # 33 & # 33 & # 33 & # 33 My family would not eat your bites or sweets made by me. of no color & # 33 I just hit them with tiramisu & # 33 & # 33 & # 33

thanks for the ideas of the girls, I remembered several pastas and pancakes in the oven. That's what I'm going to give them these days.

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I mix the pilaf with the cow's cheese, when I serve it to the kids. and does not constipate. And I make the pilaf with carrots and finely chopped tomatoes and bell peppers. normal, and onions.
Try to give it more fruit. and don't take apples and bananas into account, as they don't help with constipation & # 33 and more fluids. apa & # 33

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Children's tastes change quite quickly. My child is already 11 years old.
He had a period when he did not eat meat at all. I was desperate that you can only live on dairy and a few vegetables. My doctor said not to stress, because she looks good, she is not weak or fat, so I don't force her with meat.
Instead, he said that the little ones are not made of meat and that he eats.
I haven't "gotten rid" of dairy even now, I eat it with pleasure, whatever it is: milk, yogurt, fruit yogurt, cheese, bellows cheese, etc.
What she really likes: cut the chicken into small pieces (not chicken breast as she says it's too dry) and make them into breadcrumbs, but instead of breadcrumbs I use sesame seeds or cornflakes. A few years ago, I had to make sliced ​​sausages out of approx. 1-2 cm. The chicken made in the Magic Bag from Knorr is also successful.
He likes pasta and pizza, but without meat and mushrooms, because he doesn't eat them, possibly with Parisian. Cheese polenta, bean soup, pumpkin soup, low zucchini, french fries, dumplings with sour cream. these are her favorite foods. The soups must be strained so that no carrots enter, so it is better to take out the blender and make the cream soup.
Speaking of the blender, he also likes stew, but I have to fish for meat, so many times I put stew sauce in a bowl with a little meat and I chopped them with the blender. with pasta he eats them.
Lately I have noticed that if I call her to help me in the kitchen and she sees what and how it is prepared, she eats them with more pleasure. and she also makes fruit or vegetable salads (chosen.).
We also have a problem with constipation. It would be ideal to eat a few prunes, but he says they are disgusting. so I try to give him as many liquids (tea, water) as possible.
McDonalds, French fries and Coca-Cola juices were completely cured, after seeing the documentary Super Size Me, in which a guy ate only at McDonalds for a month and ruined his health.

She amused me when she visited her friend, they ate pizza with mushrooms, she told me that she took the mushrooms and swallowed them without chewing them, not to taste them. that he did not want to offend the host.
And two weeks ago we made stuffed mushrooms together and she really liked the taste and appearance, but she told me not to make a habit of cooking mushrooms because she's not ready yet & # 33 & # 33 & # 33

So I torment myself, like everyone else. like my mother, who told me I was a liar, but my brother almost didn't want to eat anything.

# 16 letis

California, and I cook the pilaf with onions and carrots, but I will "quote" your idea and I will add tomatoes and peppers that I like a lot. It can't be about cheese
Fruits are also a delicate subject. She liked peaches and pears, but in winter we only import them that are "plastic" and I don't give them to her. So I struggle to convince her with a drop of apple, orange, grapefruit or banana. Do not drink juices (homemade) or tea. Just water.

Yesterday I tried a new recipe that was a crazy success. I'm a biting fan and I thought maybe she would like it too, but of course without meat. I took a non-stick pan, put a little oil on the bottom, and I started to alternate layers of vegetables: finely chopped onion, sliced ​​eggplant, diced peppers, tomato slices, a tablespoon of rice, then again a layer of onion, eggplant, pepper, tomato and finally I put finely chopped garlic, salt, another piss of oil (a little) and a cup of water. I covered it with aluminum foil and put it in the oven. After about 15 minutes, I lifted the foil and let the juice drop and brown on top. It looks bestial, too bad. that I had to crush with a fork. You can't even imagine what appetite he ate.

Fredit, super hard on your little girl.Bravo ei & # 33

# 17 Ioana_21473

not letis, I can't imagine your little girl's appetite. How old is. I don't think mine would eat that.
Today I made a recipe that I posted, with potatoes and cheddar cheese. the big one, seeing the food on the plate, asked me: this is what this is. when I told him that the yellow was from the cheese, he started screaming that he didn't like it, that he didn't want to. not even to taste & # 33 I put that plate aside, I took advantage of a moment of inattention on his part and, from the same pot I put other potatoes and carrots, I laughed what the cheese was. and he asked me what this sauce is from, from the cheese? And I said no, these are CREAMY POTATOES, not CHEESY. how excited he could be & # 33 And he ate EVERYTHING & # 33
I didn't try with the little one, because he was sick last night and now he's on a diet. but I'm very curious if he would like it.
In the last few days, out of everything I cooked, I didn't find a food that they both like & # 33 & # 33 & # 33 & # 33 And I despair & # 33 & # 33 & # 33 & # 33 & # 33
Good thing I don't have 10 kids, right? & # 33

aaaa. and I made pasta over the weekend with cheddar sauce. you think the big one ate. No way (although he's with cow's cheese and mozzarella and melted cheese. I don't know why this yellow is bothering him & # 33) I had to give the little one his first mouth WITHOUT seeing what I had in the fork. and because he liked the taste, he ate later.

