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Middle School Kids Rewarded with Bags of Pork

Middle School Kids Rewarded with Bags of Pork

Top-scoring middle schoolers given bags of pork as prizes


The headmaster of a middle school in China has been rewarding kids for excellence in academic achievement with bags of raw pork.

What kid doesn’t like a nice big bag of pork? The headmaster at a middle school in Zhejiang, China, has decided that instead of gold stars or cash or more traditional prizes, he’d award the top-scoring kids in his middle school with nice, fresh bags of raw pork.

According to Shanghaiist, the school is located near Shanghai and last week the headmaster handed the top 45 students at the school bags of raw pork as prizes for excellence in academic achievement. The top scoring kids each got about five and a half pounds of pork, and the second tier group each got 2.2 pounds of pork.

The top students at the school used to be rewarded with cash prizes that were roughly equivalent to the dollar value of those bags of pork, but for the past three years the headmaster has been giving pork on the grounds that it was more “down to Earth” and something that the kids could share with their families. It’s an interesting approach, but a nice way to make a child’s achievement a celebration for the whole family. Anyone who happens to be in possession of a couple pounds of extra pork could check out some of our best pork recipes for some good ways to make use of it.

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