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The Daily Dish: 377,000 Pounds of Curry Powder Recalled for Lead-Contaminated Turmeric

The Daily Dish: 377,000 Pounds of Curry Powder Recalled for Lead-Contaminated Turmeric

377,000 Pounds of Curry Powder Recalled for Lead-Contaminated Turmeric

A turmeric recall issued last month for possible lead contamination has expanded to include specific brands of curry powder (tumeric is one of its key ingredients). The recall affects 377,000 pounds of curry powder. Consumers are being asked to dispose of the recalled product or return it to the place of purchase for a full refund.

McDonald’s Is Now Putting Fitness Trackers in Happy Meals

As McDonald’s continues to reshape its unhealthy image by introducing kale salads and breakfast smoothies, the fast food giant is doing more than just adding more nutritious menu items. The company has announced that for a limited time, it will be including fitness trackers inside Happy Meals at participating locations in Canada and the United States. The fitness bands are rudimentary “step-it” trackers, so your child won’t be getting a free FitBit, but it's better than an action figure. This new fitness-minded initiative follows a Happy Meal relaunch in 2014, which resulted in smaller portions, fewer calories, and a push for milk instead of soda.

Controversial Billboard for Mexican Restaurant Pokes Fun at Trump’s Wall

The Indiana-based Hacienda Mexican Restaurant chain is getting flack for its billboard that reads, “The best Mexican food this side of the wall,” with a backdrop of a brick wall. The advertisement is a clear jab at Donald Trump’s controversial plan to build a wall between the United States and Mexico. This isn’t the first time Hacienda has been in the news for controversial advertisements. In 2006, its commercials featured a small man of Hispanic descent wearing a sombrero with the tagline, “Take home a little Mexican.” Hacienda has announced no plans to take down the sign.

EXCLUSIVE: Just What Our Diets Need: Deep-Fried Twinkies

While the rest of the junk food and fast-food world is desperately trying to catch up with the healthfulness trend, Hostess is channeling its indulgent roots for inspiration. Now you can buy deep-fried Twinkies at — of all places — your local Walmart. We had the chance to sample these golden temptations before they hit shelves (and the shopping carts of begrudging parents). They’ll be available at Walmart stores across America this week and come in original and chocolate crème-filled flavors. We can report that the deep-fried Twinkie is best eaten warm and straight out of the toaster instead of at room temperature.

A Magazine Dedicated Entirely to Cured Foods to Hit Newsstands This Fall

Pickling, curing, and preserving have created some of the most delicious foods known to man including pastrami, prosciutto, pickles, and, of course, our beloved bacon. It only makes sense that someone would create an entire glossy publication dedicated to these preservation techniques. Cured Magazine is a new biannual publication, just launched by Zero Point Zero — the media company behind "Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown." The magazine is set to hit newsstands this fall and will cover topics such as Christmas pickle ornaments, fermentation-themed restaurants, the importance of gut health, as well as features like a long-form narrative on tejuino, a Mexican fermented corn drink.

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