Are you stressed that you have a capricious child eating? These 11 tips are for you

One of the great sources of stress for a parent is when he has a capricious child eating. Either do not eat, or eat too little and too selectively. Do you have a child who prefers only a few types of food and refuses many healthy and necessary foods for his body for a balanced nutrition? You are not the only one!

Parents are worried that they will not be able to give the child all the daily portions of vegetables, fruits, proteins, dairy products indicated in the growth tables. And so they do not raise their children well enough to evolve healthy and full of energy.

This is how it is very easy for them to start putting pressure on the little ones. To manipulate them emotionally ("Mommy cries if not all the popes"). To subtly blackmail them ("if you eat everything I put on you, I'll take your ice cream or I'll buy you that car"). They simply quarrel with them, while they, the parents, are imbued with their own emotions of helplessness and unhappiness that theirs does not eat like their friend's child.

Practical ideas for a delicious and healthy lunch at school

And you you have a capricious child to eat ? All mothers know how capricious children can be when it comes to food. And they desperately try to make the best dishes for them, so that the little ones don't refuse them.

If you can still tickle them at home and, in the end, more than pity and force, they eat, at school you have no control over them at all. And, either throw away the package you prepared so carefully, or give it to a more greedy colleague. Haven't you ever wondered what else to do to make sure they eat the package of Lunch .

We found some practical recipes for a delicious and healthy lunch at school. They will definitely help you.

1. “Banana dog”

The hot dog falls into the category junk food and no matter how much your child likes this preparation, you better not give it to him at all. Offer him a "Banana dog" instead.

For this you will need:

& # 8211 a quarter of a wand (preferably made of wholemeal flour)

& # 8211 a teaspoon of cream cheese (or peanut butter)

& # 8211 a teaspoon of honey (or homemade jam)

& # 8211 walnut kernels, coconuts, crushed hazelnuts, etc.

Cut the baguette in half, grease one side with cream cheese or peanut butter, the other with honey or jam. Wrap the sandwich and banana separately. At school, the child chooses: either unwrap the banana and put it in the sandwich and add the toppings (walnut kernels, hazelnuts, etc.), or eat them separately. The important thing is that you left him the right to an option.

2. Greek pizza muffins

We all know how crazy kids are after pizza and muffins. Why not make a combination. Here's what you need for a delicious and healthy lunch at school.

For this you will need:

& # 8211 2/3 cup finely chopped onion

& # 8211 2/3 cup finely chopped red bell pepper

& # 8211 1/3 cup wholemeal flour for pastry

& # 8211 1 ½ tablespoons fresh oregano (or 1/2 teaspoon dried)

& # 8211 1, 2 cloves crushed garlic

& # 8211 1/3 cup skim milk

& # 8211 2 tablespoons tomato paste

& # 8211 2 tablespoons finely chopped olives

Put the onion and pepper in olive oil for 5 minutes. Then transfer the vegetables to a large bowl and allow to cool. Meanwhile, heat the oven to 204 degrees.

Mix the milk, feta, egg, tomato paste and olives with the onion and pepper. Then incorporate the two types of flour, baking powder, oregano, sugar, garlic and salt.

Fill two-thirds of the muffin tins with the resulting dough and bake for 13-15 minutes. After removing them from the oven, let the preparation cool for 5 minutes.

3. Salmon cakes

Your child will receive the necessary intake of omega 3 fatty acids thanks to these cakes. They are easy to prepare, in 40 minutes they are ready, and special in taste. With this recipe, a healthy and delicious lunch at school will be a real delicacy.

For this you will need:

& # 8211 3 teaspoons extra virgin olive oil

& # 8211 a small onion finely chopped

& # 8211 2 tablespoons freshly chopped parsley

& # 8211 1 ½ tablespoons Dijon mustard

& # 8211 1 ¾ cups of wholemeal bread core

Preheat the oven to 204 degrees Celsius. Meanwhile, cook in a teaspoon and a half of olive oil, onion and celery over medium heat for three minutes.

Add the parsley and remove the pan from the heat.

In a medium bowl, place the salmon and chop it. Add the egg and mustard and mix well. Pour over the mixture of onion, celery and parsley, bread crumbs and pepper.

Roll out a sheet of the resulting dough and cut it into slices. Grease the baking tray with a teaspoon and a half of olive oil and place the slices of dough. Bake for 15-20 minutes, until golden. They can be served with lemon slices.

CANDY WITH HONEY, COCONUT AND LEMON or RAFFAELO for children (after 1 year)

The homemade Rafaello Candy recipe is extremely easy to make, it doesn't need to be baked, and the little ones simply love it. The ingredients are easy to find and when shaping the candies and rolling through the coconut flakes you may want to help. The little ones, of course! Dates are the fruit of a palm tree that grows in the oases of Egypt and the Arabian Peninsula. They are considered by locals to be the source of [& hellip]

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